The End of More: Norman Pagett Part 4

gc2smlogopodcastOff the microphones of Norman Pagett, Monsta & RE

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on September 17, 2015


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Our 4th and Final Part of our discussion with Norman Pagett of the oncoming Collapse of Industrial Civilization.  Of the 4 parts, this one is my personal favorite.


Hello and welcome to another edition of the Collapse Cafe here at the Doomsday Diner.   Today I'm joined by guest Norman Pagett and my co-host, RE.  In this final segment of the podcast, we will cover the likely reactions of the public when confronted with reality to collapse and what would be the typical response and problems of tackling collapse type topics wwith close loved ones in the difficulty of conveying these messages to people, particularly the younger generation We will also explore how Norman first became aware of the predicaments that will confront this all in the coming years. now one of the problems. that springs to mind and its actuallysomething that was raised by Nate Hagens a few years back is that one of the major issues we face is not merely a shortage of energy, although that will be a major issue in itself but a longage of expectations. Can you elaborate on your points about the implications of greater expectations that are not in touch with the realities of life Norman…