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Published on The Doomstead Diner on July 10, 2016

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Prior to reading the screed below, I suggest watching the two videos above to get a better understanding of the whos, hows & whens of the founding of the European Union.


Old Nazis never die, they just go into economics.

The outcome of the Brexit Vote and its aftermath over the following week caused me to do something I don't do that often, which is to actually do some RESEARCH, rather than just shooting from the hip on what I think is going on just based on seat of the pants observations of history over the course of my lifetime.  That lifetime is so far decently long by Homo Sap standards historically speaking, I'm moving up on 60 years walking the earth now.  However, that only takes me back to 1957, and those first few years I was of course pretty oblivious to Global Politics, with these issues only beginning to hit my consciousness with the assassination of JFK when I was 6 years old.

I got a decent enough intro to politics and history from the POV of approved Western Academia and Pundits during my undergraduate years at Columbia University in their required 2 semester course in Contemporary Civilizations.  Here you were required to read all the great works of people like Hume, Locke, Descartes, Machiavelli, Nietze, Aquinas, St. Augustine etc, etc, etc.  I confess to NOT reading all their seminal books cover to cover during this period, and often relied on the Cliff Notes to prep up for the exams. lol.  I was a SCIENCE major afterall, not a History major!  In terms of budgeting my time for studying, it seemed more important back then to concentrate on biochemistry, mathematics and physics, the important topics for what I thought would be my future career.  Also getting laid was a very important priority cutting into my study time.  lol.

I did however gain at least a passing knowledge of the Western/European version of history as it was being passed out in Ivy League Universities back in the 1970s, which generally seemed to promote Democracy as the great end result of all this philosophical nonsense, although Machiavelli seemed to argue against that idea, and so did Nietze.  Even so though, at the time I just didn't see a real close connection with current events of the day to ideas and shit that was published 200 or 300  or even 1000 years earlier, and stood the "test of time" as Great Works you needed to be familiar with in a good Liberal Arts Education.

Notably ABSENT from this seemingly endless parade of Great Works (and you had to read at least one of them a week AND write some kind of comprehensible paper based on the book) was anything that covered fairly RECENT history, like from around 1900-1970 at that time.  The only things I knew about WWI and WWII came from Hollywood Movies, glorifying the exploits of CMH winning HEROES like Sargeant Alvin York in WWI (portrayed by Gary Cooper in Sgt. York) and Audie Murphy in WWII (portrayed by Audie Murphy himself in "To Hell & Back").  So it waited many years here before I began to get some clue as to what REALLY went on during this period.

Have you ever seen a more blatant piece of War Propaganda?  Do you really think Audie Murphy was the Arnold Schwartzenneger/Bruce Willis/Sylvester Stallone Superrman Hollywood made hime out to be?

While I was floating along in blissful ignorance of this period for 40 years from 1970 to 2010 or so, there have been Historians going back into the records to look at who did what and when, and what sort of political outcomes and institutions we got out of that clusterfuck.

Among the most interesting outcomes of this to me now because of the ongoing clusterfuck in Europe in the aftermath of the Brexit is the founding of the European Union.  Where did that piece of shit come from, who is responsible for it and what are the principles upon which this "Union" rests?

As it turns out, the EU was born in Nazi Germany even before the end of WWII.  The principles and the constitution were all written prior to the supposed "defeat" of Fascism in Europe, and the folks who wrote this material also retained power long after the defeat of the Nazis on the military battlefield, well into the 1950s for this generation of Nazis.  Mainly German & Belgian politicians. (see the above videos at the top of the article for the full list of scumbags)

The EU Constitution as it exists today is completely anti-democratic, and this can be observed by the fact they repeatedly ignore Referendums of the people themselves and consistently undermine both national sovereignty as well as some "Human Rights" Amerikans typically take for granted like Habeus Corpus, the right to Trial by Jury, and the legal principle of Innocent Until Proven Guilty. First off, we KNOW that Prescott Bush, Father and Grandfather respectively to 2 of our post WWII POTUSes laundered money for the Nazi Party.  By itself, their combined 16 year rule covers a nice chunk of the post-WWII period.  We also KNOW that the Clintons are servants of the Bilderberg Group, they've been card carrying members of that bunch of Fascists since their days in Arkansas.

