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Published on the Doomstead Diner on July 25, 2015

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I haven't dropped any new surveys onto the Diner since we had all the problems in June, which probably were not related to The Human Extinction Survey, but nonetheless it has made me skittish about using that plugin.

Besides that though, it doesn't have a means for doing a Ranking Answer, which is something I have been looking for in a Polling system.  I believe I finally found one!  It's off-site, so it poses no threat to the Diner server.  It's also FREE up to 50 responses anyhow.  :icon_sunny:

After you go to the page, you just slide the worst choice to the top of the list, the least worst to the bottom.  It's not a complete list of all possibilities, but I think I got most of the main contenders in the horse race to be the Leader of an Empire in Collapse for the next 4 years.

Once you are done with your sort, you hit the Finished Sorting  radio button and then the Finish Sorting submit button.

Who do you think is the WORST choice among this crowd to lead us down the Collapse Highway?