Diner Down!

Off the keyboard of RE

Published on the Doomstead Diner on June 30, 2013

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I’m in the midst of another Diner Outtage, this time seemingly restricted just to the SMF, the Message Board all the Diner Commentary goes on. The Blog at the moment is still functional.

This one is taking longer to fix than prior outtages, and I am beginning to get Paranoid. The outtage came directly after some commentary regarding the NSA, which makes me suspicious.

I am trying to take the long view here, which is that I always have known all this stuff is very temporal and will not last too much longer under any circumstances. Once the Lights go out for good, nobody is going to be reading internet Blogs and Forums. Still, lights are not out yet, and I was hoping for a bit more time here to pontificate before getting shut down.

Now, this may just be an SMF Glitch that is taking a bit longer than usual for the Techies to work out. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and the Forum will be up and running again. If not though, where do I go with the Diner? I have the Beta Site on Create-a-Forum, but it does not contain the vast amount of material written and collected by the Diners on our own forum. The value in the Diner Forum was what we chronicled on the pages of the Forum over the last 1.5 years. If that is LOST, is there really a POINT to starting over?

I suppose long as the Diner Blog is still up and running, I can keep Blogging. Long as Soundcloud is still up, I can keep making Podcasts with Collapse Starz I scarf up for a Chat. Thing is, the communication medium of the Diner Forum is necessary for organizing everything. IMHO, without the Forum, the Diner falls apart as a synergistic means to bring it all together.

Ah well, just gotta see how it goes here. I have now been through numerous extremely tedious and unsatisfying chats with the Support Team on the Server. I will wait again for another 2 hours for what is likely to be yet another unsatisfying chat where I learn nothing of the REASONS the Diner Forum went down here.

If the Forum is not up tomorrow when I awaken, go to the Create-a-Forum Beta Site to catch up, for as long as that one stays up anyhow.

Dust in the Wind. All we are is Dust in the Wind.



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