BREXIT! The FUN Begins!

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on June 24, 2016

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Unbelievably, INCREDIBLY, the Brits Voted for BREXIT, aka divorcing from the European Union.

As this campaign went on over the last few months, the Brexit Champions seemed to be gaining the upper hand, and as of about a week ago I thought Brexit would win over Bremain.

But then, by SHEER COINCIDENCE, something happened.  A Brit MP, Jo Cox was ASSASSINATED, with the Assassin reportedly crying BRITAIN FIRST or something like that anyhow before he shot and stabbed her to death.  Not quite ALLAHU AKBAR! but similar enough to turn off people to voting for Brexit if this reminded them of Terrorist Tactics.

Campaigns were suspended for 3 days on both sides, and although there was some variation in the Polling, the tactic appeared to have WORKED, and the major Polling companies began reporting that Bremain would win.

Global Markets breathed a sigh of RELIEF, and after being hammered for a few weeks the Pound Sterling began to recover.  The markets calmes, all would be well, BAU would continue onward.

However, in the driving rain and flooding in many locations, with Polling locations having to be moved due to the weather issues, the Brits still turned out to vote, and in the end, the Brexit crowd won the day.

Tomorrow, and all of next week as well will see complete TURMOIL in the Financial Markets as well.  Nobody is certain of the repercussions, other than at least at the beginning the financial markets both in Britain and Europe will get positively HAMMERED.

At the same time though, just a Vote by the population at large to dissolve this marriage doesn't instantaneously dissolve all their financial entaglements, any more than when you get a divorce the financial entaglements with your spouse instantly dissapear.  In fact, it is orders of magnitude WORSE in a case like this, with "International Law" and "International Treaties" all involved.  Not just a few, hundreds if not thousands of laws and contractual agreements are on the chopping block here, and each one of them can run into hundreds if not thousands of pages of Legalese.  So what you will have here is a long and interminable set of court cases being held, and trust me the people who voted for Brexit will have no say whatsoever in how those cases are adjudicated.  What comes out at the end of it a few years down the line is a complete mystery, although if BAU ontinues, you can expect the result to benefit the Trnasnational Corporations rather than the people of Britain.

On Sunday here on the Diner on our Collapse Cafe discussion, we will be getting together with a few of the Diner Brits to discuss the outcomes and possible future resultant from the Brexit Vote.  We will go off LIVE @ High Noon Alaska Time, 4PM Eastern Time, 9PM Brit Summer Time.  Be there, or be Square.