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1972 Massimo Vignelli NYC Subway Map

Discuss this article at the Frankenstorm Table inside the Diner

Discuss this article at the Frankenstorm Table inside the Diner

When it gets serious, you have to lie.- Jean-Claude Juncker

JCJ, Prime Minister of Luxemborg and President of the Euro Group made this statement with respect to the Economic Hurricane which made its first landfall in Greece, and has since swept across all of southern Europe over the last 2 years. In the aftermath of Frankenstorm Snor’eastercane Sandy, these words of Political Wisdom are being followed to the letter by everyone from Power Company Executives to Mayors; from Goobernators to the POTUS.

The first most obvious lie is that power will be restored to most of the affected customers inside 4 days or so. Goobernator Chris Christie said a one week timeline for power restoration was “Unacceptable”. Well, after about 4 days here, there are still some 6M customers around the region still without power, so I guess CC will be Spanking the responsible repairmen when power is still not up at the end of the week?

The next obvious lie is that Plucky New Yawkers and the Bridge and Tunnel crowd are picking up the pieces here and gettting back to BAU. Only true if you consider BAU to be Looting Pharmacies and waiting on Mile Long lines for Gas to fill your portable generator.

Heat seekers: As temperatures begin to drop, people wait in line to fill containers with gas at a Shell filling station in Keyport, N.J.

The BIGGEST and MOST OBVIOUS LIE is that these folks are going the get the NY Shity Subway System and Tunnels that connect Wall Street to Long Island, the Mainland in New Jersey and Upper Manhattan back into service inside a couple of weeks. This is so ludicrous a claim it is astonishing, first that they make it, and second that anybody really believes this.

All 10 Tunnels and the train stations in this neighborhood are Flooded Track to Ceiling. Difference between this Flooding and what NOLA experienced after Katrina is of course NOLA HAD big pumps in place to be pumping water up and out all the time, no such massive pumping stations exist in Lower Manhattan.

After Irene struck last year, a Columbia University professor did a study which indicated it would take around a MONTH to pump out the Tunnels if they had flooded, which they did not after Irene, but did this time with Sandy. Even assuming they can accomplish this project inside a month, that is a full month of time with all the electrical connections and relays submerged in Salt Water. How well do you think your I-pad would function after a month submerged in Sea Water? All the relays, all the wiring, all the transformers, all the switches, EVERYTHING will need to be replaced. We are not talking 3 or 4 Feet of standing water here, we are talking 20′ of standing water all BELOW SEA LEVEL that has to be pumped UP and Out to Sea. The Underground Network there is basically an Underground City unto itself, nearly the size of NOLA.

Thing is here, the Subways are Century Old Technology, and much of that stuff has NEVER been upgraded in all that time, because it is a fabulously EXPENSIVE project and well, the shit still WORKED. Sorta anyhow. Because the technology is so old, many of the original components are no longer manufactured ANYWHERE anymore. So unless they tool up entirely new factories JUST for the purpose of remanufacturing such parts, the only way to make it work is by utilizing the new technologies which have been invented in the interim, and this stuff of course is not generally compatible with the old stuff. Think of it like trying to make a Windows 8 program run on a DOS OP System, it just won’t work. So unless they upgrade the WHOLE system to Windows 8 or somehow kludge Subway Cars that can run on both systems, they can’t integrate the whole thing together.

As I see it, this event represents the Beginning of the End for the NY Shity Subway System, the largest and oldest one in North America. Without it functioning, running the Great Industrial & Financial Machine that is NY Shity is going to be quite the challenge, as the City Planners attempt to kludge together new Rules for automotive transport into and out of the city and then down to Lower Manhattan, so that the vast SEA of clerical workers and maintenance personnel who live in Brooklyn, Queens and Hoboken can make it into work.

