Framing the Debate

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Published on Reverse Engineering on November 19, 2011

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Of all the Rhetorical Control Devices there are in Political Discourse, none is more powerful than “Framing the Debate”. About all Political debates have basically 2 Sides to them, which can be complicated and which can engage people as being the “Core issues” to consider.

Such is the case with the “Debate” framed below in the article from the LA Times I am pasting below. The author goes into reasonable detail painting a picture of how Republicans would attempt to address the Deficit if they gain control over the political apparatus versus how Democrats would do so if they capture the day in Nov of 2012.

I trust you see the problem as well as I do by now, the whole QUESTION of how to handle the “deficit” is WRONG, because the Monetary System the deficit is based on is WRONG. BOTH Political Parties are buying into the idea that the Money created by Banks must be borrowed into existence and then the Debts accrued should be “paid” by revenue the State collects of what is essentially privately created Fiat Money.

The REAL debate is not about how to pay off Debts that cannot ever be paid off here under this system, but how to reboot to an entirely NEW system, that hopefully has a bit ore Equity designed inside of it, even if it can’t resolve the absolute issue of Overshoot and Resource Depletion.

Nowhere in MSM or in the hallowed halls of Congress is anybody really discussing how to get OFF the Train of this monetary system and onto a new one, other than of course the Gold Bugs who would like to try rebooting a Gold Standard. This isn’t in fact real different since it’s STILL a “top down” monetary system which favors the centralization of wealth, with all the extant Gold then being “lent out” to keep the economy going.

As long as you distribute your “Money” from the Top Down, the folks at the TOP have control over vast amounts of it and can push the Capital around at will. If you really want to try a radically DIFFERENT approach, you Sprinkle out the Money you create from the BOTTOM UP!

Rather than create $1T in Debt Money and hand it to TBTF banks, the alternative approach is to hand out CREDIT Money at the lowest end to J6P, which by law of the land everyone has to use to Buy or Sell anything produced by the society.

The problem of course here with handing out Credit Money is how it actually gets valued in the marketplace, since if you pass out a lot of it it’s not going to hold much value and since there is no obvious Check on its Issuance, any Goobermint would keep issuing out more of it each time they have some Pork Barrel Project they want to promote.

So you need first off RESTRICTION of the total amount of Money that can be issued, then you need means to tax it BACK into the general pool to recycle it and you need some means to distribute it out other than just giving it away willy nilly. This of course is where WORK comes in, where you use the Money you create to encourage people to do truly PRODUCTIVE things with their time (like say Johnny Appleseeding or building low power Hydro or cleaning up industrial waste pits).

Clearly what I am talking about here is a PLANNED ECONOMY where as whole the society IDENTIFIES what is TRULY Productive and Sustainable systems, and then rewards people for building such systems. Most of the Labor involved in this is PHYSICAL labor, the intellectual Labor involved in inventing the stuff has already been DONE. However, unless the rewards for this labor are sufficient to provide the Physical Laboror and his Family with enough to first SURVIVE and then after that to give him a modicum of additional Comfort for his labors, he’s not gonna be motivated to do this kind of work.

I of course do not believe no matter how many folks go out Johnny Appleseeding or building low power Hydro Electric we send out here we can possibly prevent a mass die off. However, we could slow down that die off; and if we allocate the labor source well while at the same time conserving what is left of the Fossil Fuel Resource it could be spread out over a century and thus result in fairly
natural expiration from old age, though that age would be younger than the current 75 average in Oil dependent economies and would likely drop into the 60s pretty quick.

The biggest problems you have here are first off developing a social consensus on what must be done, which is to exit industrial ag and industrial production of goods dependent on Fossil Fuels. That’s a tough nut to crack right from the get go. Then you have to construct a Credit Money distribution system which does not actually overwhelm the real productive capacity of the society, and after THAT another major problem, which are all the people who simply aren’t even capable of the physical work necessary here to exit off the Oil Jones. Let’s face it, MOST Piglets currently collecting Big Pay checks for sitting at a Bloombug Terminal are not prepared to do the physical work involved in digging
out poisoned industrial landscapes, for a FRACTION of what they once earned trading digibits over the internet.

I don’t believe on the aggregate level of the extant nation states that any such Consensus can ever be accomplished, but on the smaller scale of communities it might be. We’ll have to wait for the Global Financial system to collapse irretrievably before such methodology could be attempted.

Just have to WAIT here and be PATIENT.

See You on the Other Side.



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