A Poem of Limits

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on November 10, 2013


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A Poem of Limits

The darkness moves beneath my feet,
More endless battles always ending in defeat.
Seeking hope in a sea of sadness
Still I fight onward to find some gladness.

My heart is broken, so many reasons why
That offtime it seems it is time to die.
The endless wars, the endless strife
Why, o why do I pursue my life?

The end now so clear in the nearest distance
Perhaps it is best to go with path of least resistance?
We live, we laugh, we love, we weep
No matter what we do, in the end we sleep.

My wings are broken, my legs are shot
Ageing takes away those things you got.
You remember well what once thought true,
but now what was false has all come due.

The will for all is to reproduce
But then, we run up against limits of what we can produce
There are real limits to what the world can give
When reached, no way there is that all can live

So some will live and more will die
No one can really pin down the reasons why
One is Gifted and another Cursed
Why is it one gets the Best, another the Worst?

So here today I write this letter,
Because honestly, I do not know which is better.
To live now, at the expense of my brother
Or Die now, for the sake of another?

Is it better to live and make the fight?
To continue to strive and do what’s right?
Or call an end to this, and call it quits
Perhaps that it the end that best befits?

I’ve walked the Earthly Road a good long time
Now I am so far past my prime
What was important to me now long since lost
Lost forever at incalculable cost.

The petty things I thought important
Now just a memory long distant
Real now is just to live
To see what still I have left to give.

There was a time I made the grades
Future so bright I hadda wear shades
Now the future seems none too bright
But in the darkness, perchance to find some light?

So off we go as our world turns
Spectators in awe as the world we built now burns
We look now for something new to glow
A bit of Land and Food to Grow

The SUN still rises, not yet gone black
Though life now seems so desperately out of whack
Regret not though what now is lost
Such a life came at an immeasurable cost

Now comes the time to fix what’s wrong
To find that place we all belong
To find again the beauty that is on Earth
Our beloved Mother who gave us Birth.



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