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Published on The Doomstead Diner on August 7, 2016


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Let the Games Begin!

Everyone knew this was going to be a Clusterfuck even before it began, Brasil President Dilma Rudolf was Impeached, the entire Brasilian political system is infested with corrupted cockroaches, the Brasilian Real is dropping like a rock in value, extreme poverty and inequity is systemic through the society and besides all that they are DEAD BROKE and the "venues" they constructed for this extravaganza are shoddy at best, and in many cases outright dangerous.  They are running water based events like sailing and canoeing in water simming with sewage.  Besides all that, they have Zika Virus running around the neighborhood on the back of a very large mosquito population, So it's not a real enticing place to go at the moment.  Even the Brazilians themselves recommended people NOT come to Rio for the Olympics.

The Ruskies in a sense got LUCKY here, they were banned from coming for drugging allegation, which of course is totally political, everybody drugs up to win these days in all professional sports, it's only a question of who gets caught and who TPTB wish to prosecute, much like financial crimes in the Bankstering Industry. The first big issue already cropped up before the Torch has even been lit, instead the accomodations for the Aussies were torched.  Probably not on purpose, but the building is simply not real safe with a lot of wiring left hanging, smoke alarms not working either because they just don't work or were purposefully shut off, etc.  Just about all these structures are accidents waiting to happen, a few months back part of the Bicycle track collapsed from shoddy materials.

It makes you wonder just WHY the various Olympic Committees from all the nations who are showing up would participate in such a clusterfuck?  The reason for that is they DEPEND on the Olympics financially, it is their big once every 4 years opportunity to showcase, and then hopefully get more people registering and paying dues into the organizations which are approved as the Official Governing Body of a given sport.  For the athletes themselves, they are subect to the whims and decisions made by their IOC affiliate, and after spending most of their lives prepping up for this event with countless hours and sacrifices made along the way, they don't want to pull out no matter HOW dangerous it is to go to Rio.  For the Tennis Players and Golf Pros, it is not a big deal, they make plenty of money on their own professional circuits.  So in these sports, many big names HAVE pulled out and declined the opportunity to win an Olympic Gold Medal, and then get on the circuit of endorsements and reality TV and Talk Shows.  For sports that do not have such professionalised outlets like Track & Field and Gymnastics though, the Olympics is the Big Kahuna.  If you want those big contracts from Nike and Adidas, you gotta have the Olympic Gold.

So this is where we are today, and even before it starts, it is as mentioned already a clusterfuck.  Before we witness how it all goes down in the end though, let's review a little Olympic History.

From my own end of personal history, the Olympics were a big part of my life in my youth.  I returned from Brazil in late 1967 at the age of 10, and when the 1968 Olympics were broadcast on Television by ABC, I ate it up.  I loved sports, I myself was an athlete in those years, a swimmer, diver, gymnast and acrobat.  About the only time you got to see those things on TV was during the Olympics.

In those days also, ABC covered the Olympics often live and often in the wee hours of the morning, due to time differences.  It was mostly coverage of the actual events themselves, not "Up Close & Personal" recorded interviews with favored athletes, particularly of course the Amerikan ones.  The athletes were also mostly real "amateur" athletes, in the sense that a huge bizness in endorsements had not yet evolved.  There were no professional Basketball players, Baseball players or Soccer Players in the Olympics in those years, and Tennis and Golf were not even approved as Olympic Sports.

I watched probably every Olympics through about 1992 Barcelona, whih featured what I consider the absolute BEST "Lighting of the Torch" ceremony EVAH, with an Archer shooting a Flaming Arrow to light the big torch high above the main Stadium (see the vid at the top of the article).

With the transition of the games from ABC to NBC, the coverage deteriorated substantially, packaged down to maybe 2 hour segments with highlights and fluff pieces.  Almost nothing came over live anymore, and you only got to see big showcase sports like track, gymnastics and swimming.  The only time you got to see a small sport is if an Amerikan happened to have won it, and all you saw was the Final Victory and award ceremony and the playing of the National Anthem.

