Podcast: Surly on OWS & Empowerment

Off the Microphones of Surly & Monsta

Aired on the Doomstead Diner on June 20, 2013


Discussion at the Podcast Table inside the Diner

For Diner newcomers, by means of introduction, I am a man who came late to political activism, but who found himself in the streets as a vocal and active supporter of the Occupy movement in the fall of 2011. As I described in the first podcast, I got involved not so much for myself but for my daughters generation, who are being systematically fleeced of the opportunity to have a stable future due to the state sanctioned depredations of a handful of central bankers and vulture capitalists.

Occupiers came from all political persuasions and coalesce around a couple of common themes of political and economic justice. The “Move Your Money” effort for people to move their money from megabanks to local banks or credit unions was one; the “Move to Amend” effort to create a groundswell of support for an amendment to erase the “Citizens’ United” decision and get money out of politics was another.

The Occupy moment was a symptom than people were fed up with the current system. And the system lashed out with a terrible urgency against peaceful protestors. And there was no popular hue and cry because in the end, most people simply don’t want to hear it. Most possess a normalcy bias so profound they cannot accept new information that their way of life is coming to an end. Which was one of the subtexts of Occupy.

In this Podcast with Monsta666, I answer questions about my own experience with Occupy, and the small group dynamics that put stresses on any group, let alone one that is leaderless by definition. We also discuss what the elites think (hint: not much), what happens when the desire for justice becomes the desire for vengeance, and the consequences of what occurs when the just-in-time 72-hour shipping paradigm crashed and burns.


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