A Human Tsunami of Overshoot

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on November 13, 2015



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By now, everyone who follows the Collapse blogs knows about the escalating Refugee crisis in Europe, as desperate Syrians and Afghanis attempt to escape War Zones for a new life in the Promised Lands of Sweden and Germany.

Already, with barely the first ripple of this wave rolling in, communities from Kos & Lesbos in the Greek Islands right up to the border between Mother Russia and Norway north of Murmansk and north of the Arctic Circle are being overwhelmed by a HUMAN WAVE.

To date, only a few hundred thousand have begun the migration to GTFO of Dodge before it is too late, but for most it is already too late.  The Borders are closing and the local populations becoming less accepting by the day of the thousands crossing their borders looking just for a meal to eat and peace in their lives.  They are sacrificing everything they have, all they have ever known for the chance to make it to the Promised Land.  They have NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE.  They know they are dead if they stay where they lay.  So move they will, en masse here.

For those on the receiving end, they have EVERYTHING TO LOSE.  Their peaceful lives to begin with, but eventually an existential battle for survival.

This year to date in the Refugee Crisis is not the End of it.  It is not even the Beginning of the End.  It is only the End of the Beginning.  Thank you once again Winston Churchill.

If you like Happy Endings, don't listen to this rant.  It will not make you happy.




Even if they had food enough, they don't have the infrastructure necessary to handle so many coming in at once. The Finns are talking about using Conex shipping containers for housing refugees this witer in Finland, one hopes with some insulation added and a wood pellet stove for heating. However, what are they using for Toilet facilities in these instant ghetto communities? What is the water supply for the community? Who is hauling out the solid waste of water bottles and MRE cans and paper plates and plastic forks and spoons? Who pays for all of this and with what working money?

This crisis is already here, even without a global food deficit, and it is not going to get any better next year. Measures will be taken to try and close off borders, which will become increasingly harder to enforce and increasingly more violent. Refugee camps will be attacked and set on fire, as has already occurred in Sweden. There will be pileups of refugees in countries with very porous borders like Turkey, which again is already beyond capacity for handling the flow. It's a Human Tsunami of Overshoot, and the Wave hasn't even crested yet…