Private Property Myths & Legends

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on November 13, 2016


Discuss this article at the Economics Table inside the Diner "Private Property" is one of the most dearly held concepts you find amongst Western populations, and it is the foundation level principle for Capitalism.  For the average J6P, the sanctity of Pirvate Property is embodied in the cliche "A Man's Home is his Castle".  If you own a piece of land, what you do with it is your business and nobody else's.  Whatever wealth can be extracted from that land belongs to you and nobody else.

Just about none of what most people believe about private property is true of course, it's a fiction created since the beginning of the Agricultural Revolution around 10,000 BCE.  Around that fiction a body of laws developed over time, probably beginning with the Babylonian civilization but pretty well matured by the time of the Roman Empire.  We don't need to go back that far though to see how these concepts and laws developed, it's well represented in more modern history beginning with the Feudal period in Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

In the aftermath of that collapse, the central goobermint of Rome was lost and populations dropped precipitously.  Rome as a city at it's peak during the Empire years is estimated to have been around 1.6M people, after the fall it dwindled down to fewer than 20,000 human souls.

Out in the provinces in places like modern Germany and Great Britain, populations fell back as well, to Hunter Gather level and basic horticulture.  The tribes that survived had no private property, they only controlled their patch of land through force, as a group, although they always had leaders, chiefs of the tribe.  Since force was necessary to maintain control over a patch of land, these were generally the toughest warriors. Over time as battles were fought, won and lost by one group or another, feudal states began to emerge out of the ashes of the Roman Empire.  Successful Chiefs became Kings, and then as the territories controlled by a given King expanded, you got smaller Kings ceeding authority to the bigger King and you got more levels of "Noblemen" who now had their own piece of property to protect and defend, but also had to pay the Big King taxes on that land, because now all the land really belonged to HIM.  He was the "Crown" of this incipient Ponzi.

In order to raise money to pay taxes to the King, the Dukes had to raise this money (or grain, or lumber etc) from the population of the land they were now essentially renting from the King for the tax payments levied each year, which could get pretty onerous.  The folks who live on the land, the serfs, own nothing.  They are granted a place to live and enough to eat by their "Lord", as long as they produce enough surplus each year to both keep the Duke living well and paying his taxes to the King.

Over time, the feudal system of serfs who were basically land slaves morphed into incipient capitalism, and the Dukes would "sell" off pieces of their land to individual property holders, who then would be responsible for paying taxes on their smaller property.  You can see pretty clearly here how the Ponzi is developing.  The guy (gal) at the top, the King (or Queen in the case of England during much of the colonial era of the New World) did REALLY well, sieving up wealth from the entire population under his goobermint, known as Monarchy during this period. Upon arrival in the New World aboard their sailing vessels, having had their vessel Chartered and given Letters of Marque by the Monarch, upon landing on some beach the Captain would jam a flag into the ground and exclaim, "I claim this land in the name of Elizabeth, Queen of England, Duchess of York, Defender of the Faith…" yadda yadda.  You wonder how the House of Windsor got so filthy rich?  REAL ESTATE!  They owned all of North America at one point, and even after the Revolutionary War they still owned plenty and still do in Canada.  Probably the single greatest theft of all time.

Now, none of the natives who are at Hunter-Gatherer level for the most part have any clue whatsoever that the Queen now owns all their land.  They don't even have a concept of land ownership at all.  When they get offered $24 in Beads for Manhattan Island, they think this is a sweet deal!  They don't grasp that signing this contract means they lose all rights to hunt on the land, in perpetuity.  Over time though eventually they do grasp this as more Europeans show up and keep encroaching on more and more land.  Treaties are signed under EXTREME duress where they are forced to cede more and more land, getting squeezed down to a few "Reservations" which are supposedly independent, but in reality the land is held "In Trust" for the tribe, by you guessed it, Da Federal Goobermint.

Now in the creation of the new so-called "Democratic State", instead of a single person like the Queen of England holding title to the land, the theoretical collective of the whole state and all the people it represents owns the land.  "We" as a people during the Revolutionary War stole the land from the Queen who stole it originally from the First Nations people who didn't steal it from anybody human since there were no humans here before they crossed over from Asia. This Goobermint can now sell, lease or make land grants to anyone, for instance they gave a whole lot of land in Oklahoma away to settlers back in the 1800s.  They sell leases for mineral rights, and they make rights of way for railroads.  What Da Goobermint gives, sells or leases, it can also take back through Emminent Domain.  In general this only occurs to individuals without much power, large land holders and corporations rarely get property clawed back this way by Da Goobermint.

As the industrial revolution progressed, land property was not the only form of property that becae important, factories and the "means of production" were another form of property that developed.  Said factories also were mostly owned and financed by the aristocracy that began the whole Ponzi to begin with, and not only did they own these factories, they also owned the money used to buy and sell these properties.  That was the thing not given up in all the wars no matter which side ever won, the money creation and banking business through which all these property sales are ever done, and the measure by which a property is valued at.  You can trace that power back to at least Medici Banking in the modern era, although it goes further back through the Holy Roman Catholic Church and to Rome before that.  There's a reason the Vatican has so much money too, you know.

