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About a month ago I wrote an article based on the Secessionary Movements in Spain by the Catalans and in the UK by the Scots called Panarchy & The One to The Many-The Final Countdown. In that article right at the beginning I made the comment that Secesssionary Movements like this had not yet gained much traction here in the FSofA, but of course that was a month ago and things are moving faster all the time in this spin down. My Lead for the article ran this way:

Although Secessionary Movements still appear to be a bit far off into the future here in the FSofA, this aspect of the Collapse has already hit over in Eurotrashland, most notably right now in Spain where the Catalans are making a lot of noise about splitting off from the Castillian control of Spain to form their own “new” country.

A month later, Secessionary talk is all over the MSM and the website, in the form of Petitions filed by 19 different states to seceed from the FSofA. In Texas, where becoming part of the Union was always a contentious idea to begin with, said Petition has ALREADY exceeded the 25,000 Signatures “required” for an Official Response from Obama-sama

From the website:

By Chuck Lindell

American-Statesman Staff

A petition calling for Texas to secede from the United States, created on a White House website designed to foster citizen involvement, became a minor Internet sensation this week as it grew by thousands, then tens of thousands, of signatures before spawning a counterprotest movement on the site.

Secession, the Texas petition said, would protect “the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government” and defend Texans from “blatant abuses to their rights” from the Transportation Security Administration and other agencies.

Petitions that receive 25,000 signatures within a month are forwarded to administration policy experts for an official response. The Texas petition, created Friday on the White House’s “We the People” site by an Arlington user identified only as “Micah H,” passed that threshold Monday and kept going, surging past 83,000 by Tuesday evening.

There is a certain amount of “Gaming” going on here with these Petitions, at least two in a couple of different states were created by the same User, who clearly cannot be living in BOTH states at the same time. Also, I don’t think there is any restriction on the website of a user who lives in say CA signing the petition for TX Secession.

Nevertheless, the Rules are clear here, and regardless who signs the Petition or where they live (could even be a Towel Head living in Tehran, actually), as long as said Petition gets 25K Signators inside a month, the White House is supposed to issue an “Official” response to it. It certainly will be interesting to see exactly how Obama-sama’s Handlers and Speechwriters concoct a response to this, but overall you already know what the “official” line is, which is that Secession is Unconstitutional, Illegal and not in the “Best Interests” of the Amerikan Peoples.

Not going to try in this article to analyze 19 different states and their Secession petitions, I’ll just focus here on Texas, since that State is probably the most Secession Oriented here to begin with, plus it is Big Enough with its own set of Resources to in THEORY, POSSIBLY function as an Independent State.

Over on my old Haunt The Burning Platform, Jim Quinn recently dropped on an article asking the question Is Secession Possible, and said article has received commentary from BOTH sides of this question, some saying Secession is Unthinkable and Impossible, and others projecting out scenarios they consider possible and even more important, worthwhile as reasons to pursue Secession as a paradigm here. Long time Commenter on TBP, Hope at Zero Kelvin dropped on the following scenario:

Here’s how Texas secedes:

1) All tax revenues due the federal government are diverted to the newly made Bank of Texas. The BOT has a 1 dollar capital rule and is backed by gold. All Medicare/SS/Medicaid rate schedules stay the same and are paid out from the BOT, not DC. The Univ of Texas gets their gold back from the HSBC toot sweet.

2) Texas raises a Militia of Texans, men & women, probably can get at least 1 million out of a population fo 22M. These work with the National Guard and Airforce in securing the oil/gas refineries and pipelines, the Strategic Oil Reserve, NASA, the Port of Houston, the nuclear plant, the electrical grid,and the major interstates. Martial law would have to be declared in the Blue counties to keep our FSA population in line.

3) No EBT cards will be honored and no Section 8 housing will have water/power within 48 hours of the declaration. Buses to a job site or to one of the borders will be provided for these people. Looters/rioters will be shot on sight.

4) All electrical transmission, all oil/gas pipelines are shut off at the western border of Texas, northern borders of OK/LA and the eastern border of LA. Service will only resume when new contracts are forged.

5) The commanders of Ft. Hood, Sam Houston and Bliss are given the option to join with the Texans or be escorted to the border. Since about 50% or more of the troops at these bases come from Texas, they face either cooperating or mutiny. Either way it neutralizes them as a threat.

