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Published on the Doomstead Diner on June 10, 2015

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I'm taking a break this week from doing my usual Wednesday Audio Rant, because with all the shit going down with the Diner Crash and my personal  Health Crash issues, I just haven't had the time to get one recorded this week.

In its place, from Inside the Diner in a restricted forum for Regular Diners Only is today's tale of my latest visit with the Surgeon Pro From Dover who is supposed to carve up my neck at some point and slow the progress toward Quadraplegia and Inevitable Death.

It's a short snippet of the tale of the Amerikan Medical System, and how it fails to operate in any sane fashion.  Enjoy.  LOL.

From RE:

Another appointment with the Surgeon today.

(Note: The Image Below is NOT my Xray!  I can't use my own Imaging for Legal Reasons.  Suffice it to say that my issue is in the C4-C5 area but somewhat dissimilar to this one in some respects.  I can't go into that either.  Beyond that, an XRay doesn't reveal the scope of the problem too well.  For this you need an MRI and CT Scan.  KACHING!) handed them my Imaging DVDs at the Desk.  Waited about 20 min.  Got called in to go to an exam room.

I saw the intake Nurse who takes your BP and recent history of symptoms, then sat in the exam room for 45 min waiting for the Physician'a Assistant.

Physician's Assistant tells me again what I already know, condition is deteriorating, need Surgery Soon.  Taps my knees with the Mallet, has me try and lift my arms.  No can do with the right arm as usual.

Another 30 min wait and the Surgery Scheduler comes in and hands me basically the same paper as before with the Surgeon's Price List on it.  We discuss the same issues regarding how Insurance will cover it, and the Workman's Comp case.  I am told once again it needs to be "subrogated", which I tried to do after they told me that the first time, but was told by whoever it was I spoke to at the Insurance company that it wasn't necessary.  Said insurance company says I never called them, which is bullshit.  This time I am going to do it online in writing and take a record of it.

Wait another 15 minutes and the Billing Clerk comes in, with a list of Phone numbers I need to call to get Price Lists from Anaesthesiologist, Neuro Monitoring Pro From Dover who monitors nerve impulses as the Scalpel Pro From Dover carves up my Neck, and the Hospital itself that charges for the Operating Room expenses and any time you need to spend in recovery.

I never actually see the Surgeon himself on this visit.

So we are basically at the same place we were before, with the added Info that none of the 3 Pros From Dover are "In Network" for my Insurance company, so likely what will be covered is not what will be charged.

I will write the Insurance company tomorrow about the Subrogation bullshit, not up to it today.  I'll also give them the Codes and list of charges from the Surgeon to see what they will cover.

At this point however, I will not go in for Surgery until this economic nonsense is better defined.

From AG

From RE

BTW, for this "Consult" with the Surgeon (who I never actually saw), I was charged $650.

For the $650 I got:

10 Min with the Nurse taking my BP (Good today at 118/78  :icon_sunny:)
10 Min with the PA Tapping my knees and chatting with me encouraging me to sign up for surgery NOW!
10 Min with the Surgery Scheduler going over the same Price List as before
 5 Min with the Billing Clerk discussing Insurance issues
85 Min Waiting Time in the Exam Room Surfing the Net on my Smart Phone

What a fucking RACKET!

From GO

You are getting off easy.

I hate to add to your misery RE, but things are really bad, much worse than you have encountered so far.

They have drive by doctors now that no one requests who work hospitals and cases just like yours. People get bills for twenty and thirty grand from these pricks.

Max Keiser and others have done shows recently on these swill. Please check it out on various places on the web and do what you can to protect yourself from them. It is a con that is growing rapidly, and the bastards get away with it legally some how.  A sad situation.  :'(

From Eddie

Wow! That's ridiculous. Hard to believe. I believe it, but it's really outrageous. I can't believe any insurance company would pay that for a minute…so of course they stick it to you, since they won't. ONLY IN 'MERIKA.

From RE

Well, actually so far the Insurance Company HAS picked up the tab for this nonsense.

I met my Deductible and Max Out of Pocket for the year of $1500, within reason and my ability to pay.

So far, my total bills for all the diagnostics and consult are still under $10K (slightly).  This is still less than the $12K/year my Insurance costs, paid for by you the Taxpayer under Obamacare.  :icon_sunny:

However, I am 100% CERTAIN that once I rack up the 6-Figure costs for the Surgery, they will not be so generous.  LOL.

Even though I haven't got cost estimates from the other 2 Pros From Dover and the Hospital on their charges, I am pretty certain we are talking a $200K Bill here.

medical_billsNow, besides this, the Surgeon Billing Department on the way out wants YOU to pay the bill right then and there, then YOU negotiate with the Insurance company to get Reimbursed.  Needless to say, on both visits to the Surgeon for a Consult, I "forgot" my checkbook.  LOL.  So they billed the Insurance company in the end for the first one, which they paid up on.  No idea what will happen with this one.

Have I got off EZ here?  Yea, so far actually I have.  I did get diagnosed finally and it only cost me $1500 so far, max $2150 if the insurance company balks on paying the latest ridiculous bill.

Will I rack up $200K in bills without having it spelled out what is gonna be paid for here and what won't and by who?


I would rather get 2 nice years here of Retirement and then give myself up to the Bear than let these folks RAPE me!  I do not sign up for this fucking surgery until it goes onto the Tab of Workman's Comp insurance or I have already bankrupted my savings, THEN I will go in and have said surgery and declare Bankruptcy.

Will my condition deteriorate because I am not gonna do this?  Probably.

Then, if I finally do come through it I will file a Class Action Lawsuit against the Federal Goobermint, Workman's Comp and Social Security and the Insurance Companies for the delays involved in getting the Health Care I need.

I am going to go out FIGHTING!

So ends today's Ongoing Soap Opera with my Neck Injury.  This is sure to continue onward for MONTHS, if not YEARS if I don't Buy My Ticket to the Great BeyondTM before it plays itself out.

If nothing else, I am going to get a SHIT LOAD of writing material (and ranting too when I have some time to record) out of this.





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