Although the general perception of Wall Street is that it is packed with Millionaire and Billionaire Traders, there really are comparatively few of them working down there. Most of the people who work there are IT grunts, Clerical Personnel, Building Maintenance Supervisors and Janitors, Shopkeepers and Restaraunt cooks and wait staff. Few of these folks actually LIVE on Manhattan Island, and VERY few close enough to walk to work. It is simply too expensive to live down there for most people. It remains to be seen what is kludged together here to get these folks into work, so the Billionaires have working Toilets and Bloomberg Terminals upon which to do their Bizness shitting on the rest of the world.

Before I go further forward in time looking at the FUTURE of the NY Shity Subway Sytem, I would like to review some of its History, both over the long term of its existence as well as my own personal recollections as a “Straphanger”. While most of my recollections of having to ride as a Human Sardine inside these Metal Boxes are none too pleasant, there is a certain amount of Nostalgia for me still in seeing the passing into the Great Beyond something which was a big part of my growing up in the Age of Oil. As I recollect my years riding those rails, I hope to give a more personal view of why the Machine that is NY Shity will no longer function once the Subway goes the way of the Dinosaur, as it now is well on its way to doing.

The building of the Subways began in the early 1900s, with a few false starts along the way in terms of the type of technology to be used to move rail cars around a city underground, where obviously you cannot run Steam Locomotives powered with Coal or even Oil since you would asphyxiate everyone in the Tunnels with Carbon Monoxide.

The Trolley Cars of San Francisco provided one model, in this case at the beginning the trolley were actually mechanically pulled along by chain and rope that connected up to a large steam powered engine in a fixed location. This is not much different than the way Cable Cars or Funicular Railways are constructed. However, this generally only works with single lines along a straight pathway with no switching of tracks.

The next idea was to build Pneumatic Tubes to push the cars along through air pressure differentials, which solves the Straight Line problem fairly well but also doesn’t allow for switching, nor can you run more than one set of cars down a tube at any given time. All these problems were resolved though as Electric Power Stations were built, which not only could provide Light for the Streetlights, but also power to run Electric Motors as drivers for the rail cars. All you needed to do was provide a continuous source of Electric Power along the line these cars could access. In the above ground Trolley Car System, they strung the wire above the street, and the Trolley cars had high “hooks” the reached up to these exposed power lines and brought the electricity down to the motors in the Trolley Car.

With the Subways, where the system did not have to worry quite so much about Pedestrians contacting exposed power conduits, they came up with the “Third Rail” Solution. This rail runs next to the two tracks the wheels roll on and carries high voltage (625V) current through it that Brush/Shoes from the rail cars contact and bring the electricity into the motors on the rail car.

Now why go and build such a system to move folks around inside a Shity like NY? After all, they had systems using horse drawn wagons and so forth which worked OK, at least for the size the Shity was back then. Mainly the driver was the Progress Meme, and the Wealth that could be extracted from the many by building out such systems, which enabled more, bigger and more profitable (for a few) bizness to go on. Building the Subway INTEGRATED separate Cities like Brooklyn, which did not become part of NY Shity until 1898, just before the construction of the subways began.

In fact at the beginning of this, you had two separate private companies, the BMT (Brooklyn Manhattan Transit) and the IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit) which began building up, using different parameters for their track width and curve radii the trains could stay on track with. Later after these lines were sold to the City (not profitable for Private Industry to run), a third line the IND (Independent Line) was built by the city beginning around the 1940s, right after the conclusion of WWII. This line used the same track widths as the BMT line, so the two lines are virtually indistinguishable now and the cars can switch from one line to the other there. IRT lines remain separate from this.

Many lines were built at first ABOVE ground, not below, so the term “Subway” for them is a bit of a misnomer. In fact the line I rode for most of my years as a Straphanger, the No. 7 Flushing Line was for most of its length in Queens an above ground line, and remains so to this day. It only goes Underground at the Vernon-Jackson Station just on the East Side of the East River before descending into a tunnel under that River. Currently one of the Flooded Tunnels I do believe. Once in Manhattan, the first stop on this line is Grand Central Station, actually BENEATH the Grand Central Station you know from old films which is iconographic as a major Railroad Hub. It is so far underground in fact that in order to get up to the first underground level where Metro North trains head up into Westchester, you have to climb two sets of stairs and then ride one of the longest escalators you will ever find anywhere. I think it probably has a 100′ vertical ascent as a single escalator, around 5 stories. That is a WAG from memory though. After that this line rises up underground and has two more stops in Manhattan, 5th Avenue and then finally Times Square.

