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Published on The Doomstead Diner on November 8, 2016

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Check below for Live Updates through the day.

The Big Day has arrived at last!  Millions of Amerikans are streaming to the Polls to vote for the Imbecile of their Choice.  We *MAY* have a POTUS Elect by some time late tonight or tomorrow morning.  If we do, you'll hear it here first on the Diner, at least unless you are monitoring one of the same sites I am to get the latest results and who is calling a victory (or tie) in the popular vote.

I say may, because as we all know by now between Pussy Grabbing by The Donald and further Email crimes by Killary, the polls have been swinging wildly toward both sides, and WTF really knows what anybody will actually do when they get inside the booth and press the touch screen on the rigged voting machine which will be hacked by Vlad the Impaler?  Besides, even if the polls were not bouncing up and down like a Yo-Yo on Steroids, polling lately in all of these major popular contests has been notoriously wrong by a large margin, the BREXIT vote a prime example of that.

The possibility here also exists that neither major party candidate will get the required 270 votes from the Electoral College, thus throwing the election into CONgress to decide the final outcome.  Also possible is that vote tallies will be challenged as having been rigged, as was the case in Florida when Gore ran against Bush and the Supreme Court got in the act to make a final decision.  In that one, Gore did win the Popular Vote pretty handily, but by the time the SCOTUS got through with it, Bush got more Electoral votes.

As we go into this, I am currently of the opinion that the election will get thrown into the House, and then numerous fistfights will break out as some Repugnants Jump the Trump ship to vote for Killary.  Other Diners seem to think Killary still probably has more ways to win than The Donald, so it's a total tossup here.

If it does end up going to the House, whoever the LOSER is here is not going to be a happy puppy, especially if the loser actually got a plurality of either the popular vote or electoral college vote.  If the LOSER has a plurality of BOTH of those, but CONgress picks the other Imbecile as Puppet-in-Chief, then you'll really see post-election fireworks.

For those of us with a Collapse Focus (pretty much anyone who reads the Doomstead Diner), one does have to remember that regardless of which Imbecile gets installed in the Oval Office, Collapse will still proceed onward.  No worries that either of these clowns can possibly resolve the problems of resource depletion and population overshoot.  The only differences are perhaps in what the trajectory of the collapse will be and which one can make it go faster.

Besides the POTUS election, numerous seats are up for grabs in the House & Senate, and the possibility exists that the majority party there could change also, so we'll keep watch on these races too.

To conclude for now, unless a clear victory comes to one side or the other in the results coming down the pike here through Wednesday morning, the excitement and drama of human competion, the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat in the Wide World of Sham Democracy will not be over that fast.

Check back below for regular updates as the results come in.


Live Updates

9:20 PM

At the moment it looks like The Donald will be the new POTUS, and not only that the Repugnants will control both House and Senate, so the FSoA willbe full on Fascist-Righty as we spin down here.  Wall Street is currently unhappy, but likely will become happier when The Donald slashes Medicaire and Social Security.

It's not OVAH yet though, and because all these races were so tight I'm not sure it will be ovah by tomorrow morning either.  I think you can count on challenges to the vote counts, especially if Killary won the popular vote.

Not gonna stay up all night on this one.  Another nap is in order.  Perhaps when I wake up we'll have  a better idea here on who the next POTUS will be,

8:30 PM

It's looking ever more likely that we will have a Pussy Grabber for POTUS instead of a psychopathic liar and war criminal.  Is this a good thing?  Apparently the markets don't think so…

As the votes roll in across the U.S. and Donald Trump's chances for an upset win in the tight presidential election increase, the Dow Jones industrial average plunged more than 700 points in volatile futures trading and investors moved their money into safe havens like gold as as traders reacted to the possiblility of a Trump presidency.

Global markets were wildly volatile, with stocks, currencies and bonds swinging wildly as investors reacted to the possibility that the Republican businessman could best Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

On the upside for the Kollapsniks, maybe this will be the straw that broke the camel's back and the TBTF Banks will finally go tits up?

7:45 PM Alaska Time

The Donald is now projected to WIN Florida, Ohio and North Carolina by WaPo!  I am looking forward to the fistfights on the House Floor! 🙂

The presidential race was extremely close on Tuesday evening, with Republican Donald Trump — who entered the night as an underdog – seizing the advantage over Democrat Hillary Clinton in a series of battleground states.

By 11 p.m. Eastern time, voting had ended in 49 states, everywhere but Alaska. Together, they represented 535 of the country’s 538 electoral votes.

