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Published on the Doomstead Diner on March 30, 2014

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Frostbite Falls Daily Rant #21: Ukraine, IMF & Russia Circle Jerk

Bonus Tracks: Peak Stupidity, Doom All Around You & Amerikan Hologram

Recently I added a new feature to the Doomstead Diner, an Audio “Daily Rant” available for download on MP3, or which you can listen to straight off the Diner Soundcloud account. The Widget for the most recent Daily Rant also appears on the Diner Blog Homepage on the upper right of the Menu Bar. I wrote a prior Plug Post for the Rant, The Frostbite Falls Daily Rant RETURNS back at the end of February when I got rolling with this, so this article is an update on progress after one month of Ranting via mp3 and the Magic of the Internet.

The name Frostbite Falls Daily Rant comes from the title of a regular blog I used to write on Jim Quinn’s The Burning Platform. At the time I wasn’t consumed doing many other Doom related internet tasks, so I was cranking out 3000 word tomes every other day or so, becoming somewhat notorious for being long winded on TBP. LOL.

Anyhow, since starting the Diner, my actual writing time is somewhat less, so I publish just once a week now in my Sunday Brunch article. Just about daily though there is something to rant about on some level of collapse, so since we began our Collapse Cafe Podcasts and Vidcasts I’ve become a bit more conversant with this technology and decided to just do a monologue whenever I have something to rant about. “Daily” is a bit of a misnomer, since really I only have time to do one of them every 2-3 days or so, but it is more often than Weekly. “Bi-Weekly Rant” doesn’t have quite the ring to it that Daily Rant does though, so the name remains “Daily”. Close enough.

So far I’ve recorded around 20 of these Rants, they run anywhere from 5-10 minutes each, nice small packages of Doom to download to your Iphone and listen to on the way to work sitting in traffic on the Schuykill Expressway or while you do your gardening in the backyard. Doomers are so BUSY these days prepping up for Civilization Collapse they often don’t have time to sit down and read 3000 word polemics. LOL.

The topics generally center around the latest in Economic or Geopolitical Doom, which these days revolves mainly around the nonsense going on down in Ukraine, but also China of course, the Student Loan debacle, right up to Doom All Around You which you can easily find Locally as well as Overseas..

Generally speaking I’m not publishing the Transcripts for the Daily Rants, but below here is the Transcript for today’s, which is more musing on the latest shenanigans coming from Ukraine, Russia and the IMF Brussel Sprouts. It loses something when in text format, so for most of them they will only be available as Audio. Apologies to those who prefer reading to listening, and if you really prefer to read it contact me on the Diner and I’ll send you transcripts in email.

Although in the modern day incarnation I turned into a Blogger, I originally come from Pirate Radio, the 1970s version of Free Speech via Electronic Media of the day, before the Internet existed. So for me, I like the Audio format as a bit of a Nostalgia Trip into my youth. Beyond that, the fact is most of the population these days does not like to READ to acquire information, they have been conditioned to get information through the electronic media of Radio and Television. Since my objective is to reach as many people as possible with the TRUTH about our collapsing Industrial Civilization and Economy, it only makes sense to offer at least some of the information up in this format. Most detailed information still comes via text and in debate and discussion Inside the Diner, but my hope is that the Audio Rants will make the whole thing more accessible to more people. SAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN, as one of my tag lines goes.

In any event, the update here after 1 month is that the FFDR and Collapse Cafe are doing spectacularly well, getting around 2000-3000 Listens/Month and doing absolute WONDERS for the Alexa Ranking on the Diner, now climbing the Doom Charts rapidly, #1 With a BULLET!

Coming next week, we will have Livestreams and Vidcasts coming from our Convocation down in Texas, and we welcome listeners (and readers) to drop in and chat with us as we drop in on the net with the Techno-Gimmickry. You’ll find the announcements inside the Diner HERE

Meanwhile, Keep the Faith, Prep Up and DON’T QUIT yet, because it ain’t OVAH till the Fat Lady Sings.


Transcript for the Frostbite Falls Daily Rant March 30, 2013

Ukaine IMF Bribery & Russian Military Muscle

Greetings Doomfans, and welcome to another edition of the Frostbite Falls Daily Rant here on the Doomstead Diner.

