A Libertarian’s Eye View of Donald Trump: Interview with Jeffrey Tucker

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on July 29, 2015

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We talked with our most recent addition to the Diner Pantheon of cross posting Bloggers, Jeffrey Tucker this past Sunday.  Jeff blogs on the Liberty.me website, presenting a Libertarian viewpoint on many topics we also cover on the Diner.  He titles his own blog Beautiful Anarchy, in which he covers economics, art, popular culture, and politics from a pro-liberty, anti-state point of view.

I ran across Jeff's work when I read an article he wrote about a speech he went to, given by current Republican POTUS candidate and leader in the Polls, Donald Trump.  Since The Donald also styles himself as a Libertarian, it was fascinating to read Jeff's take on Trump, and the audience reactions to his message.

Here on the Diner, we also have a POTUS Poll running, which you can take HERE.  The Donald is currently ranked first as the WORST POTUS candidate by Kollapsniks. 🙂

Even more fascinating was talking to Jeff and getting his take on the latest in politics and culture.  Part 1 is below.  We will be airing Part 2 of this Podcast in the next month.



…So the sort of brown shirted  religious devotion on the part of his admirers because he's saying things that other people are unwilling to say.  He's dangerous,  he's reckless, he says crazy stuff at every single speech and a lot of people are just so fed up with existing sort of parameters of political opinion that they look at him as some sort of savior.  His business success they count as being something that is in his favor as a president, which which worries me in a strange way because he seems to be running as a takeover bid for the whole country. It's not like he just wants to run the government,  he really he really wants to treat the United States as Trump Tower essentially.  There's a video quality to everything he says…


…I think these days you know we have this just money worship that goes on that our society has been built around. And so you know anybody who has the billionaire title is instantly worshiped because they have so much money , plus  it just costs so much money also to be in the political sphere these days. Either you have found some way some people to back you like the Koch brothers or whatever, or you're rich yourself .   Bloomberg the mayor of New York there's a Billionaire.  Mitt Romney, tons and tons of money.   I'm not sure he's a billionaire. I think he's well up in the hundreds of millions. Now Trump of course another Billionaire and you could go back to Ross Perot he was also one of the super rich one back when he ran. So I think that rock star quality of having a lot of money,  the flamboyant lifestyle and so forth that appeals to people.  They kind of live vicariously through them…


…I'd love to talk to Jeff about something else he has written that I found really compelling.  I think it ties into this question about Mr Trump to this extent. You wrote an article which I read on the the Foundation for Economic Education site where you describe libertarians is being grouped into two camps humanitarians and brutalists, which  I just I really was struck by them…

For the rest, LISTEN to the Interview!

Here's the current result of the Diner Survey of Worst POTUS Candidates:

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Rick Perry 5.26 99 5.8 / 12
Scott Walker 2.83 99 5.98 / 12
Chris Christie 7.85 99 6.13 / 12
Marco Rubio 6.17 99 7.1 / 12
Joe Biden 7.43 99 7.44 / 12
Rand Paul 4.38 99 7.96 / 12
Elizabeth Warren 11.24 99 9.36 / 12
Bernie Sanders 14.45 99 10.27 / 12