Problem with Above Ground “Subway” lines are many though, they are subjected to the Weather of course and besides that are real Eyesores, make an INCREDIBLY loud racket when they roll above you and also bollix up street level traffic plenty once you start having Carz rolling around, which started happening in greater numbers following WWII. They also occassionally derail, an unpleasant experience for anyone onboard and anyone walking below them. So at this point in Manhattan and in Brooklyn mostly, though also some in Queens and the Bronx, Large Public Works Projects were undertaken to construct Underground Tunnels and take the above ground lines and make them into true “subways”. The general method was not to Tunnel, but rather to simply dig a huge channel thorugh the street, then rebuild the street level above using steel I-Beams, reinforced concrete, etc. Note at this point the Subways are no longer Private Biznesses, they are now City Owned Goobermint Bizness subsidized heavily by Taxpayer money. Like just about all Industrial Infrastructure, it never pays for itself and is always a subsidized bizness in one form or another. For more information on this, you can read Financing the Industrial Revolution here on the Doomstead Diner.

Such reconstruction is also a real pain in the ass while underway as far as regular commerce is concerned. If you own a small Deli in Brooklyyn for instance, for at least a few months NOBODY can get to your Deli to buy a Pastrami on Rye Sandwich or a Knish. Lord only knows how many small bizmen got put out of Bizness while the City went about “improving” everybody’s life with an Underground Subway.

By the time I took my first Subway Ride in the late 1950s, most of this work was already completed and the Subway was around Half a Century old. I don’t remember those first few rides of course, but I remember stories my mom told me about them. My Grandma lived in Brooklyn at the time, and she was Illiterate and couldn’t read the signs on the Subway, but she learned how to come visit with us in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan by following the Colors each train was labelled with along with the Numbers or Letters signifying the Line and Memorizing the layout of the Subway Station interchanges. In those first 5 years of my life before we left for Brasil, I probably rode the subway myself in the other direction to visit her, but I don’t remember this at all.

It wasn’t until after we returned from Brasil, after Mom’s Divorce from Dad the Pigman that I really began to ride the Subways regularly at around the age of 10 years old. We lived in Queens, at first in a small apartment in Forest Hills, then after that in MY HOUSE, the House my Mom got as part of the Divorce Settlement which DTPM put the downpayment on and my Mom worked hard to keep for the rest of my growing up years as a low paid Secretary and Clerical Worker. We couldn’t afford a Car also for many of those 1st years after the divorce, I don’t think my Mom got her first Used Car until I was about 13 or so, and she was a SCARY Bad Driver. LOL.

Flushing Main Street

MY HOUSE in Flushing was 1.5 miles from the Main Street Subway station, End of the Line for the No.7 Flushing Line. By these years my Grandma was dead, but one of my mom’s older sisters still lived in Brooklyn, on Nostrand Avenue. To go visit her, which we did on many weekends, the trip went like this:

Number 12 Bus to Main Street, Queens.

Number 7 train to 5th Avenue, Manhattan

D Train to Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn

Although there is ONE Line which runs from Queens South into Brooklyn, the “G” line or GG as it was labelled in the old days, this line ran so poorly and infrequently you were better off going all the way into Manhattan then back out again to Brooklyn. The whole trip took close to 2 hours as I recall, to travel about 10 miles or so as the Crow Flies. IOW, at a fast walking pace, you could probably cover this distance in about the same time.

