Money & Wealth I: A Bot Blogger Perspective

Off the keyboard of Bot Blogger

Published at the Economics Table inside the Diner on March 26, 2013

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Note from RE: Monsta666’s recent Money & Wealth: Part I article has received spirited debate at the Econ Table. Diner Bot Blogger chipped in a very well articulated post, which I will share with Diner Blog readers here. For more, visit with the Diners hashing this out at the Economics Table inside the Diner.

From Bot Blogger:

I wish Ashvin would get more up to date in his lawyer’in for the lord. Actually I thought that was what he was trying to do by bringing Leviticus in as a guide to the handling of the perps. Oh well Ash, you tried. The bible is a open and shut case. It’s over. Besides defending crimes that may or may not have been perpetuated 6000 to 2000 years ago is easy work. You just have to go through all the apologizing and equivocating that centuries of lawyers for the lord have done before you.

If you’re going to get excited about slavery, get excited about wage slavery. Get excited about prisoners for profit (see the latest Chris Hedges article).

Genocide? How about Rwanda or Bosnia. There is lots to talk about. Much more difficult to get around those awkward feelings and emotions. I JUST, can’t get excited, about what happened to some Mennonites in the Middle East, 6000 years ago. LOL.

Systems are in place that that sustain themselves. Bureaucracies exist for their own sake. Our society is based on the continuation of negative outcomes because the services being provided are solutions that have become problems and addictions themselvesā€¦ We are a supply and demand society. The supply creates the demand. We have doctors so we create a disease-care profession. Not health care. That’s why 9 out of 10 doctors recommend Lucky Strikes: it’s good business.

We have dentists so we have cavities. If there were a way to clean your teeth simply and thoroughly NO dentist would approve it because it would put her out of work. Energy. The film Garbage Warrior taught me that the utilities do NOT want you to be off the grid, for the simple reason that you will no longer be sending them a cheque every month. Cops NEED crime. No crime, no budget increases. They are fine with a drug addicted society as long as they can still throw people in jail for being high on illegal drugs.

Military needs war. Need I say more.

Secret Service needs terrorists. So it will create them. Believe it.

News needs negativity. It celebrates serial killers. Luka Magnota ‘News-maker of the year’ by the Canadian Press. It provides road-kill for the viewing pleasure of audiences every night. Rubber necking an accident, that could have been you, on the highway is a natural tenancy, if you’ve never driven before I can assure you that’s why it slows on the side opposite to the accident. Is this what we asked for?

Your independence is not something any system wants. Your compliant participation is. So, solution number one ‘regulate’; shut the fuck up and learn to buck up:

Or solution number two ‘medicate’; take a minus IQ pill (most people are already on this):

But these systems we create and maintain. Can we not create and maintain better systems? Well maybe if we are better people. And there-in lies the rub. How? Most people get a real sense of belonging from whatever system they are a part of. The system we are all participating in is materialism. A lot of people self-identify as consumers. When the news anchor says: “Consumer confidence is up!”, they get a little boost, and decide to go buy something at the dollar store (IKEA). Love that shit. LOL. But in the end it’s a game of winner take all and looser gets a cardboard box on the sidewalk. There are lots of people who have sold their souls for cash and they only talk in money terms. And most conversations we have are at the core about money. If you eliminated the need for money our conversations could be so much better. And that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be WORK left to do.

As Ken Wilber says, we live in flat land. Where there are no interior experiences only external measurements of value. And that’s how we know our worth. The interior world has no value because it can’t be measured (or we just haven’t tried).

And how do we measure? In units of US dollars, Gold, real estate, number of friends on Facebook, the length of our cock, the size of our tits, the number of cars we drive, the net return on our art collecting. (A way for rich people to imagine they are striving for something higher when in fact they are simply wallowing in the ‘value’ of something they don’t understand and will never touch from the inside. Van Gogh didn’t paint for money. He couldn’t NOT paint.)

We want to belong so we buy our belongings and the longing goes on longing.

As Bob says: Science is not a system of knowledge but a methodology. This method is not knowledge itself. Knowledge requires a ‘knower’ – one who is in the know. If this methodology could be applied to these experiences it could be the greatest gift we have. It could bring us to an experience of our connectedness, to one another, to history, to meaning and purpose, to life. If it’s not simply applied to things. Creating and manipulating and calculating and streamlining and dividing THINGS, in this dollar store economy.

But the interior world doesn’t have the same multiplicity of scales. It’s got unity not division. The interior world is about where we join with everything directly, where our longing finds a home. Where our fear of monsters, real and imagined give way to a steady state of already having everything we need including fearlessness.

So what is the experiment? The Diner has a very divergent yet cogent group, it’s already running an experiment (or it’s running us) we just haven’t put it to words. Maybe we don’t need to…

As GO says: Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.


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