Podcast: Childbirth

Off the Microphones of Gypsy Mama, WHD & Monsta

Aired on the Doomstead Diner on June 15, 2013


Discussion at the Podcast Table of the Diner


In this podcast, we discuss the differences in hospital birth vs. natural birth.

As a Mother of two boys, (one born in the hospital using an OBGYN and the other born at a birthing center using a midwife), I spoke with William Hunter Duncan and The Monsta of Doom about both experiences.

This podcast has many layers of depth. In the discussion we speak about how the hospital has more or less created a ritualistic program for all mothers who enter the labor and delivery suites.

By viewing the expectant mothers as clients, hospitals are taking more and more liberties in scaring women into scheduling or inducing unnecessary Ceasarian Sections for profit’s sake…and not for the well being of their should-be patients (not clients).

We continue to analyze the differences between the societal norm of the hospital vs. the natural process of having a child without a doctor’s suctioning device or surgeon’s scalpel of intervention. I share my opinion of the two processes as someone who has experienced both the shadows and the open window of the paradigm.


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