So now there was a whole new level of property that needed to be taxed in order to function, and that taxation comes in the form of the profit taking by corporations and by the interest paid to banks on all the money flowing around the society, which is all debt money created by the banks themselves.  Goobermints don't create the money, they themselves have to borrow it from the banks in the form of Goobermint Bonds, which the banks then buy from Da Goobermint with freshly created money, here in the FSoA by Da Fed, a private corporation wholly owned by the TBTF Banks themselves, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.

Now that we have some background in the evolution of Private Property and its relationship to Money & Taxation, we can diagram out the progression here and how in reality, all property on earth has gradually been taken under ownership of ever larger entities over the last 10,000 years, and virtually no property is really private anymore.


Each stage in this progression requires ever larger and more onerous forms of taxation, interest charges and profiteering.  More and more of the global wealth is aquired by fewer and fewer people all the time, on a percentage basis anyhow.  The population at large, which at the top of the infographic all are relatively equal in wealth, at the bottom of the infographic are further and further impoverished as more and more wealth is sieved to the top of the people who control the corporations which then controls Da Goobermint, in the kind of "soft" Fascism you see today in the FSoA.  It's only soft in the sense that here at home, they're not yet rounding up the poor and sending them to the Gas Chambers and Incineration Ovens, but overseas are taking a much harder form of Fascism and bombing whole countries back to the Stone Age. What "Private Property" does is to sieve wealth from the hands of the weak and into the hands of the powerful.  How you gain power has evolved over the years, today it's not generally the biggest toughest Warrior, it's guys like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, who by virtue of intelligence rise to become the best thieves and con artists of their time.  They create their own conduits and then seek to monopolize them.  The Big Gorilla was fabulously successful with this in gaining a virtual monopoly over the OP systems of personal computers as they evolved, Elon Musk is trying to do the same thing by gaining virtual monopoly over battery technology.

On a smaller level, there are many other rentiers and professionals who insert themselves into this flow of funds upward, and then themselves become moderately rich as well.  Gated professions such as Medicine and Dentistry provide a legalized form of theft, which allows these folks to sieve wealth from the large population below them dependent on their services.  People who buy real estate and then rent it to others at a higher cost than the property costs them to run are also sieving the wealth upward this way.  Because they operate on a much smaller level than true champions of criminality like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, they don't get near as rich as those guys do, but they do a whole lot better than the folks beneath them in the pyramid they are sieveing wealth from.

There is an irony here, which is that these folks who insert themselves into the medium levels of the pyramid are the ones who are MOST pissed off about the taxation of their money by the people who are higher up the ladder than they are!  The thing is, they are doing exactly the same thing as those above in the chain, just at a lower level.  The issue here is that since the bottom level of the Ponzi has already been sucked dry of wealth, it's the next level up that needs to pay the freight to keep this system going.  Since they don't have as much power as the next group up above them, they will be taxed into poverty just as they taxed the level below them.  And then on we go up the chain until the whole Ponzi collapses. To return to the fundamental point of this post, it is the system of "Private Property" which causes the vast inequities we see in the world today.  In the modern era, the folks that have become the wealthiest are those who gained control and monopoly over various technologies and conduits as they emerged.  The Rothschilds gained control over the credit creation bizness, the Rockefellers gained monopoly over the energy bizness, Gates got monopoly over the Personal Computer bizness, Bezos gained control over the Online Retail bizness, Suckerbug got control over the Social Media bizness, etc.  The greatest inequities and theft are at the top of the pyramid of course, but they exist all the way down to the bottom layer, which gets larger all the time as middle levels are squeezed down and as the top gets smaller all the time through mergers & acquisitions.

The origin of the whole scheme begins with theft though, the theft of the earth by powerful people from the weaker ones.  Whether it was the Europeans rolling over the First Nations people in the colonial era or NATO bombing the Middle East today to control the Oil conduit still remaining there, it's all about power and theft.  The laws surrounding Private Property simply codify this and make legal certain types of theft, but it is all still theft up and down the line, although theft at the bottom most layer is very minor, a misdemeanor in the grand theft ongoing here over all these centuries, and even millenia.

Private Property and Money are linked, two sides of the same coin.  You cannot run either of these systems without creating vast inequities and classes of Haves & Have Nots, which are fundamentally at odds with one another. At a certain critical mass, the population of Have Nots becomes so large that the population of Haves can no longer afford to keep them in check anymore, they can't afford all the police they need to protect "their" property, food riots break out and the whole system comes a crashing down.

How far away we are from such a critical mass in the FSoA and other places still functioning like Germany and China is an open question, but what is not open to question is that this Ponzi will crash and the current system will come to a close, just as the Roman Empire did.

What we need to do now is to plan for that day, that hour, that minute, that nano-second when it does finally roll over and die; and decide now how as a species we will live on into the future, at least for as many as survive this cataclysm anyhow.  That future if we are to have one CANNOT include Private Property and Money.

They are the Root of All Evil.