The Foxstead Chronicles 1

Off the keyboard of Gypsy Mama

Published on The Butterchurn on July 8, 2013


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sun-whdThe SUN Project

Sustaining Universal Needs: Journal Entry 1

I’m going to have to throw this blog up there, without putting the time I need into it to make it marketable…but I have to say, quickly (I’m a tired Mommy who can’t stay up too much later)… that the Foxstead is HERE. I’m not sure why I didn’t see it before, but here it is.

Tonight I stood in our yard, holding a sleeping Tribann. I saw our property and the surrounding land around us in a new, moonlight, light. Moonlight was not the only light out there tonight, however. These strange power surges echoed across the sky tonight too…shedding lots of new light onto this subject: “Where will the Foxstead become a reality?”

In my mind, tonight it did. It is now a reality.

When we first moved here, LD posted this blog:

He knew, long before me, that we were building a future here. THIS IS THE FOXSTEAD.

I’ve also composed a quick, mental, unedited list as to where I see the future of the Foxstead emerging that I want to share. A sort of timeline, really. It may change…it is preliminary, it is a vision and I am excited…so I am typing frantically to try to get all of these ideas out there to share. I know it will take some time for these ideas to emerge, and be visible to the members of the Diner so I will have to be patient. Please be patient with me, as well, as I begin the journey into telling you why I feel the Foxstead has already been created, right before my eyes, in my own backyard.

Tonight, as I stood in our back yard holding Tribann, I saw beyond the confines of our property’s chain link fence in a new way. It was as if someone smacked me across the face, using some power electric technology…offering my bliss back, tangibly. I took the bait.

Strangely, all of this talk about “Seeing” things in a new way is ironic. I have a pretty severe case of eczema going on right now on my right eye. It is all swollen and itchy. Pretty unbearable at times. It makes my eye water constantly. Zen asks me frequently if I am crying. It’s pretty ugly. I took a few pictures of myself holding Tribann tonight. I’ll share them later so that you’ll be able to judge for yourself whether or not I have a magic gypsy eye. I’m thinking I might. It may just need to itch and weep for me to see things the way I should, sadly. I’ll have to find a way to welcome it in without such a painful emergence next time around. So…let it be said, MAGIC GYPSY EYE, you are WELCOME!!!! You don’t need to break out with eczema anymore for me to be able to see the Future more clearly.

Anyhow….when Roamer visited this weekend, we discussed how the trailer park/RV park model was THE way to begin our model. Then I realized that there is a trailer park next door to us…a bunch of tin cans and EMPTY ELECTRIC AND SEWER HOOKUPS!!!!! COME on DOWN, Diners!!!!! Reanteben? Monstaa and girlfriend? Ships ahoy, mates!

Then, I connected that RE had allowed us to make this address, this location, the center of the SUN project, which is essentially the Foxstead’s gossamer veil for the public.

Then I realized that when Roamer was here, we had shared the dream of owning a large piece of property to create a Foxstead. I was pushing wanting to own property with a Farmhouse on it. Tonight in the yard, I realized that there is a FUCKING FARM HOUSE just across the field from us. The empty, more than likely for SALE field just sitting there, waiting to be purchased.

Now…purchasing the farm house is going to be far into the future…but so will purchasing the RESTAURANT across the street from the Farm house. Anyone who pays any attention to LD and his posts knows that he loves hole diggin’ and cookin’ up concoctions. Be it ferment, mexican themed wraps, pancakes or biscuits…the man is a CHEF. Lucky me! Lucky boys, too! Aunt Bee will pretty much jump the baby gate for some of LD’s pancakes. Ask JoeP about the fermented hot sauces. Ask Roamer about LD’s mexican cookin’ and AM biscuits. We shall hold onto the dream of owning that restaurant.

Then…I see an empty field (also probably purchasable…easily purchasable, in fact. Perfect for cattle, sheep, goats and some permaculture production of nut trees and perennials using Mark Shepard’s methods as brought to “light” in my eyes via LD and Roamer.

Then, I envision a sort of English garden where sheep are the lawnmowers of our paths. The paths that connect the garden beds to the flower beds to the gypsy house.

Then I envision living in the Gypsyhouse. Then I see our current house as a converted apartment for Diners to come. Then the top garage becomes an idea for conversion into two small rental properties to bring money in to fund the diner…to promote it, to make it profitable.

THEN, those trailers next door look even more appealing for the money making profitability of the future. I think of how the owner of the trailer park is elderly. He’s knockin’ on his 80′s at least. His son is apparently planning on clearing out the trailer park to build apartments. Could we buy the land from them before that happens? DO we have enough funds to convince the elderly father and perhaps his son, to sell us the land that the trailer park sits on? Do they have a good enough relationship as to where the Father won’t sell the land to us before his eventual death? Will the son accept a decent amount of money for the land to be bought before his father’s death? These questions rolled around in my head.