The Number 7 Train had fairly “modern” cars for this time period, as it was one of the last ones built. The D train though had some of the oldest cars, I don’t think they were first generation, but by the late 60s early 70s when I rode them they hadda be at least 20-30 years old. Filled with Graffitti, sometimes no heat, sometimes too MUCH heat. Despite all that though, it wasn’t really unpleasant since we were making these trips on the Weekend when the subways were pretty empty and you could always get a seat for the 2 hour rides.

It wasn’t until I went to High School that I started to have to ride the Subways as a Human Sardine during Rush Hour. MOST High Schools in NYC were already failing and trash in the mid-1970s when I got my turn to be Warehoused, and really there were only a few good ones, which you hadda test to get into. For the Science & Math Wizards, there were 3.

Bronx HS of Science

Brooklyn Technical School

Stuyvesant High School

The other two selected schools at the time were the High School of Music & Art and the High School for the Performing Arts (the “Fame” High School), both in Manhattan. Not schools for Slide Rule Geeks though. No school of this type in Queens at the time, so if you were a Public School kid who actually wanted to LEARN something, you had to do a commute out of Queens to do it.

Getting from Queens to the Bronx on Public Transport is a nightmare, only some Buses do this and none directly, you have to do transfers. Similarly, as mentioned going from Queens to Brooklyn is also better done going through Manhattan, but it makes for a LONG commute every day. Stuyvesant in Lower Manhattan was the best choice for me, and besides that it was and remains the best of these schools. However, it is not all that easy to get to Stuy High from Flushing, Queens either on the Public Transport.

First is the Q12 Busline, which at BEST ran at 15 minute intervals at Rush Hour, if no Driver on that route called in sick. You often had to wait a half hour, in which case you could walk faster to the Main Street Station. Then the No 7 Train to Grand Central Station. Then the 4 or 5 Express train to Union Square, or the 6 Local to the same place (2 additional stops in there). Finally if you wanted to get within 2 walking blocks of Stuy High, the LL Train to 1st Avenue from Union Square. Most of the time I didn’t do the last part, because the walk was only around 9 blocks from Union Square, and by the time you waited for the LL ( a poorly run line), it was usually faster to walk the last segment then wait to for the LL. Only if you were very lucky and hit it just right was it faster to take the last train. Total time on this commute: about 1:15 on average usually, though as I recall I did it in as little as 50 min on some occassions and others it took close to 2 hours.

Now, if you recall I mentioned that MY HOUSE was 1.5 Miles away from the Main Street Station. This figure became very important in my HS years. NYC doesn’t run a School Bus system, and if you live far enough away from your school, you were issued a Bus Pass or Subway Pass to ride the Public Transportation system for FREE during your HS years. There were 3 Types of Passes:

Type I allowed you to ride Bus Lines for Free

Type II allowed you to ride Subways for Free

Type III allowed you to ride BOTH Buses and Subways for Free.

Thing was for me, when I first got into Stuyvesant, I was issued a Type II Pass, because as the Crow Flies, MY HOUSE distance from the enetrance stairs to the Number 7 Train Station was 1.25 miles, 1/4 mile SHORT of the required distance for a Type III Pass. In my very FIRST APPEAL of a Goobermint Ruling, I took a Map and demonstrated on it that in actual walking distance, it was in fact 1.55 miles, and I GOT my Type III Pass. šŸ™‚

With said pass, anytime I got on the Bus, all I hadda do was Flash it at the driver and I rode for FREE! Same thing on the Subways, you Flashed your Pass at the Token Clerk, then walked through the Exit Doors from the Subway instead of the Turnstiles. This was supposed to only work for going to and from School, but in fact worked right up until around 7 or 8PM usually since they couldn’t know if you were in some Club or on an Athletic Team that kept you later. A Type III Pass enabled you to travel all of NY for Free just about until you hadda get home for bed for the next day of school.

Anyhow, as you can see here, the Subway system allows not just your Working Commuters to make it to their Jobs in Lower Manhattan, it ALSO allowed many kids like myself to attend Stuyvesant and Bronx High School of Science and Brooklyn Tech even if they did not live right next to said schools.