Much like the big professional sports in the FSoA of MLB, the NFL and the NBA, the Olympics became increasingly corrupted by big money and increasingly less interesting to watch.  I stopped following all of these things around the same time the mid 1990s.  Prior to that though, I do have fond memories of the Olympics, and it did encourage me to take up a career coaching in my own sport of gymnastics, which I pursued at first part time and then full time until I injured my neck while spotting a couple of years ago and my working life came to an end. I remember well when Olga Korbut did the first back tuck on the Balance Beam.  I remember when Nadia Comaneci got the first Perfect 10 ever awarded a gymnast at the Olympic Games.  I remember when the Magnificent 7 defeated the Ruskies for the Team Championship in the sport they had so dominated.  I remember when the Amerikan Men's Gymnastics Team got the Gold, even though it was spoiled because the Ruskies were banned from the 1984 Olympics and ran their own games.

I remember when Bob Beamon made the incredible long jump that blew out the old world record by more than 2 feet, in a sport that usually gets new records set in fractions of an inch.  I remember when George Foreman defeated an older and more experienced Ruskie boxer to take home the Gold.  I remember when Vasily Alexyev of the ENORMOUS belly lifted World Record after World Record, thoroughly dominating his sport for the peak years of his career.  I remember the tragedy and disappointment in the eyes of Mary Decker, who was sabotaged and tripped up on purpose in her race for the Gold.  I remember the amazing performance of Mark Spitz, winning 7 Gold Medals in all 7 races he was in, and setting new World Records in all of them.  I even remember the amazing feat (feet) of Abebe Bikila, who won the Olympic Marathon runnning it in his BARE FEET over the streets of Mexico City, even though I did not watch the 1964 Olympics while living in Brazil.  It was replayed many times over though in succeeding Olympic years.  I remember when the FSoA Hockey team, full of young college kids defeated the highly favored Soviet Hockey team composed of what were really professionals in the Soviet Army.  The "Miracle on Ice" it was called.!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_804/image.jpg

In the background of that history of the "Thrill of Victory & the Agony of Defeat" in the Wide World of Sports though, there was a lot of insidious Economic & Political SHIT going on even in those days with respect to the Olympics, and really going back all the way to the origin of the Modern Olympics in 1896, held in the location of the original Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.  Well, the original ones were in Olympia, not Athens, but close enough.  I was completely unaware of all of this stuff until fairly recently, although it does predate my interest in Collapse Topics, which took off seriously in 2008 with the failure of the investment banks Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.  I can trace my first writings on collapse back further than that to when Katrina hit NOLA, but I became aware of the insidious nature of the Olympics even before that.[1].jpg First note the DATE of the first Modern Olympics, 1896.  This coincides with the real EXPLOSION of the Industrial Revolution, and also coincides with the date of the big World's Fair in Chicago in 1893.  Like the World's Fair, it was Advertizing for the Industrial way of life, and the "Olympic Movement" was pioneered by a registered member of the Illuminati, one Baron Pierre de Coubertin.  After getting his little organization formed up of the International Olympic Committee, the IOC then had various sites around the world who hoped to become Major Players in the world of the future COMPETE with each other to hold the games.  This would in theory bring Revenue into the city and gain notoriety.  Local Politicians ate this stuff up, and competed for the right to hold these games, and whoever promised the BEST DEAL to the IOC got the right to hold the games, usally scheduled about two quadrenniums ahead.

Sadly of course for about about all cities that EVER held the Modern Olympic Games, they were ALWAYS a money losing proposition for the Taxpayers, who had to foot the bill for building all the venues necessary for one of these shindigs, and all the housing necessary for the athletes, useful for a big 3 weeks or so.  However, the IOC and Advertizing sponsors for these games generally made out like bandits for a full century running the show.

Around the time of the 1976 Olympics though, the scheme began to unravel.  Montreal ended up with a bill it took them a full 30 years to pay off.  Cities started to become a bit less interested in buying into this conduit scheme, although enough dopey pols in enough cities would still keep bidding on it to keep the games rolling.  Unfortunately now for the IOC, the local populations in most cities are waking up to the scam, holding referendums and REFUSING to play host to the Big Show.  In reality of course, there is no place on earth that can afford to run this athletic extravaganza for 3 weeks, just for a few extra tourists to show up and to get the whole world looking at THEM as a "Great City".  This was a good meme for the early years of the industrial revolution as Advertising for everyone from Coca-Cola to Visa, but now as this comes to a close it is a fucking LOUSY idea and most people know it now.  It is a total WASTE OF MONEY they don't have!

