Homo insane insatiable (americanus)

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Homo insane insatiable (americanus):

A particular, -sub, -sub class of Homo sapien sapien, characterized by a deeply-ingrained sense of entitlement, invincibility, historical inevitability; while manifesting a particularly weak assessment of economic, political or ecological reality.


Huffpost is reporting that Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, thinks Larry Summers would be a bad choice as Fed Chair.

“In Taibbi’s view, Summers will continue many of his predecessor’s
policies — specifically quantitative easing, a complex policy under
which the central bank purchases securities from the Federal government
and private financial institutions in order to provide the financial
system with capital.”

To which I replied:

LOL. I’m sorry, did HuffPost mean, Qurantative Easing, a system by which
the Fed “prints” money to the tune of 85 billion a month, which they
give to big banks, in exchange for their bad bets on toxic mortgages and
such? Every American thereby paying for it, in less and less buying
power of the dollar, as in real inflation more like the 10% range rather
than the next to nothing reported by the Fed? Which 85 billion the
banks do not lend, but bet on riskier and riskier money making schemes,
by which they will take the profit but sell the losses to the Fed? Good
Gawd, HuffPost.

And by the way, Summers is the one talking about scaling back QE (though
he won’t.) The Left’s beloved Yellen is perfectly fine with endless QE.
Inflation is GOOD! says she.

I mean, how insane has this country become, when Matt Taibbi can’t distinguish between which elite non-choice? How honest can he be, really? You can’t tell me he isn’t freaked out by the death of Michael Hastings (cue the MSM, how to insinuate a crash was drug caused contrary to the facts.) What was that, “Vampire squid?” What, vampire squid managing director is a rapist? Good Gawd, why don’t we just give up the pretences and put O and GWB up for co-president, 2016. What’s uglier than co-tyrants presiding over a country full of fascists? A warmongering Hilary, apologized for because she is a woman, that’s what. Or yes, her status quo equivalent warmongering gangster apologizer on the Right. Fuck.

Meanwhile the Left thinks the new fight is to make a Manning a Chelsea, and one can’t tell if that’s some twisted homage to Bill and Hillary’s heir, or just another excuse to deny the total surveillance capabilities their beloved leader O has been nurturing. We do adore our royal families. (“Turd-blossom” didn’t serve GWB because g was a commoner. LOL)

(Thank you, Bradley Manning. I’m sorry so much of our country has lost it’s mind.)

Do I want to live in a society where women are empowered and gay and trans-gendered people are respected? Absolutely. What is the rest of the world to make of us then, torturing people, incarcerating millions, many for the pettiest of reasons, dropping drone bombs on women and children whose men don’t respect their women and gays (!), and don’t support our thirst for oil, putting people away for espionage who reveal state war crimes, rapes and murders, while the rapists and murderers and their defenders go free to commit more, in the name of fighting terrorism?

Meanwhile HuffPost and most of the rest of the mainstream media can’t
quite agree on how much to tone down the threat of Fukushima. One week
the corporation TEPCO is admitting 200-300 tons of nuclear water flowing
into the ocean every damn day, with no end in sight, there is no plan;
the next thing you know the mainstream media is reporting there was this
one spill, these few times (read, everything is under control.)

Meanwhile my whole working life has been dedicated to the maintenance and building of an infrastructure financed by bankers, making nuclear and fracking necessary, among other hideous assaults upon the ability of the earth to sustain Homo sapien sapien. And the only people really talking about rebellion in America (Liberty, Tea Party, Libertarian) are people who think climate change is a fiction of Illuminati/Lefty types, oil is infinite, and as often as not the earth is six or eight thousand years old.

As for that Qurantative faux pas in my Huffpost comment, I think, who is more the danger to freedom in this world, fundamentalist religious types or International Financiers? It isn’t an either or, actually.

Who is a total surveillance state built to spy upon? The NSA and their corporate brethren exist to maintain the power of International Financiers, corporations, banks, military, law enforcement and the state. It doesn’t matter if the perceived enemy is Muslim, or any American, elder, woman or child.

I was in my local grocery the other day, and I was like, is there anything in here that isn’t GMO?

Fukushima? GMO? The wars against Muslims for oil, the fascist controls and abuse of Plants and Fungi? Sounds like the makings of a holocaust to me.





(As for the image above, the ape didn’t become human because they discovered the use of a club. More like, the ape became human because they ventured onto the savanna and ate psilocybin mushrooms. 😉 )


As for evolutionary advantage, lol, there’s a podcast I did in two parts, with Blair Longley, party leader, Marijuana Party Canada (W/ RE and Monsta666) at the Doomstead Diner, coming Sunday Aug 25, 2013. Blessings,
WHD 🙂 )



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