In the case of the “New” Stuyvesant which got its New Building in the Battery Park Complex built on Landfill, that sucker is CERTAINLY Underwater right now, and NO STUDENTS are getting there from the Outer Boroughs on the Subways for quite some time to come. Not that they would have been all that much better off at the OLD Stuyvesant Building, that one was on 16th Street and they got nasty flooding there also, though not nearly so bad as the Battery obviously.

Besides the problem of getting a specific school like Stuyvesant up and running again, there is a much BROADER problem of all the schools along the South Shore of Long island and along the New Jersey Shore. If you read the reports going INTO the storm, you should know that generally speaking the places where Emergency Shelters were set up were in the Local High Schools in these neighbohoods. We do not know how many people took shelter in these places, but we DO KNOW that right now, just like with Katrina these folks have NO HOME to return to, at leat not one which is livable even if it is still standing to one degree or another. Where is FEMA setting up longer term shelter for these people? Where are they to go once the Schools reopen for Bizness? 10s if not 100s of Thousands of people in these neighborhoods are LITERALLY Homeless now, many formerly Middle Class people. Many have Relatives in less damaged parts of town they can go stay with, but not all do. The Day Before Sandy hit, they had a roof over their heads and a job they could get to. Today, they have no Home, and no way to get to the job they once held. A virtually INSTANTANEOUS drop from the world of the “Middle Class” to the world of the Homeless and Disenfranchised.

I rode the subways for all 3 years of HS to and fro, and then after that in my first semester at Columbia I rode them also as a Commuter student until I got my first Dorm Room in Carmen Hall. I still rode them on many occassions after that as well, heading down to SoHo or the Village for parties and such, but overall they were an awful way to travel around. I began to Bicycle around the city more in my College Years, and eventually after my Pigman years on Wall Street when I was working as a Clinical Chemist on the Lobster Shift, I took to riding my bike from Queens into Manhattan, quite nearby my old HS of Stuyvesant. I could ride this route over the Queensborough Bridge in LESS time than it took to ride the subway, around 45 minutes, more dependably and free, except of course I was burning more Food Calories to do that. Also not real possible to do in Rainy Weather or Snowfall situations either. While you CAN ride through rain with good gear on, it is pretty dangerous since those skinny tires will lose traction, plus no matter how good your gear you show up at work like a stinking wet rat, which nobody really likes.

As we move forward here from this, NY Shity has many adaptations they will have to make to do some facsimile of BAU for the forseeable future. MOST of the subway system is intact, and they should be able to get those portions running again fairly soon, in fact I think they already have portions of it up and running. However, they run into Choke Points at the Tunnels, and until those are operational again the Subway is not a seamless system tying together all of NY Shity.

The Subway Map of NY Shity I used in this article as Icon for the Slider and Header is NOT the current Subway Map, it is the one distributed from 1972 to 1979 or so during the peirod I most regularly rode those subways. It is considered a work of graphical genius by Massimo Vignelli, but was eventually abandoned by the MTA because it was so geographically innacurate. Even though the later editions were not much more accurate, just not so stylized.

