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Published on the Doomstead Diner on April 5, 2015

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About a year after we started the Doomstead Diner Blog & Forum we decided to add some Audio interviews with “Collapse Starz”, including early on folks like Nicole Foss, Gail Tverberg, Guy McPherson, David Korowicz, George Mobus, Ugo Bardi, Steve Ludlum and many others. You can find the full list of all our Podcasts on the DINER SOUNDCLOUD Channel, and we have a few new ones currently still under production. Coming Soon to a Laptop Near You, as I like to say. LOL.

I personally have something of a history here, doing Pirate Radio in my youth in the 1970s. This is where my Pump Up the Volume/Everybody Knows theme song by Leonard Cohen clip at the top comes from. So it was not a big stretch for me to start doing some Audio as well as Blogging, actually it comes more naturally to me than Blogging does since it is interactive dialogue, which I prefer.


Several months after beginning the Interviews, I hit on the idea of turning my “Frostbite Falls Daily Rant” franchise into Audio as well. The FFDR comes from my time Blogging on Jim Quinn’s website, The Burning Platform, where I would write a new Blog every other day or so, some of them quite long too! LOL. I wasn’t running a website then, so if I felt like writing for a few hours I would do that, and of course there is plenty in collapse to write about every day these days.

NumberOneWithABulletStarting the Audio Rants took the Diner out of the vast Sea of Small Blogs, rapidly jacking up the Alexa Ranking of the Diner from the +3,000,000 category to as high as 175,000 at one point. Sadly, it has sunk since then, but not because the Diner isn’t growing in readership, Alexa changed the way they were accumulating the stats on the Diner. Since the high point of Alexa Ranking when the Diner had around 1500 Page Hits/Day according to Google Analytics, it has more than doubled in circulation to around 3500 Page Hits/Day. The Alexa method of Ranking websites has a lot of problems, mainly that the only people recorded are those who have an Alexa toolbar installed, and this then can be skewed by a few people who visit a site often and spend a lot of time there. So it really wasn’t (and isn’t) an accurate indicator of how the Diner is doing overall.

In my never ending quest as a Stats Freak to keep tabs on the Diner progress, I look for stats that give me a better clue on this. Page Hits on Google Analytics are certainly better than the Alexa Stats, but even with Page Hits it’s hard to determine how many people are just one time brief passers-by the Diner on the way to some other Final Destination, and how many stop in regularly for a meal. The Soundcloud Stats we get from the Diner Podcasts are one of the best direct indicators we have of the Total Reach of the Diner and how many people are really engaged in the topics we discuss.

Now, there are some people who will only read the Blog and don’t like to Listen, so you miss counting those people with the Audio stats. There are various reasons for this, many people simply don’t have the Bandwidth to spend listening, particularly in the 3rd World countries. Even if you have the bandwidth, if you are not a Native speaker of English and can just about parse the written version, you certainly will not be able to follow my Rants at the speed I talk at. Even so, the list of Most Played Tracks, Top Countries & Top Cities is quite impressive.

Here is the tally for the last 12 months on Soundcloud. You get the Top 50 in any Category.

