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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on May 27, 2015

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Things are perking up in The Human Extinction SurveyTM world. šŸ˜€

After inquiring why the Diner Survey on Human Extinction was not a WASTE OF TIME in the Collapse PunditTM Email stream, Dmitry Orlov of Club Orlov ripped off the idea and has now dropped his OWN survey onto his Blog!  LOL.

Here's some questions about Dmitry's survey which have popped up on the Diner, since Dmitry closed the commentary on his Blog for his survey:

From Palloy:(IT Professional)

Orlov's survey is even wierder than RE's.  "How comfortable are you with the idea that …?" – it gives me a very uncomfortable feeling, but it obviously needs to be confronted, so how do I answer







1. How comfortable are you with the idea that Homo Sapiens, just like every other species, is doomed to eventual extinction?

6 12 21 13 47

This was a calibration question, to get the dirt out of the data. People who are uncomfortable with the age and size of the universe, and our utter insignificance on the scale of things, aren't ready to discuss near-term human extinction. The 6 "Extremely uncomfortable" and the 12 "Somewhat uncomfortable" responses on the left are skewing the data. To adjust for this skew, I subtract 6 from the "Extremely uncomfortable" column, 12 from the "Somewhat uncomfortable," and add 18 to "Indifferent" (because indifference cuts both ways, you know).

You can't do that !!!  (Well, he can do what he likes with his data, but this is statistically appalling.)  There is a science to questionaires/surveys and their analysis.







This has been most enlightening!

No it hasn't – it has been extremely mis-enlightening.

Google [human extinction survey] now.

From Eddie:(Dentist)

"How comfortable are you with the idea that …?" – it gives me a very uncomfortable feeling, but it obviously needs to be confronted, so how do I answer?

Exactly. That was my confusion.

From Uncle Bob (Professional Shrink):

"How comfortable are you with the idea that …?" – it gives me a very uncomfortable feeling, but it obviously needs to be confronted, so how do I answer?

Exactly. That was my confusion.

It is not obvious that it needs to be confronted at all. You will know who might believe these premises because they will be seasteading and toothsteading. Now take these learned men of letters and ask how comfortable they are that their great grandchildren will be illiterate and have an ever shrinking vocabulary. being comfortable with it might imply antiintellectualism instead of resignation to it, so even they will not claim to be comfortable. How comfortable are u with wiping your ass on grass or bathing in a river with 25ft crocs around Because thats the only primitive future according to orlov. "comfortable" is not a good way to convey the concept that it is possibly preferable only to extinction.




You will note above that I LINKED to Club Orlov in referencing Dmitry's COPYCAT survey.  Did Dmitry Link to the Diner Survey?  Nope.   Further than that, Jimbo Quinn on The Burning Platform published Dmitry's COPYCAT survey, but did he publish the ORIGINAL survey from the Diner?  Nope.

Anyhow, in order to further confuse this issue, I created a SURVEY OF HUMAN EXTINCTION SURVEYSTM. šŸ˜€

You may take this survey below:

[ninja_forms id=18]

Besides the Survey of Human Extinction SurveysTM, I also RANTED on this little controversy/spat in the world of Collapse PunditsTM.  I actually recorded this rant BEFORE Dmitry published his COPYCAT survey.  lol.  The Rant follows below here.

I was going to publish results of Q3 along with this Rant, however I think this Blog is already (too) full of material to read and listen to, so you'll have to wait until later in the week for the answers to Q3.

The Human Extinction SurveyTM itself appears (again) below the Rant.  If you haven't yet taken it, the survey is still OPEN.  Now @ 344 Submissions. šŸ™‚


…You gotta have a fucking Ph.D. and make your goddamn survey meet the criteria of the Journal of Psychology to jack it on the net and see what Kollapsnik Attitudes are? WTF? It's not like there aren't any Ph.Ds chatting this up either, Ugo has that Sheepskin and so does George! Everybody has to have a fucking Doctorate in order to drop on an internet survey or express an opinion? WTF? NONE of these folks know near as much about data collection and analysis as Doomer Support does, it's how he makes his fucking LIVING! LOL. Besides THAT, many if not most of the people writing on Collapse don't have the Big Kahuna Sheepskin. I'm pretty sure Dmitry is not a Ph.D, Gail Tverberg is not a Ph.D, Jim Kunstler doesn't have Dr. in front of his name and I bet you dollars to doughnuts none of the Tyler Durdens are Ph.Ds EITHER. LOL.

Now, besides Guy and a Professional Shrink criticizing the survey, over in the email stream amongst the pundits this survey inspired, Dmitry Orlov asks me wtf this survey is not a waste of time, since it's not scientifically or statistically valid? If you thought the survey was a waste of time Dmitry, then WTF did you waste your time TAKING IT? LOL…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!

The Full Transcript of the Rant will appear HERE in a few days

You can still take The Human Extinction Survey and be Counted

[ninja_forms id=14]


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