Really though, you don't need to know ANY of this History if you just observe the OUTCOMES over time here.  Knowing the history does verify many aspects, but the progress has been right out there for everyone to witness over these years.

First of all, let us look at the end of WWII.  The Big Demon himself Adolf Hitler committed Suicide with Ava Braun in the Berlin Bunker, and so like Osama Bin Ladin, the Big Demon was Dead.  However, the Industrialists who funded Hitler needed to get rebuilt here, and with the exception of the IG Farben conglomerate being dissected up, all the industrialists in charge of the subsidiary companies remained in their positions, and with the exception of a few egregious scapegoats like Adolf Eichmann at the Nuremberg trials, the Elite in Germany post WWII was exactly the same as the Elite that signed up with Hitler and the 3rd Reich. Here in the FSoA, we imported many of the Nazi Scientists like Werner Von Braun to help us develop more and better missiles with which to deliver the wonderful new War Toy of the Atomic Bomb.  Werner is the same guy who developed the V-2 Rockets which rained down the Death From Above over London of course, but he was never held responsible for that.

In the words of Tom Lehrer…

Vonce da Rockets go UP
Who cares vere dey come DOWN
That's not my department
Says Werner Von Braun


So as you can see here, although we ostensibly defeated Nazi Germany in WWII, Nazism and Fascism never really died, it simply went under cover through politics & economics.  The EU as an Economic Union was created by Industrialists, for Industrialists, and it was built up over decades of time, one increment at a time with the Final Goal the very same Pan-European Goobermint led by Germans that the Nazis had tried and failed to put together militarily, mostly because they foolishly took on the Ruskies at the same time they were trying to conquer Europe.

Fast forward to today, and what is truly remarkable here is that traditionally left wing websites and pundits SUPPORT the European Union, which is exactly the type of Fascist organization that they were battling AGAINST in the Spanish Civil War and then against Mussolini and Hitler in WWII following that.  In fact the whole Brit Labor party is fracturing precisely because as a party they were pro-Bremain, but their chief Jeremy Corbyn was insufficiently enthusiastic about this choice.

Now, the argument made in favor of the European Union is that it brought Peace & Prosperity to Europe for 70 years since the end of WWII, which is probably the longest period of Peace that continent has had since the Dawn of Agriculture.  How did they accomplish this mighty feat?  By exporting War & Poverty to the 3rd World, that's how! The European Union is the Political arm of Fascism in Europe, just as NATO is the Military arm of Fascism.  Although the main Power Base for Fascism moved to Washington in the post-WWII years, NATO and the EU were created as a means for German Nazi Industrialists and Banksters to secure their hold over the continent, supported by FSoA Nazis like the Bush family.  In both locations in the post-WWII years, both Europe and the FSoA experienced an unprecedented level of prosperity, but this was accomplished by the progressive rape of resources from South America, Africa and the Middle East.  About the only folks who did not get their resources raped at least at the beginning were the Ruskies and the Chinese.

To keep from being raped, the Ruskies went step for step in military buildup with NATO, the EU and the FSoA in the "Cold War", but sadly for them their credit card limit wasn't as high, eventually bankrupting them.  Francis Fukuyama took this opportunity to declare this the "End of History", with the FSoA and its Allies the big winners here after thousands of years of warfare.

The Chinese took another tactic, instead of letting the West rape them or attempting to go toe to toe militarily, they raped themselves!  In cooperation with the international industrialists, they turned China into the world's foremost industrial sewer, bred up a generation of one child policy slaves and worked up a huge stash of UST worthless toilet paper in return for this self-sacrifice.

