Monsta of Doom Podcast Launch

Off the keyboards and microphones of RE & Monsta

Published on the Doomstead Diner on June 7, 2013


Discuss the Podcasts at the Podcast Table inside the Diner

RE the Doomer Part I (Part II at the bottom of this article, Part III Coming Soon to a Laptop Near You)

These 2 Podcasts and Future ones to be found on the PODCAST Page on the Diner Blog Menu. Bookmark it.

It’s been a lot of work from all involved to ramp ourselves up technologically to begin producing Podcasts as well as Blogs here on the Diner, and not a little nerve-wracking for yours truly either, since I get the “honor” of getting interviewed first here by Monsta for the Inaugural Podcasts from the Diner. I get said honor because I organized this up, though I am not the only Blogger on this website anymore, just one of the more prolific ones. LOL.

Still, it is quite different to SPEAK on the issues of Collapse in Real Time rather than Write on them at your leisure, so taking this step is none too easy, not just for me, but others here also like Surly and William Hunter Duncan and Lucid Dreams, all of whom will be appearing in the Podcasts over the next few weeks.

Anyhow, for my two first Podcasts with Monsta going up today on the Diner, I cover a bit of my Personal History in coming to terms with Collapse and how I came to be a Blogger on this subject over the last few years. We review the various collapse scenarios, and where and how a fast collapse might Come to a Theatre Near You.

Coming down the Pipe, Surly will Pontificate on the Political Outcomes so far evident, with his own spin on what are the best political means to make the social changes we need to make over the coming years. Surly and myself, while we both are Admins on the Diner do not agree on some fundamental questions, and as you listen to both of our perspectives you can think for yourself where you find yourself in Collapse Perspective. The ability to look from all sides at an issue, to debate carefully said issues and to not take personally the disagreements you sometimes have is a Hallmark of Diner Debate, which in my experience (which is VAST, I have been shit-canned from innumerable Blogs & Forums over the years :icon_mrgreen: ) cannot be found anywhere else in the Collapse Blogosphere.

Besides Surly and myself, the Diner Podcasts will feature other regular Diners like William Hunter Duncan and Lucid Dreams on topics from Permaculture to Social Organization, and Guest interviews hopefully with some of our regularly Cross Posted Bloggers. Should be a good Collapse Show overall. :icon_mrgreen:

So now without further ado, here are my two first Podcasts with Monsta, and hopefully you’ll find them interesting and entertaining enough to listen through. Feel free to drop in inside the Diner and add your Opinions on these Podcasts. If you REEAAALLY got a lot to say and can talk your points, feel free to contact Monsta at , and he’ll interview you also. LOL. If so, you are a REAL DINER. Every Diner is an EXPERT! LOL.

There is a Part III I did with Monsta as well BTW, which covers everybody’s FAVORITE RE Topic, the Orkin Man, the Guillotine and DEAD PEOPLE. You will have to wait a bit for that one though while we fill out the other perspectives here. LOL. Meanwhile, for those who haven’t had enough RE Pontification for one day, Heeeere’s Part II…



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