Spy vs Spy

Off the microphone of RE

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on May 23, 2014


Discuss this Rant at the Podcast Table inside the Diner



https://i2.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ru/0/0f/Spy_vs._Spy.png…Today’s topic is Spy vs. Spy. Remember the Mad Magazine cartoon, with the pointy nose spies, one in black the other white, holding bombs behind their backs?

Well, in another one of those cases of Life Imitating Art, the Chinese and the NSA are playing the same buffoonish game, with constantly escalating claims that the other side is doing more and worse spying.

The whole controversy over spying has been revving up since the Edward Snowden thing exposing a fair amount of NSA foul play, so to throw the ball into another court the FBI went ahead and declared 5 Chinese Military officers “Most Wanted”. You’re picturing one of the Old West Wanted Dead or Alive posters with Sum Dum Phuk and Long Dong on it right now I am sure…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!



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