Off the Microphones of Guy McPherson, RE & Monsta

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on June 26, 2014


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We have been doing Podcasts for a full year now, and one of the first guests we invited on to talk Collapse with was Guy McPherson of Nature Bats Last. The one year Anniversary of the Podcasts seemed like a good interval on which to catch up with Guy and further discuss the issues surrounding Collapse, in Guy’s case with emphasis on the Climate and Pollution issues we are currently facing down, which is where his focus lies.

Of all the Bloggers who are looking at Collapse issues, Guy has perhaps the most radical view, that the current spin down will not just lead to Collapse of Industrial Civilization, but in fact lead to a Near Term Human Extinction by Mid-Century. This isn’t my view, I tend to think we will see a large population collapse and Bottleneck of Homo Sapiens by mid-Century, but not Extinction on this timeline. Over the course of the last year on both of our Blogs, Nature Bats Last for Guy and the Doomstead Diner for me, we have come into conflict on several ocassions arguing the probabilities here. In this Podcast, we hash out some of these differences of opinion, while managing not to get tooooo ticked off at each other. LOL.

This is Part 1 of a 2 part conversation with Guy, in Part 2 Guy and my co-host on the Collapse Cafe Monsta further discuss the issues. I had to sign off on participating in that part of the discussion because the Cafe where I use their Free WiFi closed unexpectedly early that day. We will air Part II in the next week or so hopefully.

Whether you are in the Uber Doom camp of Guy and believe that we will see the Extinction of Homo Sapiens and just about all other life forms above the level of the Tardigrades or in the Full Doom Camp and think we are approaching a Population Bottleneck on the order of Toba, which knocked down Homo Sapiens to just 10,000 Human Souls or 1000 Breeding Pairs left standing, you certainly will get an earful of DOOM in this Podcast from both Guy and me. If you are Doomer Lite and just think this is a blip in Generational Collapse of the Strauss & Howe 4th Turning variety, or if you are Cornucopian and think the Cold Fusion Cavalry is right around the corner here to Ride to the Rescue, you probably won’t agree with most of what is said, but still worth listening to IMHO.

Also, don’t miss the Anniversary Vidcast of the Collapse Cafe with Ugo Bardi of Resource Limits and Gail Tverberg of Our Finite World. We discuss NTHE issues in the second half of the Vidcast.

…and that’s all the DOOM, this time until next time, HERE on the Doomstead Diner.




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