The Map reresents a kind of Perfection never truly realized, but at least for a short period of time it did represent accurately how you could traverse the Shity and where you could make the necessary Line Changes to get where you wanted to go, to “get there from here”. The Map was Clean and Perfect, even though once you actually got ON the Subway, you quickly learned it was neither Clean NOR Perfect. Unlike Denmark, the NY Shitty Subways never ran on any kind of accurate schedule. Although in my day they were a 24/7 operation in THEORY, if you finished your night of Partying in Manhattan at Midnite and headed Underground to make it back to Queens or Brooklyn, it was Hit or Miss as to how long you would have to wait for a train to arrive that would take you home. There were many occassions, uncountable occassions really where I sat on platforms in the wee hours for 2 hours and more waiting for a train to take me home. When finally a train did arrive, 8 to 11 cars long it was just about entirely EMPTY, maybe a few Bums sleeping on the seats in a relatively warm environment, and maybe a Transit Cop walking up and down the length of the train sometimes. TONS of Metal being dragged along a track using GOBS of Fossil Fuel Energy so a few Bums had a warm place to sleep, a few Transit cops had a Job to do and a few Partiers had a way to get home. IOW, HUGE MONEY LOSER! The ONLY time the subways make any “sense” as People Movers is during the “Rush Hour” when the Commuters are Packed like Sardines aboard them. All the REST of the time, trains like these are LESS efficient than Carz are! I mean really 8 enormous cars moving down a track with maybe 2 or 3 people in a car? Thing is, if you DON’T keep them running this way, they lose their utility as a People Mover. You can head into the Shity to go Party, but if they STOP RUNNING, you can’t get HOME! They have to run 24/7 regardless of how few people actually use them in the wee hours. Whatever “Profitability” they might have for 6 hours a day, 3 hours each in morning and afternoon Rush Hour is all lost in the other 18 hours a day they run at enormous lost and waste of energy.

Regardless of this fact of life, an enormous amount of Debt Money will be issued to get the Tunnels pumped out and get the lower Manhattan subway stations and tunnels operational again, because without them Wall Street is pretty much a Dead Duck. If the City of NY does not spend the money and QUICKLY to get this system operational again, Goldman Sacks the Taxpayer will move their Center of Operations to someplace safer, like maybe in an Underground Bunker in the Rocky Mountains. LOL. The City cannot afford the Subway, nor can it afford to lose the Tax Revenue from the TBTF Banks who Headquarter on Wall Street. Rock and a Hard Place. This is an Externalized Cost that really should be borne by the Biznesses that depend on its functionality, but of course if they actually PAID that cost, they would not be profitable. It is a means of Socializing the Losses while Privatizing the Profits.

What is TRULY Sad & Stupid here though is that a huge amount of money will be flushed down the Toilet here to pump out these tunnels and get these stations operational again as quickly as possible, but they will NOT spend money to raise the Seawalls sufficiently to prevent the NEXT Sandy from doing exactly the same thing 1,3 or 5 years into the future, howver long it takes before the conditions are right again to form another “Frankenstorm” which targets the NY Shity Harbor area.

A fabulous example of how money and energy is WASTED in trying to maintain ancient structures, Sandy didn’t just hit the Subway and Electrical Infrastructure, she ALSO hit that great Symbol of Freedom, the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty had been closed for the last year to get a $200M upgrade and refurb job, and JUST reopenned for Bizness before Sandy Hit. Tickets to Walk the 300+ Stairs up to the Crown were sold out well in advance through 12/21/2012. Needless to say here, siting smack dab in the middle of NY Shity Harbor, Lady Liberty took a serious beating here, and is now CLOSED for Bizness once again, Indefinitely. Actually it is somewhat miraculous here she is still Standing at all and not already looking like a scene from Planet of the Apes or Roland “Master of Disaster” Emmerich’s “The Day After Tomorrow“. At least I can say I got to walk those steps twice in my lifetime and look out from the Crown at the NY Shity Skyline. Doubtful many more people will ever look that way again.




Any bets here on whether the Ticket Buyers get their Money Refunded? Maybe FEMA will refund the Tickets.

In fact, as I write this post, the weather models are predicting a high probability of another Nor’easter forming up and hitting NY Shity next week. Although this is unlikely to bring in the same kind of outrageously large Storm Surge that Sandy did, it is bringing with it COLDER temperatures and the likelihood of a substantial snowfall.

The Shity is already currently PARALYZED due to the continuing failure of important Nodes in the network, huge Gas Lines have formed as people seek to substitute Carpools for Mass Transit and there is massive Gridlock as a result on the roads. Further gas demands come from all the people running Emergency Generators, which seem like a great prep to have, except if you can’t get fuel for them. Not like you can store a lot of Gas safely in a New York Shity apartment of course, and besides that to run such a generator INSIDE an apartment is asking to be asphyxiated.