Greece Olympic Volleyball Venue Today

Beyond the economic stupidity though is the fact that the Olympics became a kind of vicarious playing field for political and racial ideologies.  This first became obvious in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, when Adolf Hitler walked out of the stadium after a Black Man, Jesse Owens won the Gold Medal in the Marquee Event of the 100 meter sprint, earning the title of "The Fastest Man on Earth".  A Black Man beat the Aryans!  INCONCEIVABLE! This of course was not the last time Race & Politics hit the Olympic Stage.  In 1968, during the peak of the political melee that engulfed the FSoA in violence and protest during that period including the Assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, race and politics reared its ugly head again at the Olympics.  The Gold and Bronze winners of the 200m Sprint, Tommy Smith and John Carlos, both Black Men who won the Gold & Bronze medals respectively, raised their Fists in the Black Power Salute during the award ceremony with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.  A "shocking" display in a supposedly "apolitical" sporting event!  Right.

Nor was the Olympics spared from Terrorism either.  In the 1972 Olympics held in Munich Germany, 11 members of the Israeli Olympic Team were held hostage, and eventually killed at the end of the siege.  Jim McKay, the Sportscaster for ABC News who was the face of Sports on the ABC Wide World of Sports weekly show went 24/7 to report on this story, morphing from Sportscaster to Newscaster on the spot.  It was some of the most dramatic news broadcasting ever done, right up there with Walter Cronkite's coverage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Those were dramatic events, but on the political stage of the time, there was an even bigger battle going on for Prestige between the FSoA and the FSU (Former Soviet Union), and to a lesser extent China.  Medal Count of various nations was your Measure of Success as a Nation-State.  National Pride was at stake!  Every battle which featured an Amerikan top contender versus a Russian top contender was the focus of extreme interest.  The doping scandals began at this time also, with Russians and East Germans constantly accused of using performance enhancing drugs, and in the case of the East Germans, also having trangender men competing in women's events.  In the current Olympics, once again the Ruskies have been banned for using drugs.  Do you really think Amerikan athletes don't shoot up the steroids?  See Lance Armstrong for this.

As we move into the first week of the Olympics in Rio, we already got a couple of nice calamities that have taken place, a fire in the Oz Team accomodations and a BOMB in the Maracana Stadium, even before the fucking opening ceremonies!  It does not presage well for a peaceful and friendly exhibition of politically neutral sporting prowess by any means here.

So what about Rio? Is it going to be less bad, as bad or WORSE than preceeding Olympic Games?  According to the Daily Beast, it won't be as bad as the Top 5 Worst Olympics.

With the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse apparently saddled up and riding toward Rio, it’s been claimed that Brazilian organizers are making preparations for the “worst ever” Olympic Games. But despite a war-like atmosphere (police killings, mass protest, and civil disobedience), and pestilence (Zika and raw sewage in the water), Rio 2016 has an incredibly long way to go to make it into the Olympic Games hall of shame.

Fascism, mass murder, racism, state-sanctioned cheating, moral and fiscal bankruptcy, and outright chaos have all marred previous stagings of The Greatest Show on Earth.

So, who was responsible for hosting the worst Games in Olympic history? Here are the worst five, in reverse order:
File photo from July 27, 1996, showing a deserted Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta after an early-morning bomb blast detonated among Olympic revellers during the 1996 Summer Games, killing two and injuring at least 100 people. A longtime fugitive suspected in a series of bombings in the southern United States, including at the Olympics in Atlanta and an Alabama abortion clinic, was captured May 31, 2003 in the North Carolina town where he left his last trace. Eric Robert Rudolph, "the most notorious American fugitive on the FBI's most-wanted list," was apprehended by local authorities in Murphy, North Carolina, Attorney General John Ashcroft said in a statement.
Reuters,© Reuters Photographer / Reuter

5. Atlanta, 1996

It could have been far worse. Heroic security guard Richard Jewell spotted an unattended green bag in the Olympic Park early on the morning of July 27. He had no idea that a 40-pound pipe bomb was hidden inside, but he alerted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and a full evacuation was already underway when the device exploded.

The blast still killed local resident Alice Hawthorne, 44, and injured more than 100 other people. A Turkish cameraman also died of a heart attack in the panicked aftermath of the bombing. An anti-abortion fanatic was later jailed for the terror attack.