In the course of this post war history, one political system got completely wiped off the map in political discourse, FASCISM.  There were no more Fascist Goobermints ANYWHERE!  Fascism was DEFEATED!  All that was left for a while were Evil COMMUNISTS!  After the Soviet Union imploded and the Chinese turned into Slaves, there were no more Political Systems left to vanquish.

However, what was the victorious Political System?  Well see, Fascism/Nazism earned a real bad Brand Name as a result of WWII, so what we have is not called Fascism, it has been Re-Branded.  Now it comes under the Brand Names of Neo-Liberalism and Neo-Conservatism, which basically are one in the same thing.  You also see all sorts of rebranding of "Capitalism", attempting to distinguish "good" Capitalism from "bad" Capitalism.  "Free Market" Capitalism = Good, Crony Capitalism & Corporatism = Bad.  With no good Communist states to bash now also, "Socialism" has become the newest Punching Bag, and the whole current failure here is being blamed not on the Fascism we have been living under since WWII, no it's Socialism that is responsible for this! lol.

Another big problem with Fascism is that people seem to have a real hard time with defining what Fascism actually is in practice.  Most people tend to associate it with virulent racism and xenophobia, not as an economic system which enriches the few at the expense of the many.  In truth, it is basically the mirror image of Communism, a reverse Robin Hood system of steal from the poor to give to the rich.  This is precisely what has occured over the years since WWII ended.

Big-LieFor the first few years of this, inside the FSoA and Europe, this did not seem to be the case.  Most people in these countries (with the notable exception of the underclasses like Blacks in Amerika) experienced a rising standard of living, and were sold also that everyone around the world was being "lifted out of poverty".  On the latter, this just was one BIG LIE.  Sure more people got electric lights and other gizmos, but huge gaps developed in the 3rd world between Haves and Have Nots.  Huge Slums developed in places like Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Calcutta India and Lagos Nigeria.  Enormous slums like these never existed before, people lived out in the countryside doing subsistence farming.  By "modern" Western standards they were rural poor yes, but at least they could feed themselves and at least they weren't packed like rats into congested slums.  This was NOT an improvement of standard of living for these folks, even though the GDP figures for Brazil or India or Nigeria appeared to be going up over the period.

So here in the FSoA and over in Europe, a generation of people including myself grew up in ignorant bliss, believing many falsehoods that were regurgitated over and over in our schools and across the media.  We were taught to believe that our armies were protecting our Democracy, when what they were really doing is protecting Corporate profits.  In the words of Gen. Smedley Butler.. .

How many of you ever even HEARD of Smedley Butler in any HS or College History class?  I never did, and I went to really top level schools!  I only found out about Smedley Butler during my last decade researching the roots of collapse.  Smedley was likely the greatest HERO we have ever had in the FSoA, he actually stood tall against the Banksters when he got it all figured out.

Then of course there was the material written about both the Bilderbergers and the Tri-Lateral Commission in the 1960s & 1970s.  Carroll Quigley published his seminal work "Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time" in 1966, and laid out explicitly what was going on behind the scenes, but was this ever recommended reading in any of your History classes?  It never got on any of my reading lists, although certainly there was endless material there to read from people who had been dead for over 200 years.  You were kept so occupied reading all this old shit, none of the material really IMPORTANT to understanding what was going on ever got discussed. So for 99.99% of the population both in the FSoA and Eurotrashland, we were all completely unaware of the Triumph of Fascism in WWII, and sold on the idea we lived in a "Democracy".  What the Fascist Elite had learned was that as long as you put up the Window Dressing of Democracy but controlled the Marionettes running for office, you could get whatever you wanted enacted into law. It never mattered which political party was in "power", Tory or Labor, Republican or Democrat. As long as the money and bennies were flowing pretty freely through Western society, Joe Six Pack in the FSoA and Francoise Cheap Wine in France were happy to believe everything was getting better for everybody!  More cool electronics coming out all the time.  COLOR Televisions!  Muscle Cars!  Transistor Radios!  Walkmans! Personal Computers!  For a while there, it was a new toy every week coming out of Japan!  And like everyone else, I just HAD to have one of these new toys every time they got issued out.  To live was to buy & consume.

