Cyclone Pam Vanuatu Relief Information

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on March 16, 2015

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The Pacific Islands of Vanuatu have been hit very hard by Cyclone Pam, with a level of destruction that is on the scale of the Tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004. Pam hit as a Cat 5 Cyclone.

I have contacted folks who are involve with Intentional Communities on Vanuatu, and there is a Relief Fund being set up.

Hi Yes we have been in touch with Minister Ralph Regenvanu today for an update he recommends the

for donations which are desperately needed.

His Facebook update:

Regenvanu’s are all okay. Port Vila is a disaster zone, power and water being restored but 80% of houses badly damaged if not destroyed. Am now at the National Disaster Management Centre where there is power and internet. But we only have cell phone connection in Port Vila and south Efate – north Efate and all the rest of Vanuatu no communication yet so no idea what is happening outside Vila. Teouma Bridge and Creek Ai bridge both gone so cannot even get to Teouma or north Efate. The first aerial recon was over Shefa yesterday and over Tafea today, aerial recon for other provinces will be done tomorrow. Digicel and TVL are out there repairing their towers so we can communicate with other islands. A state of emergency was declared for Shefa 2 days ago, once aerial assessments are in, the state of emergency will be extended to other provinces, if not the whole country. The total population of Vanuatu is considered to be affected, as the cyclone travelled north to south, with the eye going over Shepherds, Efate, Erromango and Tanna.



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