Most Played Tracks Top Countries Top Cities
Collapse Cafe – Nicole Foss(Energy) 3,360 plays United States 39,792 plays Toronto, Canada 707 plays
Collapse Cafe – Dmitry Orlov Part 1 (Ukraine and energy) 3,333 plays Canada 8,485 plays Burnaby, Canada 606 plays
Collapse Cafe – Dmitry Orlov part 2 (supply chains, population decline and community) 3,098 plays United Kingdom 5,358 plays Los Angeles, CA 526 plays
Collapse Cafe – Steve Ludlum Part 1 (Fundamentals) 1,314 plays Australia 2,391 plays Birmingham, United Kingdom 508 plays
ANTI-DOLLAR!!! 1,131 plays Czech Republic 2,003 plays Calgary, Canada 470 plays
Thrilla in Doomervilla: Extinction or Bottleneck? 1,100 plays New Zealand 1,109 plays Montréal, Canada 448 plays
Collapse Cafe – Thomas Lewis 999 plays Netherlands 986 plays Memphis, TN 428 plays
Collapse Cafe – Cli-Fi with Jim Laughter and Ugo Bardi 970 plays Germany 965 plays London, United Kingdom 378 plays
Parades: Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue 890 plays Thailand 875 plays Chicago, IL 370 plays
Extinction? Frostbite Falls Daily Rant #24- April 5, 2014 873 plays Sweden 609 plays Craig, AK 353 plays
Ebola: I See Dead People 2 845 plays Ireland 455 plays Denver, CO 313 plays
Conversation with Guy McPherson II 797 plays France 447 plays Seattle, WA 309 plays
The Black Albatross 743 plays South Africa 353 plays Vancouver, Canada 294 plays
SNAP to RIOT 2 in #ferguson 684 plays Finland 338 plays Monterey, CA 269 plays
SWISSIE CAPITULATION! 684 plays Mexico 316 plays Salt Lake City, UT 269 plays
Oil Crash!!! 668 plays Norway 313 plays San Francisco, CA 261 plays
COMETH DEFLATION! 637 plays Poland 292 plays Portland, OR 255 plays
WWIII Begins! FFDR #42-5/20/14 633 plays Spain 219 plays Victoria, Canada 251 plays
Collapse Cafe – Thomas Lewis Part 2 631 plays Switzerland 186 plays San Jose, CA 247 plays
Smokin’ Economista Crack 617 plays Brazil 166 plays Austin, TX 242 plays
Sinking Titanics: Euro, Yen & Oil 613 plays Denmark 153 plays Saint Louis, MO 232 plays
Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Arctic Oil & Hong Kong Riots 596 plays Belgium 150 plays Amsterdam, Netherlands 229 plays
Collapse Cafe – Steve Ludlum Part 3 585 plays Qatar 144 plays Brisbane, Australia 216 plays
Oil Crash 2 584 plays Austria 137 plays Albany, NY 215 plays
Collapse Cafe – Mark Garavan 573 plays Luxembourg 131 plays Hobart, Australia 188 plays
Demand Destruction 573 plays New Caledonia 124 plays Shepperton, United Kingdom 164 plays
SECESSION!!! Scotland to Texas to Alaska…AND BEYOND! 563 plays Russian Federation 114 plays Santa Monica, CA 150 plays
2014 New Years Special Edition Rant: End of the Beginning 559 plays Singapore 109 plays Auckland, New Zealand 150 plays
Collapse Cafe – Jason Heppenstall 555 plays Iceland 108 plays Thurmont, MD 144 plays
Collapse Cafe – Steve Ludlum Part 2 555 plays Italy 107 plays Omaha, NE 139 plays
Fukushima: The Gift that Keeps on Giving – FFDR 5/30/14 545 plays Ecuador 106 plays Phoenix, AZ 133 plays
Twilight In Amerika 539 plays Peru 93 plays Thunder Bay, Canada 132 plays
Cultural Stupidity: You Can’t Make This Shit Up 535 plays Portugal 91 plays Cedar Rapids, IA 131 plays
Ignorance Of History 517 plays Serbia 90 plays San Diego, CA 130 plays
Fining Putin 513 plays Japan 85 plays Winnipeg, Canada 127 plays
Ron Patterson Interview: Peak Oil 502 plays India 84 plays Harvard, IL 127 plays
Collective Insanity 502 plays Philippines 83 plays Kitchener, Canada 126 plays
Ebola: I See Dead People 3 495 plays Slovenia 78 plays Squamish, Canada 123 plays
Parade of Lies 481 plays Argentina 74 plays Pretoria, South Africa 121 plays
Bombs of Democracy: A Failure to Communicate 474 plays Bulgaria 62 plays Harrisburg, PA 121 plays
Pandora’s Box 472 plays Costa Rica 60 plays Boise, ID 120 plays
Financial WWIII-Frostbite Falls 4/17/14 472 plays Croatia 52 plays Sudbury, Canada 116 plays
Greek Souvlaki Redux 467 plays Romania 50 plays Wellington, New Zealand 111 plays
Competitive Currency Devaluation & Deflation 464 plays Korea, Republic of 46 plays Tucson, AZ 110 plays
Deflation Doom- Frostbite Falls Daily Rant #27- April 19, 2014 450 plays Turkey 45 plays Sydney, Australia 109 plays
SNAP to Riot in #ferguson 447 plays Estonia 42 plays Eau Claire, WI 108 plays
Greek Debt Chicken Game 445 plays Hong Kong 34 plays Belleville, Canada 107 plays
Technophilia 440 plays Greece 34 plays Mesa, AZ 107 plays
Ruble Run Insanity 437 plays Malaysia 27 plays Campbell River, Canada 107 plays
Japan Goes Full Retard 433 plays Indonesia 26 plays Santa Fe Springs, CA 105 plays
Other tracks 30,309 plays Other countries 1,505 plays Other cities 58,000 plays

Now, this is just the last 12 months of data. The Top Listen Track of Nicole Foss actually has a total of more than 6000 Listens now. That track is one of the first we recorded and goes back almost 2 years. It got many of its Listens before this 12 month period began.

The Global Diners. Dots represent Cities checking in, many represent multiple readers and listeners.

