End of More: Interview with Norman Pagett 2

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on August 5, 2015

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In this second part of our podcast With Norman Pagett, we talk about the timeline questions and many of the more complicated questions of resource depletion and collapse.

Part 1 can be found HERE


From Monsta:

….Hello and welcome to another edition of the Collapse Cafe here at the Doomsday Diner.   Today we are joined by RE and Norman Pagett, the main topic in this discussion will be about population overshoot and which regions we would expect to see that are most affected. We also try and cover well are the most likely breaking points in societies and what outcomes we can expect to see once those tipping points are reached. But before we discuss those issues, one of the areas that is most prominent and obvious for most of that is that of the financial system.  One of the recurring problems we see on the gross level here is the various monetary problems we see around the world, for example in China this is seen was declining values in the Chinese Stock exchange while increase we see there simply enormous debt loads are not only a threat to themselves but the entire Euro Zone in the end of war. Do you have any discussion on how money and debt is affecting all nations?….

From Norman:

…I think Nations just borrow money endlessly to keep themselves afloat. The only people who are not borrowing money are the ones producing oil like a country like Saudi.  As a sovereign wealth fund of hundred or close to a trillion dollars or something like that whatever it is, and they just use it to create jobs by building the towers and roads of the hotels and offices and stuff like that, but that's only as long as the goal of flows when the oil stops flowing the economy will crash less like anybody else's. This how do you call of the will crash like Greece crash well and in fact the oil doesn't even have to stop flowing. The price that the oil wealth brings and the market drops like that that crashes the miners. Exactly that's what I meant that when the price becomes unaffordable…

From RE:

..Consider the Greeks.They are now having trouble importing all the stuff that they need to keep going. All the systems functioning, and that's in a country that has like I say good arable land. The Saudis have just no chance of self-sufficiency.  That environment just simply can't support that many people. You know historically it never did, I mean the Saudis themselves are descendants of Bedouin tribesmen and so forth that wandered around the desert and there just weren't a whole heck of a lot of them. They proved I guess to be the best allies that Western nations could find in the aftermath of the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after  World War I, 1914 or so you know, they got the nod and of course the United States/Fascist States of  America built air force bases and what not down there, and you know the Saudis probably have the largest military with the best military hardware of anybody down in the Middle East.  I guess that's basically what keeps them in power right now. Once the oil is gone then the Saudis are toast. You know that's actually my tagline for the Chinese usually, when talking about their population issues and pollution issues and so forth…

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