Meanwhile though, the War and Rape of the earth necessary to produce all those toys never stopped.  We had Korea and then Vietnam, which incidentally started as a French Colonial War, the FSoA just took it over after the Frogs ran out of gas.  Wars in the Middle East also non stop through the period, you had Israel-Egypt in the 60s right through to Desert Storm and now the War on Terror, which is undefined in location or country, but exists everywhere and is a danger to all good Westerners everywhere too, so be afraid, be VERY AFRAID.

Debt_VolcanoUpping the FEAR level and upping the military engagements overseas through the Bush-Obama period kept the economy rolling in the west.  The Huge Debts generated by the non-stop war translates to more money flowing through the economy, because in this economic system, DEBT=MONEY!  It works too, until you reach an inflection point and the resources you can acquire through war are less than the cost of the war, and this has been the case for at least the last decade, although possibly longer than that.

The result of this is increasing economic difficulty, both in the nations that are being bombed and the nations doing the bombing.  In fits and starts, the total economy is contracting, and that is making funding all the social welfare programs more difficult, and racking up enormous debts as countries working under the system attempt to maintain the standard of living they enjoyed while it all was going swimmingly well.  One by one, they all fall off the cliff, and Failed States pop up all over the globe like Mushrooms in Kennet Square PA on a damp morning.

In the First World countries, this problem is now manifesting itself as Political Lockup.  It is not just the Tories & Labor in the UK and the Repugnants-Democreeps in the FSoA that are split and can't gain a controlling majority, this is true in MANY of these Nation-States now.  Oz has this problem, so does Spain, so does Austria, and I suspect just about any country that holds a "Democratic" election nowadays will experience the same phenomenon.  There is a polarization in the populations, no party can present a workable solution to the problems faced and so "Democracy" fails this way.  Because if no Democratically elected Goobermint can solve the problems, some other form of Goobermint crops up.

What we hear now from some intellectuals in the Elite is that the People have to be saved from themselves, if they can't make the "right" decisions, then it is up to the Elite to make the decision FOR them.  Which of course, getting back to the European Union, is precisely what this organization is designed to do!  A Goobermint of Nazis, by Nazis and for Nazis.  According to James Traub, it is time for the Elites to RISE UP against the Ignorant Masses!

Did I say “ignorant”? Yes, I did. It is necessary to say that people are deluded and that the task of leadership is to un-delude them. Sadly of course, Nazi-lites like Traub don't have a conventionally palatable solution to resource depletion and population overshoot either, but they could of course resurrect their old "Final Solution".  Death Camps are not something Nazis advertise, even the old Nazis didn't call Auschwitz a "Death Camp", it was a "Work Camp".  What about today's Nazis?  Are they running Death Camps?  Yes they are, and in Plain Sight too and on a much bigger scale!

Today, entire countries are being turned into Death Camps.  Turkey is the largest one, but Greece is quickly catching up.  They aren't called Death Camps of course, they are called "Refugee Welcome Centers".  They don't have Gas Chambers & Ovens that we know of as of yet, but are those really necessary?  The conditions in these Welcome Centers are atrocious.  Malnutrition and Disease will do the killing job just as well as Zyclon-B did for IG Farben given just a bit of time to get rolling.  Doctors Without Borders has already reported that the Death Rate in some of the African Refugee Camps is already horrendously high, as many as 5 children/day reported in Sudan in 2012 and likely higher now.

AUGUST 2, 2012—Sudanese refugees living in appalling conditions in camps in South Sudan are falling ill and dying at rates alarmingly above accepted international standards for emergencies, the medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) warned today.

