Diner Down: Day 2

Off the keyboard of RE

Published on the Doomstead Diner on July 1, 2013


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Don’t Despair Desperate Doomers! Doomstead Diner Damage Dudes will Prevail!

OK, we are now around the 36 hour mark for the outage of the Diner SMF Forum, and we now have a 3-pronged Attack to get it fixed. I forked over some FRNs for help from the Server Development Team, Peter is on it due to not only our problem but the SAME (!) problem occurring on 2 of his Ocean Falls forums, and Haniel is riding in with the Database Cavalry from California. With that much technical help, I have High Confidence the problem will be resolved. The Server folks gave me a 24-48 hour timeline, which started around 11 hours ago. So the LATEST the forum should be back up would be around 11:30 AM ADT on Wednesday.

One thing you may have to do once it is back up is clear your Browser Cache and Cookies. I’ll update in the little Text Box I added to the Sidebar once I see it back up. I will also continue to do further Updates on the Beta Site, which you MIGHT be able to join and chat with the other Desperate Diners. I say MIGHT because WHD tried to Join and got back a message that his IP is a KNOWN SPAMMER ID. Hmmmmm. This of course tends to add to the Paranoia here. However, JDW and Monsta both were able to join, and Surly and I are both on that forum also.

Now, the fact the SAME PROBLEM occurred at the SAME TIME on Peter’s websites indicates that this is really a Server Side issue rather that the script issue mentioned early on by the Support Team, and again this tends to add to the Paranoia. One can think of all sorts of Nefarious Reasons for this, from Political to Financial. Again though, I am attempting to keep my Paranoia in check here, at least for the next 37 hours.

Anyhow, assuming we DO get the Diner back up here, this exercise becomes a DRILL for when we lose the Diner FOR KEEPS. As I mentioned during the prior outage, I do have up various other Websites on the Net Freebies, from Create-a-Forum to Yahoo Groups to You Tube to Soundcloud. On all of them you can drop Comments, so if one day BOTH the Blog and the Forum go down, go to these sites in that order to look for the other Diners. Bookmark the sites in your Browser. You also should compile an Email Address List of your Diner Buddies, and Cell Phone Numbers and Snail Mail addresses/GPS coordinates also.

https://i0.wp.com/www.fjcruiserforums.com/forums/attachments/stereo-electronics-electrical/10791d1176484343-air-horn-install-question-air-horn.jpgIf ever ALL of these sites go down TOGETHER, wish me luck because I am likely on a One Way Ride to GITMO. LOL. The only other way I can see they all go down at the same time is if there is a Cyber Attack across the whole Web, in which case many other websites would be down also. In this case you will have to revert to your Cell Phone and Snail Mail list. If the Cell Phones go down too, then it is Game Over, and you likely will never hear from any of the Diners again unless one happens to Bicycle his way to your Doomstead, if you have one. Diners arriving by Bicycle should wear a Predetermined Color Bandana on their heads before coming within Range on anyone’s Doomstead. Keep this Color TOP SECRET only for the Diners you will take in on your Doomstead. You might also have an FRS Walkie Talkie with a Predetermined Channel to contact once you are within a Mile or so of somebody’s Doomstead. You can add to that a Code Word or Sentence for Identity Verification. Finally, if you really wanna go nuts with this, add a Marine Air Horn (they are LOUD) and a Morse Code style Dits and Dahs to be Beeped Out. You can hear these things at least over 1/4 mile or so, maybe more. $15 at Walmart, they fit in a backpack easy.

OK, so much for Diner Down Doom Planning, onto more Upbeat Topics on Doom here tonight.

Sunday’s Podcast with George Mobus of Question Everything was GREAT, and went INCREDIBLY LONG, something like 3.5 HOURS of Raw Recording Time. Even assuming Monsta cuts out some of the time we fucked up and tripped over our words and had to start over, after adding the Music Tracks to the Podcasts, I don’t see how it comes to less than a 6 Part Series if we keep it to the 30 minute average time for each Podcast. It will likely take Monsta a bit of time here to get even the first couple of parts ready for Podcasting, so probably the first one doesn’t come till much later in the week.

Next we have the Podcast with David Korowicz of FEASTA upcoming on Wednesday, if you have any Questions for that one you’ll likely have to send them to me or Monsta via Email, or use the Beta Site if you can Join there. Monsta also let me know that right before the SMF went down, Haniel PMed that John Michael Greer of The Archdruid Report has agreed in principle to a Podcast, though no time has been set for this. We also think we can do the Podcast with Steve from Virginia of Economic Undertow despite the fact his computer setup is currently not up to Skyping, though I still have to get back with Steve on trying this.

Besides that, Monsta said that he is scheduled for doing the Military Podcast with Lucid Dreams of Epiphany Now, and tentatively I think we still have the Podcast with Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slaves set for Sunday, so we are BOOKED SOLID. The amount of Post Production Monsta has ahead of him is ENORMOUS, so Thoughtful and Generous Diners might PayPal him some directly. Contact him via email or PM (once the Diner Forum is up and running again) to get specifics on how to do that.

OK, that is the Update for tonight while you Diners try to handle Going Cold Turkey while the Diner Forum is Down. I am staying entertained by writing these updates, and also heading over to some of my favorite sites to do some Trolling and Plugging. Keep your Fingers Crossed, we should be up and running again by Wednesday.


Latest from Tech Support, and my response. IMHO, this looks like a DNS ATTACK.

Quote from: Tech Support


Thank you for contacting Support.

This is for the ticket # 11433840. I’ve taken all the database configuration information for the Simple Machines Forums for doomsteaddiner.net including the database password and the Forum is now displaying that it is in Maintenance mode. A possible cause for the sites on different accounts going down could be that the database queries is being hit. There is a limit of 75000 queries per hour and once that has been reached, the connection to the database will cease. The other accounts mentioned don’t indicate constant high amounts of queries but spikes could cause the database to hit the limit.
If you have any further issues, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you.

Alan G.
Technical specialist

Quote from: RE

If we are getting 75K queries per hour, then it must be some kind of DNS attack, IMHO. There is no way we have that many legitimate Human Eyeballs hitting our site that fast, and less likely Peter’s sites could be hit on by so many people.

Some sort of filter needs to be in place to prevent so many queries. I am willing to shut all my boards down to Members Only if absolutely necessary, but to do that I need to have the Admin Page of SMF back up for me to make those changes. I would prefer not to do that, and just filter out BOT queries and so forth, but if it is the only means available, I am open to this.

I now am pretty certain we are at WAR with the NSA.



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