Soon, I saw that we owned the trailer park. We owned the land, owned the plots, and were BRINGIN’ in the RENT from the current occupants. We spoke to one of those occupants recently. He owns his trailer, but pays $300 a month parking fees for his lot on the property, plus electric. Say we buy the trailer park…the current residents sure would be happy with their new owners if we lowered their rent to $250/month for good measure. We’d create great connections with them from the start. They’d like us. They’d be interested in what we were doing or they would move their tin can. That’s cool. More room for RE to pull in his RV!!!!!!

Anyhow…that is as far as I think I can go tonight. The screen is getting blurry through my magic gypsy eye. I need rest. Tribann is in my lap snoring, so that doesn’t help me make the process of staying awake to get my message across any easier.

So…maybe I’ll continue what else is around these parts of the Foxstead to the potential soon-to-be residents in a following blog. For now, just study the below photo that I drew out tonight with the Wacom tablet that my former rich photographer ass purchased to be super master photographer. Funny how things connect full circle. Zen.

The photo shows that across the street from our property. The blue is water. The orange is peaches, the red is danger, the green is forest, the yellow is fields (empty, and established with vegetables and edible growth), the black is road, the gray is gravel. NOTE: the land with the pond and the fields connecting to the peach fields and swamp is FOR SALE and I am in LOVE WITH IT!!!!! I plan on speaking with LD’s Mom and Dad about a co-purchase of this land.

ImageNext image I’ll post will be of our current set up, and will show the proximity of the trailer park, farm house, LD’s restaurant and purchasable fields and restaurant.

THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I began this blog post, I began writing a little fictional tale of the future of this Foxstead. I’ll leave you with what I wrote to lure you back in to the next blog:


This idea is going to have to be a blog, guys. I’m not sure where my “traffic” is coming from these days, but I have a feeling that a decent number of diners might stop in every now and then. The Gypsy house at the end of this hilly gravel road doesn’t see very much movement these days. I’m unsure if anyone is out there, really. Some of the more skillful minds who have survived the collapse we all knew was coming may know of some way to access the internet. We wish you were all here. Luckily, we have Haniel to take care of our server needs here at the Foxstead. He’s saved our Server’s ass more than once from Big Brother and his burly siblings. RE still receives our messages and manages to get my newest messages posted at the Doomstead Diner. He has managed to survive the great beyond so far, the old fart.

Here’s an update on what is going on at the FoxStead. The FoXStead newsletter: VoL 2: Article 3

Date: July 07, 2037

Authored by: GypsyMama and LD


Roamer is out roamin’ again. He’s put Zen and Tribann in charge of protecting his den. I hope those boys don’t burn it down. Some commune down in Arkansas hired Roamer to introduce another Earth Works Power Plant into their system. He’s still getting paid with room and board and a trade of supplies. The Oregon Trail 2037, some of us call it. I like to call it the Roamin’ Trail. He leaves here with a backpack, a cow and cart and comes back with vegetables we can’t grow in this soil, furs, little pre-petroleum perks like Twinkies and Whole Coffee beans. The Twinkies are zombie bait. They LOVE ‘EM! “Tie a Twinkie on a string and watch them swing” we like to say. The coffee beans are like pre-collapse gold to LD and I. We like to grind them in the mortor and pessel, heat up some rainwater over LD’s kitchen stove and indulge like it’s 2013. One of the last years before TSHTF (no longer only Diner code. That’s as standard as that age’s “LOL” now).

A new couple found their way here. By word of mouth, they say. We’re still a bit skeptical of them because we don’t know who sent them, but our base is so large now, it’s just hard to tell. Word of our Foxstead has apparently already spread to Colorado. That’s where they’re from, so they can’t be all bad.

We’ve set them up in one of the original trailers to the FoxStead. It’s the blue trailer behind our Gypsy House Hubb. Used to be Freddy’s Place. “Pesticide Freddy” the kids know him as. He was always spraying his roundup and seven dust on his collard greens back in the day…thought that was the only way to garden. He had no idea what us hippies were doing over here for so many years. He just figured we were young and unexperienced with gardening. He had never heard of permaculture and didn’t quite understand it when it was explained to him. He was a simple man. Poor Freddy. Those Aldi eggs sure weren’t worth the dollars they saved to try to keep that man healthy. He lost all he had to doctor bills and ended up getting kicked out of the trailer park before collapse hit because he couldn’t pay his rent. We hated to see him go. That trailer was one of the first plots we were able to buy. He was the first to leave the trailer park next to us. We took some of the Diner money and started renting out his lot and trailer each month. We began storing dry goods and lumber over there at first. A place to keep things dry, really. Then Roamer decided he was gonna take the leap, make the move, and begin working in Upstate SC. He scooped up one of the trailers for rent behind the Gypsy House. That was the beginning of our community.


I plan to write, possibly CO-WRITE with LD a work of Fiction, the dream of the future of the Foxstead as we envision it. Hope you’ll join us for the ride. The bliss has returned.


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