Collapse of Industrial Civilization Survey- Early Results

Off the keyboards of the Diner Readers

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on May 13, 2015

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Tell Us How you Categorize Yourself

Cornucopian: You believe current problems are temporary and Homo Saps will eventually go Star Trekking
Doomer Lite: You believe we will have a Greater Depression, but eventually rebound from it
Full Doomer: You believe Homo Saps will undergo a massive Population Knockdown but will not go Extinct in this century
Uber Doomer: You believe Homo Saps will be extinct by the end of this century
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As you might expect, the Diner Readers have come down OVERWHELMINGLY in support of the idea Industrial Civilization will Collapse/ is Collapsing.  I'm not going to bother sorting for the exact numbers, but it's in the neighborhood of 50:1

Below here though are a few of the descriptive quotes dropped on the Survey Form, in Chronological Order when they came in,

Let's define that. I would say the energy used per capita per annum will decrease by 50% over 20-30 years. Why? It's all about the net energy or lack thereof.
man, the signs are everywhere.
See Thelma and Louise. The "cliff" is behind us. The cause was widespread dirty energy use. Collapse is the biosphere math effect.
Painfully Obvious and Disheartening
South African electricity system is collapsing
Your milage may vary but folks we are running on empty.
Absurdist Delusions Abound
We are in the beginning stages of collapse
Anglo Saxon contemplating Roman British ruins poem // ridden and shod an Arab recently? // The Atomic Age is elemental, brother! The UPPU club meets Hg and Li and what does life do?
with a bang and a whimper.
Accidentally cut myself off – from stagflation and "malaise" briefly almost cured by North Slope and North Sea oil right up to perma-recession hotly denied by all official entities (TPTB).
The numbers are incontrovertible
It's the age-old problem of out-growing our resource base.

This First Survey from the Diner is very rudimentary and has a lot of problems that I am well aware of.  This is not an EZ Plugin to work with by any means.  I only installed the thing a few days ago and getting up to speed on it while I can't remember where I put my keys or parked my car is not fucking EZ!  LOL

However, the UPCOMING SURVEY on Human Extinction is a whole lot better in terms of structure and organization.




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