Smokin’ Economista Crack

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on March 7, 2015


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This man runs your Economy


…Entertaining revelation of the week was that a “World Class” Economista Douglas McWilliams, 63, head of the well-known Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) think tank and one of the most prominent modern economists was caught on camera wasted to beat the band smoking Crack in some London Crack House. This has of course made it all over the pages of the Brit Tabloids, and Douglas is now joining Lindsay Lohan at the Rehab Center while the Brit Pols do the best they can to distance themselves from him. LOL.

Of course, here on the Econ Blogosphere, many of us Econ Bloggers have long suggested that the Economistas In Charge have been Smoking Crack, but until NOW there was no definitive proof of this.

WHY has it been obvious that the current Economistas in charge are Crack Addicts? Simple, you just have to look at some of the incredibly STUPID policies and ideas these folks have foisted on everyone. The concepts are so outrageously NUTS that you are either clinically insane to begin with, or you have damaged your brain on too many drugs, or both…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!


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