Weather Gone Wild 2: The Tornadoes

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tornado-dorothy-2Aired on

the Doomstead Diner

on January 17, 2016


Cometh the Tornadoes

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I got stated on the Climate Rants with the FLOODS a few weeks ago, but action through New Years in the markets and oil prices kept me from airing this one, nspired by the Tornadoes that hit Texas at te end of 2015.

Following this analysis, I have another one coming on Earthquakes, which aren't strictly a climate problem but IMHO they are related.  I've taken a lot of flak because of my views on this issue.

The main issue here is what to DO about this?  Can we stop it? Slow it down some maybe?  Survive through it?  I have my own ideas on this, perhaps you have yours.  Check in on the Diner Forum and tell us what YOU THINK will go down here!?!?