Machiavelli, Freud & Bernays

Off the keyboard of A. G. Gelbert

Published inside the Diner on May 7, 2013

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You have to wonder how it got to this. I don’t think most people are naturally greedy. It’s all fear based, scarcity consciousness taken to the extreme end of the spectrum. We need to rediscover that we can create abundance….real abundance, not the kind we erroneously perceive based on media input.

We need less stuff and more time to breathe the outside air. Less driving and more time spent at family meals. Less advertising and more art. Less TV watching and more meditation. It’s simple really, but far from easy.

That’s the Diner Quote of the day, IMO.

Eddie and Surly,
Well and truly said.
As to how it got this way and how the greed meme took hold when most people are naturally not greedy, let me take a stab at answering that. :icon_mrgreen:

Machiavelli, the author of an early version of today’s Wall Street game theory religion, taught that palace intrigue, double crossing your oponent, competitor or friend, murder, mayhem, slavery, boundless greed and a ruthless grip on power were REQUIRED to be a successful leader with one very important caveat.

The ruler MUST always present a guise of piety and appear “burdened” by the “weighty load” of his “vast God appointed responsibility” to “take care of the people” and “guide them in all things for a better life”. The ruler must always publicly frown on and condemn greed and selfishness while celebrating altruism.All this was to ensure the peasants celebrated altruism simply because the peasants HAD TO BE ALTRUISTIC for society to function. Even Machiavelli knew that. :icon_mrgreen: The hypocrisy of the elite was a well kept secret that must never be leaked. :evil6:Machiavelli was a greedball but he was smart. The whole Noblesse Oblige bullshit was part of the elite scam to make the peasants respect the arrogant greedballs. I think he was wrong. Had respect for the golden rule been more than a guise, civilization would have marched forward with less wars and more CFS. 8)Anyway, the elites, in the 20th century, with the help of some golden rule averse erudite twisted Darwinist double talking idiots like Freud, became convinced that altruism was pathological and greed and selfishness were the true path to uninhibited personal happiness, freedom and guilt free living. That was a BIG mistake. :emthdown:

Why? Because, with the aid of the propaganda machine under the guidance of Freud’s nephew Bernays, the MASSES became convinced that greed is good. Yes, I know the goal was to increase consumption for business profits but it couldn’t be done without the societal poison pill called worship of the self. This set off the inevitable severely antisocial dynamic of people turning their backs on community while becoming mesmerized with what they saw in the mirror.

The elite, breaking Machiavelli’s rule of maintaining a guise of piety and Noblesse Oblige, began to flaunt openly their celebration of greed. They made the mistake of believing their own psychological claptrap. :iamwithstupid:

And now that a critical mass of the people believe greed is good, society is coming apart at the seams.
:argue: :thefinger: :whip::13344-6:

The century of self has brought only serfdom and a lower quality of life. :emthdown:

The solution is NOT for the elite to get back into the piety closet; it’s for all of us to accept the CFS that altruism is the lubricant that makes societies run smoothly, greed is bad and prudent behavior geared towards self preservation with a community orientated focus, not to be confused with greed, is the only viable alternative for mankind.

Freud and Bernays must be condemned, along with all their egotistical flights of fancy, to infamy. It would be fitting revenge for all the mindfuck those two psychos got into print that twisted so many minds to feel justified in cheating the poor if the books were used to power furnaces in the third world.
Just sayin’ :icon_mrgreen:


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