1914 WWI Christmas Truce: Truth or PsyOps?

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on December 25, 2014


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…It’s Christmas Eve of 2014 here on the Last Great Frontier as I begin scripting this rant, the 100th Anniversary Date of the Christmas Truce of 1914, when by historical accounts Germans and British soldiers on either side of No Mans Land freezing in the Trenches spontaneously started singing Christmas Carols, and then everybody walked out of the Trenches without their weapons, hugged, shared brandy and pictures of girlfriends, etc. Then the next day, they went right back to shooting at, gassing and killing each other.

Back in the day, numerous Newspaper articles came out about this spontaneous and shall we say MIRACULOUS outpouring of Christmas Brotherhood between soldier grunts on either side of the line, who in this case were all Christians of one denomination or another, and in the ensuing years songs were written about it, movies made depicting the event, etc.

Based on what we know NOW however about how propaganda is used, how the elite control the media and all the rest, is it really CREDIBLE that this was an entirely spontaneous event, or perhaps just another means to psychologically condition people that they inevitably have to play their assigned roles as Soldiers, follow orders and go out and kill the other poor dumb bastard for King and Country?...

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!

Note: For Non-Native speakers of English and people who prefer to read rather than listen, the transcript of this rant will be available HERE in a few days.


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