Even before the bombing, the Atlanta Games, which were accused of crass commercialization, had been chaotic. Buses that were supposed to shuttle athletes around the city were mired in traffic problems, huge lines, and drivers getting lost. A reigning Olympic judo champion was even disqualified from defending his crown after arriving late for the weigh-in (although it sounds like it was mostly his own fault).
Three Athenians display a banner at the foot of Acropolis which reads: " We are against the Olympic games 2004 in Athens, Citizens Initiative ", on September 3. About 50 members of the group, which has campaigned against the host of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, gathered below Acropolis to express their arguments two days before the IOC decision in Lausanne. GREECE OLYMPICS – RTR6C5N

4. Athens, 2004

The Greeks snatched the hotly contested title of most ludicrous financial mismanagement from Montreal 1976. Their budgetary mistakes were all the more foolish since they—like every Games since—had the warnings from Canada ringing in their ears. (When the Athens closing ceremony came to an end almost three decades after Montreal, the Canadian city was still paying off its Olympic debt.)

The Greeks chose to build permanent stadiums and arenas financed purely by a government infrastructure program. The $4.6 billion budget more than tripled, an overspend of $60,000 for each Greek citizen. It’s too simplistic to claim the huge debt helped cause Greece’s financial crisis, which began five years later, but it certainly didn’t help.

What makes the overspend so much more heartbreaking is that financially crippled Greece has been unable to afford the upkeep of the new facilities. The Olympic Park now stands like a ghost town; the venues are empty, overgrown, abandoned, and decayed.

The Games themselves were pulled off successfully, but Dimitris Evangelopoulos, Greece’s national track and field coach, told The Guardian that his team is now forced to travel to Cyprus to train in decent facilities. “It’s as if the lights went out at the closing ceremony and that was it,” he said.
Hundreds of Russian gymnasts caught in mid-air performing flip during opening ceremonies of 1980 Olympic Games.
Heinz Kluetmeier/Getty

3. Moscow, 1980

Six months before the Games were due to begin, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. The U.S. would eventually go on to arm the jihadi fighters rebelling against the communist regime and its Russian supporters, but first Jimmy Carter announced a boycott of the Moscow Olympics.

The most powerful Olympic team withdrawing from the first Games behind the Iron Curtain was damaging enough, but the White House convinced 64 other nations to join the boycott. The smallest number of teams took part since the Melbourne Games, which were held in far-away Australia long before air travel was a common commercial enterprise.
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The medal table at the end of the Games was topped by the Soviet Union, followed by East Germany, Bulgaria, and then Cuba in fourth. It was hardly an inspiring celebration of the universality of sports.

It was later confirmed that East Germany had been operating a revolutionary state-sponsored doping program, which pumped its athletes full of steroids, amphetamines, and human growth hormone whether they wanted them or not.

As many had suspected at the time—it is now certain that a huge proportion of the Olympic medals handed out in Moscow went to drug cheats.
Berlin Olympics – 1936, Adolf Hitler, the Führer and Patron of the Games, in the Stadium with the leaders of world sport.
Past Pix/Getty

2. Berlin, 1936

In 1931, the International Olympic Committee decided it was time to help end Germany’s post-First World War isolation and allow Berlin to host the Games in 1936. Two years later, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor. His viciously racist, anti-Semitic domestic agenda was already well known by 1936. There was much talk of an international boycott, but that never came to pass.

Instead, Hitler was allowed to stage one of the most visually spectacular and impressive Games in sporting history. Many of the Nazis’ flourishes would go on to become regular fixtures at future Olympics.

The Games had been co-opted by a monster, whose goose-stepping brown shirts and fluttering swastikas bolstered the the Nazi propaganda coup, immortalized by filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, whose other most notable work was “Triumph of the Will.”

What Hitler could not control, however, were the performances on the track.

He had mocked the U.S. team for relying on what he referred to as America’s black auxiliaries.” The first African-American to win gold at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium was Cornelius Johnson. Hitler left rather than congratulate Johnson in person as he had done the two previous winners.

The saving grace of these despicable Games was what Jesse Owens did next. The African-American Ohio State student proved himself to be the world’s best athlete; winning gold in the 100 meters, the 200 meters, the sprint relay, and the long jump.
Munich: Armed police drop into position on a terrace directly above the apartments where between nine and 26 members of the Israeli Olympic team are being held hostage 9/5 by Arab "Black September" extremeists. The extremists raided the Israeli quarters in the early morning hours and shot and killed a wrestling coach as they forced their way in.

