Podcast: On the Guillotine

Off the Microphones of RE & Monsta

Aired on the Doomstead Diner on June 17, 2013


Discuss at the Podcast Table inside the Diner


I’ve long been known for writing some pretty Over-the-Top Blogs advocating for Capital Punishment for the Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated by the Elite Class of society. “Bring on the Guillotine” as it were.

In this Podcast with Monsta, I try to explain my POV on this topic without going TOO FAR OTT. LOL.

Anyhow, for long term readers of my stuff, I hope this Podcast gives you a little better perspective on my views, without the usual Graphics and Videos I use to make such things a bit more visceral. Trust me, even just in this short intro post, it’s tough for me to not drop on a Guillotine Video. LOL.

For newbies, I can only hope you don’t go running off after listening to my POV on this. It is NOT the most popular one on the Diner by any means, in fact I am pretty much in a Minority of One. My fellow Admin Surly takes the complete Opposite View, and has confronted me many times on this subject. The second part of his Podcast with Monsta is forthcoming shortly, so you will get a bit of the flavor of the running debate we have been engaged in for years now.

For more than this, visit the Diner. It never stops there.



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