Trump was on track to prevail in Ohio, a key bellwether state that has backed the losing presidential candidate only once since 1944. The GOP nominee appealed directly to the sense of economic grievance in the Buckeye State, which has been buffeted by a declining manufacturing industry. Locking up the state’s 18 electoral votes boosts his options to getting to 270 electoral votes.


6:30 PM Alaska Time

According to CNN, Slate & Votecastr got this ALL WRONG and in their reality The Donald is out in front in FL by 150K Votes, and this is an"Epic Battle" in the swing states!

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are fighting an epic battle over the swing states that will decide who becomes the next president.






Trump has a narrow edge in Florida, a state he likely needs in his column to have a viable path to the White House. He leads by 140,000 votes with 93% of the vote counted. Trump is also leading in Ohio and North Carolina, though significant numbers of votes remain to be counted. The GOP nominee is running a surprisingly close race in Virginia, home to Clinton's running mate and a state that Democrats had felt was safely in their column.
The mood in the Clinton campaign has shifted dramatically as they frantically try to understand what's happening in Florida. A senior adviser conceded the campaign's modeling was off, but still believed Clinton has enough votes still out to take the state.
The tight contests suggest Trump has an increasingly possible path to the 270 electoral votes he needs to win.
So far, Trump has won 17 states, including Texas. Clinton has come out on top in New York and nine other states and the District of Columbia. Trump has come out on top in 17 states, including Texas. Trump has 136 electoral votes compared to 104 electoral votes for Clinton, according to CNN projections.

Slate & Votecastr on the other hand made their FINAL PREDICTION on the outcome of the swing states they are following:

VoteCastr’s Final Vote Estimates in All the States We’re Tracking


VoteCastr’s trackers have now submitted their final reports from the field in all seven states they were tracking today, so the numbers you see in our interactive shouldn’t change for the rest of the evening. For posterity, then, here are VoteCastr's final estimated vote totals in all seven states. We’ll be comparing these numbers to the official returns once they come in, at which point we’ll be able to draw some conclusions about this grand Election Day experiment.

Estimated votes in Florida as of final update:

Clinton: 4,959,569

Trump: 4,644,007

Estimated votes in Iowa as of final update:

Clinton: 659,498

Trump: 645,935

Estimated votes in Nevada as of final update:

Clinton: 504,108

Trump: 496,633

Estimated votes in New Hampshire as of final update:

Clinton: 311,833

Trump: 289,125

Estimated votes in Ohio as of final update:

Clinton: 2,534,965

Trump: 2,516,534

Estimated votes in Pennsylvania as of final update:

Clinton: 2,557,627

Trump: 2,401,513

Estimated votes in Wisconsin as of final update:

Clinton: 1,366,876

hTrump: 1,193,322






Slate appears to believe Killary will WIN just about every swing state, whereas CNN's numbers appear to indicate The Donald is in the Driver's seat!

Meanwhile, in the Senate race the latest is that the Repugnants have taken the Lead, and now are 44-42 over the Demodopes.


This is going to be a long night.

6 PM Alaska Time

WaPo has a significantly different take on this so far than Slaate does, and has The Donald leading in FL by about 100K Votes

As the polls closed Tuesday, anxious Americans awaited an indication of who would prevail at the end of a historically bitter presidential contest — whether Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would hold on to her narrow pre-election lead or Republican Donald Trump would secure a stunning upset.

By 9 p.m. Eastern time, voting had ended in more than three dozen states that together represent 429 electoral votes.

Trump was showing surprising strength in the early battleground states, especially in Florida – where he held a lead of more than 100,000 votes with 90 percent of precincts reporting. That state remained too close to call.

Who to believe here?

The GOAL IMHO is to make the election as CLOSE as possible, so that just a few votes can swing it whichever way TBTB want it.

5 PM Alaska Time

The Senate Battle currently still has the Demodopes in the lead, 40 to 38, according to WaPo.  Goobernators and CONgress Critters appear to be leading in those races though.

Not sure what happens if you get a perfect 50-50 split in the Senate though?  Which party gets to have the Senate President Pro-Temp in this case?

Whatever the case is here, we are certain to have legislative lockup on about all issues.  Well, except the issue of Bank Bailouts.  Regardless who wins here, they'll keep doing those.

4 PM Alaska Time


Voting place Shoot-em-Up in California!

Wrong place, wrong time to cast your ballot!

