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Published on the Doomstead Diner on August 4, 2015

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Trying to figure out exactly where you want to GO to hole up in the face of Collapse is tough, but knowing where you DO NOT want to be is a little less tough.

Big Shities!,_Nairobi_May_2007.jpg

Deathtraps waiting to happen, all of them.  They all require copious energy to run their water pumping and sewage treatment plants; they all require huge power plants run by Coal, NG or Nukes; they all require daily shipments of food grown often thouands of miles away on a daily basis, aka they are ALL utterly unsustainable in the not too distant future. Besides that, they are all jam packed full of people who generally HATE each other.  So you really don't want to be living in any of them.  They are unlikely to be nice to each other and helpful when the food runs out.

However, there are gradations from Bad to Worse to Horrible and Horrendous, some will go down first and others will take longer to be emptied of Homo Saps, one way or the other.

I am sure to get complaints over Shities that I did NOT include in this survey, and there are many.  However, it is already a tough ranking job here to do, and I'm not sure many Diners will have patience to even try it with this list.  I'm not sure *I* have patience for this!  They are ALL FUCKED!  Eventually anyhow.  Still, worthwhile to figure which one are fucked soonest and hardest.

So, in this week's Doomstead Diner SurveyTM, you have the opportunity to rank which Big Shity is the positive WORST one to be living in, and which ones are a little less worse than that.

I think if we get a decent sample size, some of the intermediary Shity Rankings will be interesting.  For instance, how do Berlin and Paris rank against each other?  Beijing vs NY?  Etc.

Definitely I am curious as to which Big Shity is ranked WORST. since there are a lot of REALLY BAD ones on the list. LOL.

Results up next week on the Diner Blog.