Bombs of Democracy: A Failure to Communicate

Off the microphone of RE

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on August 9, `2014


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Democracy comes to you - bomber


…So you get out of this what we got here now, which is the way the dopes running the show want it. To paraphrase from Cool Hand Luke, It is a Failure to Communicate. Not the inability of the FSoA to communicate Democracy to other countries by dropping Death from Above on them, no it is not that failure at all. It is the failure of the people dropping these bombs to realize that it just wont work anymore. They keep digging one bigger hole after another, in the “You Break It, You Own It” paradigm. Deal here is, all these folks want to Own are what is left of the Assets of any of these places (the remaining Oil), they don’t want any of the Liabilities (all those impoverished people).

Solution? Eliminate as many impoverished people as possible through War, Starvation and Disease, then once they have bought their Ticket to the Great Beyond, THEN you go in and scarf up the remaining resources! Plenty of Conspiratorial Theorists out there who will tell you this is the Ultimate Plan of the Illuminati, and will cite the Georgia Guidestones Number of 500M People as Target for Global Human Population as evidence for this Master Plan. It could be true, but there are some problems with the plan overall…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!

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