1 dead, multiple people shot near Azusa polling station; active shooter heavily armed, officials say

3 PM Alaska Time

While the POTUS election is getting the most dominant coverage, the battle for control of CONgress is really more interesting, and more important too.  As far as the Senate goes, the Demodopes have 37 Senators not up for reelection this round, the Repugnants have 30. Senate total is 100 2 per state, so that leaves 33 Seats up for grabs in this election.  Nothing has been called in this battle so far.

On the current best guess that Killary is going to win POTUS, if she can get a majority for Demodopes in the Senate, this will make it much easier for her to push through her agenda, including getting who she wants for the new SCOTUS position approved.  No idea yet of course who that person will be, although I would like to see Liz Warren in that spot.  Liz did a lot of work for Killary as Chief Attack Dog on Twitter against The Donald, so she might get that juicy reward.  On the other hand, Killary' backers at Goldman might not like that.

We'll be following the Senate battle through the night I expect.  The POTUS decision should come much sooner.

2:15 PM Alaska Time

Latest numbers from the Votecastr Tracker show Killary leading across the board in all the key battleground states.  Turnout has already surpassed Obama-sama from 2012.  The only reason not to call the election now is Votecastr system is new and probably weighted toward the Demodopes since Slate is a partner. If it's a good system though and they're being honest, Killary has this in the bag.  No fistfights in CONgress. 😦


2PM Alaska Time

Guess where the most problems voting are coming from?

Tens of millions of Americans descended on the polls today as election watchdogs reported hours-long lines, sporadic equipment failures and confusion about polling places — but few signs so far of violence or vigilantism.

Problems cropped up Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and other key battleground states that could decide whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins the presidency. Most involved election administration issues that have plagued the polls for decades, however, rather than incidents of voter fraud or intimidation fueled by Trump's warning of a "rigged" election.

You guessed it, the poor neighborhoods.  It's not fraud you see, it's just that poor people are so disorganized.  This is why the game is set up so the voting is so close.  Only a few votes have to be "lost" or not counted in order to swing an election one way or the other.  The easiest place to do that is in poor counties, with the cheapest people to bribe.  This general favors Repugnants in winning, although in this cas may be favoring the Demodopes.

1PM Alaska Time

According to the latest exit polls from Slate, Killary is leading the horserace in FL, 48.6% to 45.2% for FL.  FL is supposedly a "must win" for The Donald, so not looking too good for the pussy grabber at the moment.  It certainly is ironic that one of the first states to sink under the rising sea level will likely decide our next POTUS!

9AM Alaska Time

OK, I need a nap.  The stress is wearing me out. lol.

By the time I wake up, should be near poll closing times on the East Coast of the Lower 48 and the REAL MARATHON BEGINS!  This sucker was just a warm-up in the Bullpen!

8AM Alaska Time

If you want to overload on video and have plenty of bandwidth, here's the livestream from Votecastr

7AM Alaska Time

Now we got the issue of "down ballot" voting.  You know, all those state legislatures, Goobernators and of course CONgress Critters subsidiary to the POTUS.  At least according to this map of the Down Ballot folks, I can't figure out HTF Demodopes have any say at all and how they managed to get Obama-sama elected when at the SAME time they manage to elect Repugnants everywhere else????  Here's a map from WaPo.

Based on this map, the majority of the FSoA ia Repugnant, by a LOONG shot.  Yea OK, the blue states have higher populations, but I STILL can't account for this one on the national level.  OK, honestly I know how it is done, through gerrymandering of districts and all of that, but then I ask myself, WHY are all these plebes Repugnant?

Then I read Joe Bageant and I know why.

6AM Alaska Time

From the WaPo, here is some more to convince you that YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT!  This gives you some clue as to how the statistician geniuses come up with these odds:

With a national election coming up, and with the publicity at its maximum, now is a good time to ask, is it rational for you to vote? And, by extension, was it worth your while to pay attention to whatever the candidates and party leaders have been saying for the past year or so? With the chance of casting a decisive vote that is comparable to the chance of winning the lottery, what is the gain from being a good citizen and casting your vote?

The short answer is, quite a lot. First the bad news. With over 100 million voters, your chance that your vote will be decisive in the presidential election is, at best, 1 in a million in a battleground state and much less in a noncompetitive state such as New York. The calculation is based on the chance that your state’s vote will be exactly tied, along with the chance that your state’s electoral votes are necessary for one party or the other to secure an electoral vote majority. Both these conditions are necessary for your vote to be decisive. So voting might at first not seem like such a good use of your time.