As you might expect, the Top 4 Countries Listening are all the English Speaking ones, the FSoA, Canada, UK and Oz. Interestingly though, the Czech Republic Tops the Kiwis in New Zealand for Listens. We have a few Listeners in Mother Russia, but NONE in China. Why not? Well, if you have been following Our Finite World and Gail’s ongoing China Trip which I am helping her chronicle over there, you know why. Gail can barely access the Internet, much less be listening to Audio over the net in China. It’s simply not available, either Censored or the infrastructure isn’t there for it. The way we get the posts up is she sends them to me in Email, and then I post them up under my Byline on OFW. I’m an Author over there, so I can post and publish my own stuff on her blog. Email you can do from China, but you cannot Edit a WordPress Blog from over there, this is Blocked. We do have READERS in China though, this I get from our newest Stat Collection service, the Revolver Globe site. as the Cities go, what I find truly fascinating is that the largest Big Shities in the FSoA, NY Shity, Dallas-Fort Worth do not show up at ALL on the list! Even though the FSoA BY FAR is the largest Country with Listeners, the largest number of Listens from a single Shity is the Hosers in Toronto, Canada! Obviously, Doomers do not live in major FSoA Metros. LOL. OK, Los Angeles does have some Doomers. The Water issues there gotta be hitting their consciousness by now. Chicago too has some Doomers. None from Detroit though, and NOBODY from Vegas, at least in the Top 50! Have these folks not managed to notice the water level in Lake Mead? What?

In discussions with Allan Stromfeldt Christensen of the From Filmers to Farmers blog, I mentioned to him that my estimate of the TOTAL number of people who visit ALL Collapse Websites was probably no more than 10,000 (now revised up to 20,000). Anybody who is a regular Kollapsnik visits all of them, or as many as they can turn up, so Kunstler’s readers are Orlov’s readers are JMG’s readers etc. These readers find their Favorite, and tend to spend most of their time online there, and usually only contribute to one or two commentariats, if they comment at all, and most do not. A few of us Bloggers like Steve from Virginia from Economic Undertow and me ocassionally Poach the commentariat on other sites, but most of the other Bloggers don’t do that. It’s time consuming, and you got enough to do with your own Blog.

In terms of Total Number of Collapse Bloggers, I estimated that number at under 100. I do not count Financial Websites like Zero Hedge or even TBP in this, because these folks don’t recognize that its not just the Financial system imploding, the Whole Fucking Ball of Wax is going down here. I don’t include Geopolitical analysts like Tony Cartalucci from Land Destroyer either. In terms of Top Bloggers who recognize this, it’s less than 20 I think. Chris Martenson I think recognizes it, though he soft pedals it some as a Financial Website. A few of the Top Bloggers who recognize the implications of Collapse (although I don’t agree with many of their interpretations) are the following I can Identify, in no particular order:

Reverse Engineer (ME! :icon_sunny:)
Gail Tverberg
James Howard Kunstler
Dmitry Orlov
John Michael Greer
Guy McPherson
Albert Bates
Ugo Bardi
Steve Ludlum
Tom Lewis
Chris Martenson
X-Ray Mike

Other folks have been suggested as well, such as Carolyn Baker, Richard Heinberg, Tom Murphy, Morris Berman and others who are involved here, but not all really fit the category of “blogger” (Heinberg for instance is more Scientist than Blogger), not all blog too regularly if they do blog, and in any event are not generally on my Collapse Radar Screen. If you have other Favorites who you think should be included here, drop it in the Comments below, along with Links to their Blogs!

There are other smaller Blogs and Bloggers, I’ve run into a few lately, td0s from Pray for Calamity, Allan Stromfeldt Christensen of the blog From Filmers to Farmers and of course my old friends William Hunter Duncan from Off the Grid in Minneapolis, Jason Heppenstall from 22 Billion Energy Slaves, Lucid Dreams from Epiphany Now and Gypsy Mama from The Butterchurn, but none of them are doing a whole lotta Blogging these days. Then there are likely other ones I have not yet discovered, but I still think the total number is under 100.

In addition, there has been quite a bit of Burnout amongst long time Collapse Bloggers. Nicole Foss hardly ever blogs anymore, Ilargi is doing the whole show on The Automatic Earth these days. Matt Savinar is gone, Mike Ruppert is gone, Joe Bageant is gone, and many Commenters I know from the Peak Oil Forum are also gone now. Recently departed from the Financial Blogosphere is Karl Denninger, who ran Market Ticker and Ticker Forum.

Many people have given up on trying to use the Internet to disseminate the information that never makes it out in the MSM, or is tortuously spun as Propaganda that is just a pack of endless Lies and Misinfomation. Here on the Diner, we haven’t given up yet. More people are waking up now, and the Collapse is becoming obvious enough now that only the most Deluded of Denialists cannot see it. There is still time and room to inform more people of what us Old Timers already know, that the Age of Oil is coming to a close, and if you don’t prepare yourself at least Psychologically for this, you are not gonna make it through the Zero Point when TSHTF.




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