After taking a few days off from geopolitics to cover Energy Myths popularized by the MSM and Industry Shills and the Peak Stupidy that infuses our current Civilization, it’s time to return to the breaking Hotspot of the military and economic measures and counter-measures being employed in the Ruskie-NATO battle over Ukraine. Money, Energy, Rolling Tanks and the winning personality of KGB Capo di Tutti Capis Vlad the Impaler all conspire to make this the best Kabuki theatre ongoing in the collapse world today.

Who will WIN this fabulous PRIZE of a nation in debt up to it’s eyeballs and curently as governable as a nest of hornets? Vlad the Impaler has Crimea River now pretty well sewed up on the Military level, but the Illuminati apparatchiks at the IMF just forked over $18B in new loans to keep the Western Ukrainians floating another day and in the Eurotrash Camp.

My favorite Brit Prep School Bottom Butt Boy and Illuminati Shill Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has been on a Propaganda TEAR the last few days, excoriating Vlad as being a dumbass who did not have all his ducks in a row with China, and who won’t be able to stand up to the economic sledgehammer the Brussel Sprouts will drop on him here while he continues to flex Military Muscle and tries to dominate the energy market that way.

It’s definitely true here that if the Chinese do not back up Vlad but rather do an end around to acquire energy elsewhere, Vlad is pretty much in a world of shit economically. Also true is that if energy prices fall too much Vlad can’t sell at a profit, nor can he raise money from the international credit markets if they are putting the thumbscrews down this way.

Which brings us round to the Magical way in which the Brussel Sprouts are currently buying Western Ukraine loyalty, which is by fronting them up another $18B in credit to keep going, since they are basically tapped out and can’t pay any bills.

Will the average J6P Ukrainian see any of this $18B in funny money? Of course not. This money is all earmarked to go straight from the IMF Ledger onto the ledgers of various Ruskie Banks and Oligarchs in order to keep THEM solvent and not go belly up on loans they owe to the Western TBTF banks. So while on the one hand this ploy is designed to force Vlad into a corner, at the same time it is a bailout of Ruskie Banking!

You have to ask yourself, WTF did the IMF come up with $18B to fork over to Ukrainian Gangstas and Neo-Nazis? Did lots of folks drop by the the IMF bank on the corner of Main Street and 1st Avenue and deposit money so the IMF would have money to loan to the Ukrainians? Of course not, since the IMF doesn’t have retail offices for Depositors, the way they get money is to borrow it from the CBs of countries like the FsoA and Germany. Where did they get the money? The countries themselves are broke and insolvent, so WTF does this new money come from? You start to see the circle jerk involved here, where credit can be issued out infinitely long as you are Friendly to the folks who create the credit. The problems only come when said credit doesn’t buy anything, basically because there is nothing to buy. Well, not nothing really, just less than the amount of stuff necessary to supply EVERYONE with cheap energy and cheap GMO foods.

Since they know they can’t supply everyone, the credit is issued out in dribs and drabs here to most peripheral countries, and only with massive restrictions on how it gets disbursed out. In the case of Ukraine, the $18B in funny money will do exactly jack shit to improve their economy, all this does is keep some Ruskie Banks from going belly up. The Ukraine economy itself goes further belly up, IMF Austerity measures choke the local population into desperate poverty, so they get pissed off at whoever is propped up into power by whichever side.

Far as Oligarchs are concerned on either side of this divide is concerned, all any of them care about is to keep moving gas and oil from the Ruskie side where it gets dragged up from the ground at ever increasing cost to then sell it to Eurotrash who have ever less credit available to buy it with.

This dynamic doesn’t change no matter WHO supplies the energy here in the end, the Ruskies or the Saudis or the Iranians, basically the Eurotrash cannot afford to buy it from any of them. The only way they get more money to buy it comes from funny money from the IMF, irredeemable debt that will never be paid back. You only get said credit if you present an obstacle to keeping the whole system going, or if you are Too Big To Fail, like the FsoA and Germany.

Fail they all will though, and it will be quite something to behold when they do.

And that is all the Doom, this time until Next Time, here on the Doomstead Diner.

Seeya Later Doomers.


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