Epidemiological data gathered by MSF in refugee camps in South Sudan reveal an average of five children dying per day in Yida camp in Unity State, home to 55,000 refugees. One in three children was found to be malnourished in Batil camp in Upper Nile State, where MSF is treating 1,200 severely malnourished children. Flooded terrain and inadequate sanitation are the main contributors to the devastating health conditions, MSF said.

“The number of children dying in Yida camp is appalling, and the high number of children in our feeding program in Batil camp is just the tip of the iceberg,” said André Heller-Pérache, MSF head of mission. “The majority of patients in both camps are malnourished children, who are further weakened from diarrhea, malaria, or respiratory infections, and quickly enter a vicious circle of illness leading to further complications and death. Our medical teams are working round the clock in desperate conditions trying to save lives.”


How long before the Death Rate in the Turkish and Greek Refugee Camps reaches these levels?  Or is it already there?  We'll never know the truth of this until long after the fact, just as the general German population did not know the truth of Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen & Auschwitz until after WWII, and that was only because they lost the War.  Had they been victorious in that war, this history never would have been written.  The victors write the history of course. So then why did the Closet Nazis who founded the European Union allow the History of the Holocaust to be written?  Because in the aftermath of the War first off too many people who survived came out to tell the story, and second because Demonization was necessary to assuage public guilt, and Scapegoats were chosen as sacrifices to the cause.  The Nuremberg Trials were held, a big 22 people were tried and 12 were sentenced to Death.  Do you really think only 22 people were responsible for the death of MILLIONS of people? Only 12 of them deserved to die? There was a whole organization here with minimum 1000's directly involved in the operation with full knowledge of what was ongoing.

Despite the fact it could not be hidden in the aftermath of the War, whitewashing of the event has persisted over the years, to the point there are entire websites devoted to the idea it never happened at all!

I do think most people today accept that the Holocaust did in fact occur, but they also tend to believe such a thing could NEVER AGAIN happen.  People in the Western world don't believe their leadership is as sick & corrupt as the Nazis of the 1930s-40s, nor do they believe their leadership is as sick & corrupt as the many Dictatorships and Puppet Goobermints we have supported over the years, including such notables as the Shah of Iran, Muammar el-Khadafi and the entire House of Saud.  However, it takes one to know one, and all the evidence is there to show that the leadership of the FSoA and the EU is AT LEAST as sick & corrupt as all of those, if not more so by an order of magnitude.  This level of corruption is becoming increasingly more exposed, and it is one of the things motivating the Brexit Vote, along with the current polarization in many other Western Goobermints. For most people in the West, accepting that you live inside the Belly of the Nazi Beast is pretty hard if not impossible.  So no matter how much evidence you present, how much history and scholarship on the topic you dig up, they just won't believe it.  "WE" are always the GOOD GUYS!  "THEY" are the BAD GUYS!

In this case in this iteration it's not the Kikes who are the Bad Guys, or the Nips or the Krauts.  This time round, it is the Towel Heads who are being Demonized.  Forget the pronouncements of The Donald here, just cruise the commentariat of numerous websites to get a feel for the zeitgeist going down here.  Muslims are all portrayed by many people in the commentariats as sub-human ANIMALS!  Often with the coda they are in need of EXTERMINATION and we should "Nuke 'em till they GLOW" and Glaze over the entire Middle East with the full arsenal of Nukes the FSoA totes around the world on Submarines and Aircraft Carriers as the Big Swinging Military Dick on the Planet.  This is the "Final Solution" proposed by the modern Nazis if the Towel Heads don't die off fast enough in the Refugee Welcome Centers.

If you don't believe modern Nazis are ALIVE & WELL, just look at Ukraine.  Just look at The Donald.  Just look at the EU and its History and current actions.  Just READ the fucking internet.  They are here alright, in FORCE.  THEY LIVE!