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Published on the Doomstead Diner on October 30, 2015


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All over the Collapse Blogosphere, and even in the MSM, the latest greast paranoia is the disappearance of CASH to STASH in the Bank of Sealy.  Tom Lewis on The Daily Impact wrote a post on this last week which I am cross posting today here on the Diner.

Over in the MSM on Biz Insider, they also had a nice FEAR INDUCING article on NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES coming down the pipe for retail banking customers.  In this case, instead of the bank paying you some interest for the priviledge of gambling with your money, you pay the bank so they can risk your life savings on some dogshit IPO like Poop-On or Alipoopoo.

Quite obviously, the Banksters and their Political Puppets have reached the end of their rope here, not to mention having lost their sanity in trying to keep their monetary system from imploding.  In today's rant, we look at why this fucking nonsense cannot possibly work and is the last gasp of a dying monetary system.


…This week in Doom, I do have a specific topic of interest getting a lot of play not just in the Collapse Blogs but in the MSM as well. This is the rampant FEAR that TPTB running the TBTF Banks and their Marionettes running Da Goobermint are going eliminate CASH, aka Paper Notes in favor of an all digibit monetary system. There is a certain amount of irony to this, since the people most upset and outraged are the same people who hate Paper Fiat Notes to begin with! LoL. Just in this case, they hate the digibit money even more, except for Bitcoin which some folks think is a new and more secure form of money itself.

Now first of all, paper money is already only a small fraction of the total pool of notional money currently being pushed around by supercomputers sporting HFT algorithms, a maximum of 10% of the money supply and that is not counting all the notional money wrapped up in derivatives contracts, which nobody knows the actual amount of, just that it is probably more than a quadrillion dollars…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!