But here’s the good news. If your vote is decisive, it will make a difference for 300 million people. If you think your preferred candidate could bring the equivalent of a $100 improvement in the quality of life to the average American — not an implausible hope, given the size of the federal budget and the impact of decisions in foreign policy, health, the courts and other areas — you’re now buying a $30 billion lottery ticket. With this payoff, a 1 in 10 million chance of being decisive isn’t bad odds.

Excuse me?  Payoff?  What Payoff?  Whoever you vote for, unless you happen to be a member of the .01%, you're not gonna be PAID OFF here, you're going to be RIPPED OFF!  You got a 1 in a BILLION chance of making a difference in which POTUS candidate will fuck you up the ass and shift whatever money you still have left to the TBTF Banks, but either way, you still get fucked!

Have you ever seen ANY return on the Investment of your Vote in ANY election, regardless of which candidate of whatever party you voted for?

ROI on Voting is very low.

5AM Alaska Time

More subtle spin doctoring.  What happens if the LOSER doesn't "concede"?  According to NBC:

As Election Day begins, some are asking what would happen if Trump loses and declines to concede.

The answer is: Nothing.

There is no legal or constitutional requirement that a losing candidate publicly concede, experts told NBC News.

A refusal to concede in the face of a clear loss would certainly be unusual — and probably controversial — but it would not impact the formal results in any way.

"The act of conceding is not a legal act," political scientist Rick Hasen said.

"It doesn't have any legal effect as to whether or not someone is declared a winner," added Hasen, who runs the Election Law Blog.

Notice the spin here.  The assumption is that it is The Donald that is the Sore Loser here and pouts refusing to concede defeat.  But what if it's Killary that loses and won't accept defeat?  In either case, how long can the LOSER make hay and get coverage in the MSM that he/she REALLY won the election and deserves to be POTUS?

How about the LOSER declaring him/her self the TRUE WINNER here and setting up an Interrnet Election for a NEW CONgress and Senate, and declaring THEY are really the new Goobermint of the FSoA?  They can then appoint an entirely NEW SCOTUS to cover the legislative branch of Goobermint and have all the "checks & balances" that the Founding Fathers of the FSoA deemed necessary for a stable and representative Goobermint!  Then we can have the "Battle of Da Goobermints" as each Goobermint tries to prove they are REALLY the best Goobermint!

4AM Alaska Time

According to the Mathematicians-Statisticians Pierre Antoine Kemp and Andrew Gelman courtesy of Slate, here are the chances your vote will decide the POTUS Election:


WTF was the algorithm they came up with to generate this map?  Regardless of that, if you live in one of those bright YELLOW states, why are you going out to vote?  While you are at it there, buy a few Powerball Tickets!  You got a better chance of winning the Powerball and becoming an instant Billionaire than making a difference in this election.  If you are in a RED state, by all means, go out and vote!  You have a 1:1,000,000 chance of making a difference!

Notice Alaska & Hawaii aren't even considered on this map.  That's because the chances of anyone living in these states can make a difference is 1:10100. I worked that out scientifically.

Even IF your vote makes a difference in whether Killary or the Donald is the Winner, does this make a difference as far as whether Industrial Civilization will collapse or not?  OF COURSE NOT!  We are going down the toilet regardless of which Imbecile is Crowned as Marionette-in-Chief!

3AM Alaska Time

According to the NYT, there are  2 Paths by which the Election Might Proceed.  I think this is because the editors at the NYT can't count past 2.  Apparently though, we will need to wait quite a while, if ever for Killary to win the Popular Vote.

A Long Wait for the Popular Vote

If Mrs. Clinton wins the presidency, she might not take the lead in the national popular vote for hours. If she barely wins the popular vote, it could be weeks before she retakes the lead.

WEEKS!  ACCCKKKKK!  It could be WEEKS before we kow what this bullshit and manipulated result is!  Fucking Climate Change happens faster than this!

2AM Alaska Time

Early spin doctoring on Google Newz top headline has the Democraps "supremely confident" of a Killary victory.  Is this good or bad spin doctoring?  Does it inspire more Killary voters to go out to the polls or more Donald voters? Democratic insiders near-certain of Clinton win.

Reuters has now put the odds of a Killary victory at 90%. " With hours to go before Americans vote, Democrat Hillary Clinton has about a 90 percent chance of defeating Republican Donald Trump in the race for the White House, according to the final Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project."