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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on May 21, 2014


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…If you ever had any doubts about how thoroughly broken and how thoroughly corrupt our economic system is, one only needs to look at the latest in HIGHLY UNUSUAL and suspicious Data Reporting by Da Fed on exactly WTF is buying the worthless Toilet Paper better known as US Treasuries.

USTs are the “go-to” investment whenever it is “Risk-Off” in the world of securities trading. They represent the Debt of the FsoA Goobermint, and they are essentially the Backing for the Dollar, the World Reserve Currency. There are $Trillions$ in these notes held around the world by mainly the TBTF Banks, but also Hedge Funds, Pension Funds and maybe 10 or 20 Individual Mom& Pop Investors still buy them too somewhere. I remember one birthday I got a Treasury Bond when I was about 5 years old set to mature when I was 25. It was for $100, which seemed like a heck of a lot of money to me since my Allowance was 25 cents a week, but not real useful to me for 20 fucking years into the future if held to maturity. I never sold it though, in fact I have no idea what ever happened to that Bond. Got lost somewhere in the many moves we made when I was a kid…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!

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