You have many people, often elderly, in apartments 10 to 20 stories high with no running water, no functioning toilets, no heat and no Elevators. These places are simply unlivable until the power that runs them is restored, and despite what CONedison says about weekend power restoration it is highly unlikely to come in the hardest hit neighborhoods.

Although we are informed that all 10 of the Tunnels serving both Carz and Trains into Lower Manhattan were Flooded basically Track to Ceiling, as of yet there has not been a SINGLE Newz image from these Tunnels of Pumping Underway to drain the Water. 4 days after Katrina you already saw the Big Pumps working, and I personally do not believe they have even begun the process of draining these tunnels, much less making them serviceable again for trains or carz to run through.

On the Food and Water level, clearly the regular Restocking of Grocery shelves cannot occur with virtual Gridlock on the streets and major Supply Routes broken. The population in the hardest hit areas is already dependent on Da Goobermint to bring in Food and Water supplies, even if they did follow FEMA Guidelines and had a 3 Day supply of both on hand for an Emergency. As Doomers here, we all know this is insufficient Prepping, but most of the population doesn’t know that., and in fact many of them could not prep much more even if they wanted to. There ain’t a whole lot of ROOM to store Preps in your typical NY Shity Apartment, you know. Besides that, many if not most just make enough money to meet their daily bills, they don’t have surplus income to be stocking up on long lasting Food Preps.

Inside the Diner, there is some debate currently going on as to whether this event is sufficient to wake people up to the fact the paradigm they are living under is FAILING, and this remains something of an open question far as the general population is concerned, but for the people directly IMPACTED here, if this doesn’t wake them up nothing will.

After Katrina, there were 10s of thousands of people whose homes were so utterly DESTROYED by the Flooding they had to be moved out to shelters in surrounding Shities, most notably Houston where this was a Nightmare for at least 2 years running in the aftermath. How many people do you think have been left Irretrievably Homeless here after Sandy? Its not just Lower Manhattan that got hit by the Storm Surge, it hit the entire South Shore of Long Island also, most of Staten Island and much of the Jersey Shore. I got no idea precisely how many homes got washed out to sea here all along this coastline, but given the large geographic area we are considering and the population density in the Northeast Corridor, my guess is it is more than got lost inside of NOLA.

In any event, there are at LEAST 1M People directly affected by this for the LONG TERM, and it is pretty hard to keep hidden a problem that large for very long, no matter how carefully you spin the Newz, and they ARE spinning it carefully. I briefly caught an article this morning from the Star-Telegram detailing complete Confusion in NY Shity with massive lines forming up for the few Buses running to substitute for the Subways, fights breaking out etc. Said article disappeared from the Google search engine shortly thereafter and disappeared from the Star-Telegram website also. There is no doubt the MSM is being stood on to surpress the real story and paint a “positive spin”, insofar as possible. I don’t think they can keep a lid on this that long.

On the more general level for Diners, if this is not YOUR Wake-Up call that it is Time Overdue to GTFO of Dodge if you live in a Big Shity, I really don’t know what would be sufficient. Although these “Natural Disasters” certainly accelerate Collapse whenever and wherever they occur, it doesn’t necessarily take one of these to make your Big Shity into the same kind of Post-Apocalyptic “The Road” Nightmare that Lower Manhattan and Staten Islandin NY Shity, the NJ Coast and LI South Shore are all rapidly turning into. All that needs to occur is disruption of Fuel & Food JIT resupplying of the neighborhood and/or an Electrical Grid failure of more than a week or so duration. This can (and will in the bye & bye) happen in just about ALL neighborhoods. Every day you postpone your exit from these locations is Rolling the Dice here.

For the Diners, Consider yourself WARNED if you are still inside a Big Shity. When the Big Show Comes to a Theatre Near You, you definitely cannot say “Who Coodanode?


The Silence on this Story from the MSM is deafening. You won’t find the truth there. It is written elsewhere though, you can find it here on the Blogosphere if you look for it.

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls”
And whispered in the sounds of silence

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