Postcard From Sweden

man-watching-tvgc2Off the cameras of RE & Fenixor

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on October 15, 2015

Sweden-Wetlands-Fenixor-smPhoto by Linda Bergqvist (Fenixor)

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With this interview, we introduce the most recent in the pantheon of Diner Cross Posting Bloggers, Linda Bergqvist, aka Fenixor.

FX runs the blog Peak Resources, hails from Sweden and is one of the younger Diners, along with Monsta from the UK who cohosts the Collapse Cafe Videos & Podcasts with me usually.  This interview was done on short notice though, so it's just the Talking Heads of RE & FX in this one.

Following the Video, we'll be cross posting  recent blogs from FX under her byline.  Visit her Peak Resources blog to catch up on her previous articles.

[vsw id=”bJ-xAm8uz1Y” source=”youtube” width=”768″ height=”432″ autoplay=”no”]