Prophesying 2013/2014

Off the Keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Originally published Dec 31, 2013 @ Off the Grid in Minneapolis

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End of the year predictions? Of course, I said recently I think of the Winter Solstice as the true New Year – Dec 31/Jan 01, entirely arbitrary. But then, most of West Civ. is still mired in the Gregorian, and I am a supposed natural mystic, in the, um, bizness of prophesying, So I suppose I could comment on 2013 becoming 2014.
What was 2013? The year we got our reprieve from the world ending, apparently. Depending on your perspective. I guess when I think about this video, I sort of have my doubts about that.


What is that, the CIA? Anyone remember Mockingbird? What sort of pathology is this, this consumer script, to save the economy? To keep the world as we know it from ending? Is this what people are good for, buying stuff they don’t need, to support the debt to support things like – bankers and nuclear facilities? – until we can’t buy things anymore? I’m not sure which is more deadly, potentially, bankers or nuclear faclities, whether we keep buying shit we don’t need or not, which of course humanity cannot think about putting that reckoning off forever. Don’t be shocked if Fukushima blows again in 2014.



I was watching old Sandy Hook “hoax” videos last night, until 3am. God knows why. Talk about pathology; It is hard to tell who loves guns more, the Left or the Right in America. Of course the Left only wants Law Enforcement, the CIA alpha ETC, Imperial war machine to be armed to the teeth, whereas the Right wants everybody to be so stockpiled and willing. Watching the various videos of the immediate aftermath of that very sordid event, it is very much as if half the Sandy Hook parents cared more about pacifying and disarming average Americans than they did their own dead children, which is very strange, but then who can account for the pathology of consumers, in the land of more guns than people? I know that event happened in 2012, but it was the effects of that spectacular failure in every respect, that we felt in 2013. I don’t think we can leave that to TPTB to decide what is what, any more than we can 9/11 or the Boston Bombing. But we probably will. Speaking of Mockingbird, we tend to remember history how we are told.


I much prefer watching this sort of thing. The proper use of a vehicle.
These folks did well in 2013. I wish more people would act more like them, in 2014.


Otherwise, there does seem a growing fringe consensus, despite that we survived Dec 21, 2012, that 2014 is the year global debt meets it’s reckoning. The Chinese are playing pin the tail on that dragon, while the Rising Sun islanders nextdoor are feeding homeless to it. The Europeans thought they slayed it; we Americans thought we could ride it.

Smaug makes trillions for somebody, which trillions somebody’s aren’t inclined to give up; Hobbits may be about all that’s left, by the time that fire stops burning. Whenever it starts. (Would we even have a 2014 election if that dragon started blowing more than smoke? More like WWIII.)


For awhile I thought 2014 might be the year we initiated the first SUNstead. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear there are any more people involved, than when we started talking about it in 2013. It hardly seems we have time left, but then maybe I am conflating my own life with that of civilization, and I am just thinking I would like to see the fruit and nut trees mature, the second generation to grow into adulthood.
While I work on building that, I expect the stock market to continue to give Damocles a migraine. Why does he need the sword to fall on his head, if he’s just going to levitate until it splits him in half? Idiot might have the sense to get out from under that sword, but kings aren’t made to abdicate the throne. I wish I could say the age of petty emperors would end in 2014, but best case scenario in my cosmology is, 200 years at least. Which is about how long I expect it will take, before Industrialism plays itself out. Of course, I’m an optimist compared to some, who think we won’t get out of this century without a mass extinction and a zero point, or the former but not the latter; I’m like a shining sun compared, lol.
Where was I? Oh right, stock market. See debt smaug.
I met a woman at the end of 2013 :). We talked for like 15 hours total, on three occasions. I suspect my reality would ruin the bliss of her shopping, though. I can’t let shopping happen without thinking about reality. Which made it a little too like pretending for the both of us, I think. No woman no cry.


I’ve been watching more of Bob lately. Which reminds me I’m almost out of cannabis. Oh right, fascist state. Funny, I was thinking recently how curious it is, that Colorado is now king of cannabis, Confined Animal Feed Lots (CAFO) and Fracking. I wonder if cannabis will make them come to their senses? Probably you’ll see a fascist backlash, if too many Coloradans start questioning the latter. I would expect my own state to expand CAFO and mining before they authorize cannabis. Here in Minnesota it will possibly be decided in 2014, whether or not we are going to pollute the waters with sulphuric acid and heavy metals, for the next 10-25 generations, with a single generation of mining. Cannabis prohibition OMG! If TPP and TAP trade pacts become law, it won’t even matter what the people of Minnesota or any other state think about mining or pollution or cannabis, no matter how high they are or not. The most vocal of them will get the Bob treatment.


As for 2014 in America, and a definitive metaphor, this New Year’s Eve? It’s so cold, ravens
are roosting in the middle of the day, in the tree outside my window; I
shot a rabbit, I was going to eat it, but I think I’ll feed the ravens instead;
I’m going to go buy some alcohol, and then eat the left-over Chinese
I bought last night. I threw the rabbit outside; the ravens flew away.
I got drunk and high and forgot the Chinese.
(maybe it will make sense this time next year.)


Anyway, if anyone want’s to talk about SUNstead prospects, or anything else, check in. I’m on gmail. The Doomstead Diner. SUN. I don’t
often check Facebook or my website.


Merry New Year – Happy 2014



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