Greece as Strange Attractor: Wings of the Butterfly

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on July 1, 2015

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The Butterfly's Wings Effect– Small changes in intitial conditions lead to wildly different outcomes in complex systems.

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What the Euroclowns are hoping here is that the Syriza Goobermint collapses under the weight of the capital controls, like people unable to withdraw more than €60/day from the ATMs, increasingly long lines at those ATMs, decreasing FOOD available for purchase on the shelves of the local Groger Grocery store, lack of Toilet Paper, etc. IOW, the Eurotrash version of Venezuela. Cut them off from the MONEY, and they will capitulate. No Bombs necessary, the population will riot, the Goobermint will be deposed, and a New Regime of your choice can be dropped in their place, amenable to administering the debt slavery. That's the plan, but it's not clear it will work this time, at least not before the whole EZ is caught up in the contagion. Contagion is really the problem here, not Greece itself.'s a Chaos Theory problem, and Greece is the Lorenz Attractor in this real life example of the Butterfly's Wings effect. Normally used as an example in the genesis of a Hurricane, what this math shows is that just a small change in a complex system in its initial conditions has a vast effect down the line as those conditions change the state and a cascade of new conditions elsewhere in the system result from that. The Hurricane here is Financial Implosion of the Euro, and Greece is the Butterfly…

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The Game Continues…

For you Rant Fans, I found a New Gear for this one, and got it into OVERDRIVE by about the 7 minute mark, channeling Peter Finch.  🙂  A little Charlton Heston for Spice too!

Also, be aware I started the script for this last Friday during the first meetings, so the first part is not about the stupidity today, but a preview of that stupidity.


…Well, a thoroughly anti-climactic day here in the Greek Souvlaki Kabuki, as DieselBoom and Souvlakis spent a whole day talking past each other, with absolutely no indication that anyone is going to give an inch here. The Can Kick for this now is back to the 'Deadline' date of next Monday and the ultimatum that the Greeks will be CUT OFF from their Euro Gold Card and left to twist in the wind.

So what's the chances that they can come up with a SOLUTION to the problem on Monday they couldn't come up with today? Slim & None of course, unless somebody capitulates, and neither side can do that. The market of course believes that this is just another one of the endless series of “Deadlines” that will be Can Kicked down the road once again, and that very well might happen. Or maybe not.

What will it take to get a reaction here? Basically, the day the Greeks finally declare a Bank Holiday and start printing New Drachmas. Then Mr. Market finally wakes up from the stupor and does a Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes scene.

You did it! You finally really did it! You Blew it all Up! Damn You! Damn you all the HELL! LOL…


For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!


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