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Published on the Doomstead Diner on July 7, 2013


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The Diner is BACK!

cavalryWe have now moved the entire Diner over to the Host recommended by the Database Cavalry From California. Been a stressful week all round, but the outcome is EXCELLENT. Many new Features and Widgets already installed on the new Diner. I still do not have a full resolution from the old host provider as of yet, but it no longer matters. They are HISTORY now. No more FRNs from my hoard coming their way anymore.

The RELIEF sense I have now is palpable. I have put countless hours into the Diner over the last 1.5 years, and there was a significant possibility it ALL was lost to me, and to all the Diners. The fact Haniel was able to migrate the entire Diner and capture it in total on another server is a redundancy anyone who runs a Blog should have. You never know for what reason your main site will become inaccessible, it is not just the NSA you have to worry about here. When somebody else holds all your Data on THEIR SERVER, they can hold this Hostage in many ways to get you to pony up more MONEY to keep it up on the Web. The more Data you drop on, the more susceptible you are to this type of BLACKMAIL.

In this case, I don’t think at this point the NSA was involved in this outage. It appears more likely that the old Host simply wanted me to buy a Bigger Hosting Package, based on what appears to be a fraudulent number of Database queries, quoted at around 75,000/hour, which is just insane if it is Real People and not some kind of glitch in the system or some BOT attack. Sure, the Diner has grown here and we have a pretty decent size readership now, but not anywhere NEAR enough to generate that kind of traffic number in legitimate queries.

The Diner does have decent Traffic, but nowhere near what should be necessary to go for a Dedicated Server yet, which is pretty costly and once you go this route you pretty much have to go Commercial with the site in some fashion. Which I am not entirely opposed to, since we got quite a few folks here all putting in tons of volunteer work for NO FRNs, and given the fact everybody needs these Notes of Zero Duration issued willy-nilly by Da Fed to all their Best Friends, we all could use a few also here! Personally, IMHO the Diner does a lot more of God’s Work than Goldman Sacks-the-Taxpayer does, but we don’t get the endless supply of FRNs from Da Fed that Goldman does. What’s with that anyhow? Why does Goldman rank higher than the Diner in doing God’s Work and getting remunerated for it?

http://fritzbreland.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/india_call_center_1016jpg.jpegAnyhow, we migrated the site off the original Corporate Host to a smaller privately owned one. Haniel has been using this host for over a Decade, and overall so far it appears faster and better than our old one. Besides that, all the Support is Local here in the FSoA and providing Jobs to recent IT graduates, NOT coming from over in India where the old Host has Offshored all their Technical Support. As part of the migration to make things Quicker & Easier, I bought another Doomstead Diner URL, this time DoomsteadDiner.net. That will be the native URL for the Diner, though the .org and .com URLs will also get you there, to one spot or another on the Diner anyhow. Quite a few different spots to Point a URL at now here on the Diner, got the Newz Page, the Podcast Page and the Forum as well. For those of you who thinks it costs a FORTUNE to do what I am doing, it does not. Registering the URLs costs anywhere from $5-$15 each usually depending on what deal what Host is offering, and starter Hosting Plans come as cheap as around $5/month. If you actually start getting some Traffic and have to upgrade, you get into territory of around $100-$200/YEAR, where we are at now on the Diner. This is less than my monthly Beer Bill, the cost is quite low overall even for a fairly successful site. Your expenses usually are in the area of the technical expertiese necessary to keep a site up and running, the way we work around that on the Diner is there are several of us who have some form of Net Expertiese we can contribute Pro Bono, so it keeps the costs down quite low. We all are available BTW to help others who wish to get their own websites up and inform on how to make them Spiffy and Functional. Just drop on in the Diner and ask us if you wanna get going on this and contribute to spreading the word of Industrial Civilization Collapse with us.