1. Munich, 1972

Mark Spitz won a record seven gold medals as he dominated the pool in Munich, but the sport at the 1972 Games was largely forgotten.

Eleven Israeli coaches and athletes were taken hostage and murdered by terrorists who scaled the fence of the athletes’ village and broke into two apartments where members of the Israeli Olympic team were sleeping.

It emerged only late last year that Palestinian militants from Black September tortured the captured athletes. One of the victims, weightlifter Yossef Romano, was shot and castrated in front of the others after fighting back.

During a terrifying standoff with German police that was broadcast live around the world, the Palestinians demanded the release of hundreds of prisoners held in Israel. An attempt to ambush the militants and free the hostages ended in disaster.

Jim McKay, the ABC sportscaster, broke the news to millions of people watching in horror back home: “Our worst fears have been realized tonight. They’ve now said that there were 11 hostages. Two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, nine were killed at the airport tonight. They’re all gone.”

I am not quite so sure as the DB that Rio will not make the Top 5.  As I write this article, the Opening Ceremonies haven't even started yet.  Plenty of opportunities here for a Terrorist Attack that makes the 11 Israelis killed in Munich look like Chump Change.  These days, innocent victims get mowed down by the 100s on a practically weekly basis.

The Future of the Olympic Games?  For so many reasons, they are not long for this world.  From The Guardian:

Eighteen months ago the IOC’s “Olympic family” gathered in Monte Carlo. “There could not be a more symbolic host,” said the president, Thomas Bach, in his address, “than his serene highness Prince Albert of Monaco,” the monarch of a state memorably described by Somerset Maugham as a “sunny place for shady people”.

It was an extraordinary session, called to address “the challenges we are already facing and, more important, the challenges we can already see on the horizon”. Bach was not referring to Russia’s state doping regimen, or Rio’s readiness for the 31st Summer Games which begins a week on Friday, but another problem entirely, one that, to the International Olympic Committee’s hive mind, felt altogether more pressing. While those two headline issues have damaged its brand, this third, far less reported, may ruin its business.

Two months earlier, Oslo had cancelled its bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics because there was so little public support for it. Earlier in the year, Stockholm withdrew for similar reasons. Krakow also cancelled after a referendum found almost 70% of residents opposed the bid. For Munich’s bid, the figure was nearer 60%. For Davos, it was 53%. In Barcelona, the mayor deferred until 2026, then canned the plan altogether. A similar thing happened in Quebec City. So from nine candidates, the IOC was left with two potential hosts. One was Almaty, in the dictatorship of Kazakhstan, and the other was Beijing, not hitherto noted as one of the world’s great winter sports resorts. Beijing won, though most of the events will be held 140 miles away in Chongli.

It is not just the winter cities with cold feet. In 2015 the US nominated Boston for the 2024 Summer Games, until Boston withdrew because of low public support. Germany nominated Hamburg but it pulled out after the local government lost another referendum. Toronto’s mooted bid was scrapped when its economic development committee voted against it. Right now, the four candidate cities are Rome, Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris. In Hungary, the supreme court has just blocked a proposed referendum. And in Italy, Rome’s new mayor, Virginia Raggi, has repeatedly said she opposes the bid, and the Italian Radical Party has been gathering signatures needed to force a referendum.

As for me, I won't be watching the 2016 Olympics from my TV set in the wee hours of the morning, since I no longer own a TV.  I will check the daily newz reports though to see if there is anything collapsy enough to be worthwhile to write further on as they progress.  As far as who wins what medal in what sport from what country?  I could give a rat's ass about this anymore, even in my own sport of gymnastics.  Like in the movies, you just get a parade of new actors all the time doing the same old stuff, over and over again.  Is it really IMPORTANT who is the "Fastest Man on Earth"?  Why does anyone CARE who wins the Olympic Golf tournament?  Why do you care to watch Illuminati Spawn competing in the Equestrian events?  It is a Circus in the Bread & Circuses meme, and it is not a very good one anymore either.

The Ruskies on the other hand have been putting on a FABULOUS show in their Tank Olympics, showcasing their military hardware.  This is GREAT STUFF!