It remains curious to me how our Hit went down at this time, with other websites also getting similar Database Connection issues that we experienced here. Generally I do NOT really think it was an NSA action, but rather just a Money Grab from the old Host who figured I was just a Rube. Which in terms of Net Hosting I AM, but I do have FRIENDS who are NOT RUBES. It was quite hilarious really when both Peter & Haniel dropped in on the Support Ticket I started right after the Diner went Down. Anyhow, the upshot of the Comedy was it was hopeless getting these folks to fix the problem, so we Exited Stage Left for a new Host. The Great Diner GTFO of Dodge Internet Bugout. This is another very important aspect of running a Website, because the Hosting Server holds ALL your Data, and they can fuck with you at will. IF YOU OWN SUCH A WEBSITE, BACKUP YOUR DATABASES ON YOUR OWN HARD DRIVE! I was not so backed up, but fortunately for me I had Haniel who could Spoof the Security on the old Host and pull it all down. Flick of a Switch if you get in a dispute with the Host, your website is DOWN. You cannot access your data. So you have to host on a Server where you have decent faith in the people who run it to be Honest & Righteous. You don’t get that on Corporate Hosts, once you pass a certain point of Popularity, they start to Blackmail you in insidious ways to cough up more MONEY. Buy Paid Technical Support, Buy Bigger Hosting Packages.

In any event, on our new Host, we have a lot of new Options to explore here, and I may move our Podcasts off of Soundcloud (another Corporate Host) directly onto the New Diner if Haniel can conjure up the right functionality. We are also exploring Networking Software to bring together MANY websites such as the Doomstead Diner, The Burning Platform, Economic Undertow, Our Finite World, Of Two Minds, Clusterfuck Nation etc into a Central Location to be easily accessed by the Doom Community. I will update if/when we drop on this software package also.

newzhoundEven before we go with the Networking Software, the level of Functionality on the Diner has been improved tremendously already as part of the move to the new host. On the Blog Side Menu Bar you will now find a Feed of the Hot Topics being discussed inside the Diner, and all of Newzhound Joe’s Links to Storiez around the Web that generally want to make you PUKE, but should be read if you want to stay up on all the errata surrounding the Collapse. Newzy Joe’s Storiez previously only appeared on the Newz Page of the Diner and inside the Diner on his Newz Channel, now a few of the bazillion Links he has collated will appear on ALL Blog Pages & Posts. Joe’s Newz Channel runs some 57 pages now, with 15 posts to a page and many of his posts in there containing a dozen or more Links to Collapse stories from around the web. Do the multiplication, it’s a LOT of information.

In addition to the changes to the Menu, below each Page & Post now you will find a Feed of the most Recent Comments inside the Diner, in chronological order from all Forums that we make Publicly Accessible. There are numerous additional Forums available only to Registered Diners, which in fact are generally the more Active ones. Registration is Free on the Diner, at least for NOW. Get in while you can, I’ll grandfather all Current Diners when we put it behind a Paywall. Once a Pigman, always a Pigman I guess. It’s in the Genes. LOL.

All in All, while it has been a very difficult week for me here trying to keep the whole Diner Project from Collapsing at the whim of my Server Host, much more GOOD than EVIL has emerged from it. The Diner is now stronger than ever with more Diners with expertiese working to keep it operational. We also have completed more Podcasts, with George Mobus of Question Everything and David Korowicz of FEASTA, and have still more coming with Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds and Steve Ludlum of Economic Undertow. Here is the first of a 4 Part marathon interview with George Mobus now UP on the Diner Podcast Page! Many more available there now already for listening as well.

Rome wasn’t built in a Day, and I’m sure Julius Caesar had his share of problems too. Real bad problem with Brutus as I recall. LOL. I do not expect problems to disappear here, in fact I think they will be ever more difficult to overcome as time goes by. Be it known though, I do not ever QUIT. I am the TERMINATOR of the Internet Collapse Blogosphere. At this game since the Jurassic Period as a Mod on AOL Message Boards, which were so fucking INSANE they made even the Old TBP v1.0 seem like a Sunday Picnic. LOL. The Diner Will Not Go Down until the whole fucking Net Goes Down! I GUARANTEE IT. I will not QUIT until I am well and truly DEAD, or the Internet is. Whichever comes first.




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