6) The souther border will be sealed. Anyone attempting to cross illegally will be shot on sight. Illegal aliens will be given the chance to pay $20K and get a path to citizen ship (only for non-criminals) OR repatriate back to whereever they came from after liquidating all their property here an handing over 50% of the proceeds to the Bank of Texas.

7) In the event the Port of Houston or Galveston are blockaded, Texas will send all exports through Mexico, forcing the to blockade even another sovereign country.

8) All federal properties in the Republic of Texas become our property, the workers are given a choice to stay and work as non-union civilian employees or be bused to the border (same treatment as the illegal aliens).

This is just off the top of my head, mind you, but I think I am on the right path.

Pretty clearly, if this set of actons is undertaken, Texas ends up at WAR with the rest of the FSofA that does NOT undertake Secession at the same time. It really only has a moderate chance of success if it occurs in TANDEM with numerous other States seceeding with them , so that no Coordinated Response from the still functional FSofA Military could be organized up. If Texas is set upon by Military Units formed up from all the rest of the States in the Union, they are of course TOAST. So such an action has to wait until numeorus states all are looking to do this at the SAME TIME.

In time, that is likely to occur, much as it did for the Soviet Union. As with most of these questions, it is about TIMELINES, how long does it take for each of these Individual States to become so unravelled and receiving no real Benefit from the Union that they will say NO MORE, and attempt the very difficult and dangerous road to Secession?

The difficulties any individual location faces in trying to break off from a greater Union are IMMENSE. Really, the Battle here is on the Economic Level, not the Military one. You can play all sorts of “War Games” projecting out how Secessionary Militias battle against Big Hardware from NATO, but you CANNOT make good predictions on how long the Militias have enough Ammo for their Ar-15s nor can you predict how long the Abrams Tanks will have GAS to keep rolling around the battlefield or the Apache Helicopter Gunships will have fuel to fly. In a protracted battle along these lines, infrastructure for refining fuel will be destroyed, transport ships of all kinds will be scuttled, ammo of all sorts and calibers will become scarce, it just deteriorates to Mano-a-Mano eventually.

It is a War that cannot be won by either side really, so the real problems are the Economic ones for Secessionary states to handle once such a One-to-the-Many Secession Movement gains real Steam here. Can you really call it a “Secession” though, when the reality is that the Union simply collapses as a result of its Conduits becoming dysfunctional or non-functional?

Besides the numerous infrastructure and distribution problems any given State or Region will have resultant either from Secession or Civil War, the major economic problem all face is how to replace the currency of the Dollar? Obviously, if TX Seceeds from the Union, no Retired Texans will be able to collect their Social Security from the FSofA. In all likelihood, any Texan with an account on the NYSE will have all of it Confiscated on account of Treason. Whatever portion of the Gold in Fort Knox and in the Basement Safe of the NYFRB that is NOT Tungsten and might belong to Texas obviously will not be handed over to Texas after they Seceed. They can kiss any Gold they don’t have inside Texas borders goodbye.

So, this basically leasves them with trying to establish a currency based on the Oil they have left, which might last just Texans a while but not if they start exporting it as a Trade good. Not sure what other Trade goods Texas makes at a competitive price with what the Mejicanos across the border make, so then you work your way into being a self-contained, independent and self-sufficient economy. Given the Drought problems Texas has experienced lately, as a self-sufficient economy for Food & Water, it is not real clear exactly how many people Texas has carrying capacity for by itself, even if it was allowed to Seceed.

Far from being “impossible” though as numerous commenters on the TBP Blog maintain, even if there is no “legal” means to effect a Secession by Petitions, eventually Da Federal Goobermint is going to be so dysfunctional that States or Regions will eventually start drifting off and the Power Vacuum gets filled by more Local Power Brokers and Warlords. Eventually when the Dollar Fails, various Military Bases and Commanders will declare Martial Law in their localities, and form Defacto Military Dictatorships of these Regions. Factions within the Military will vie for control, and there will be disputes between regions over shared resources like the water supply. Eventually gas will become unavailable for the military to move around, and then these larger Regional groupings will go through another round of One-to-the-Many fracturing.

The Secessionary movements we are reading about here NOW are the political manifestation of people realizing that the large Nation-States they are a part of have ceased to function. There is however no real “legal” means to Seceed from such Unions, just as the EU has no mechanism in place for countries like Greece and Spain to exit and reinstitute their own currencies. The Consolidation phase of Civilization has been underway since the beginnings of Agriculture, and always seen by the Illuminati as a One Way Street to a One World Order. Sadly for them, they were wrong. This is about as close as they got, and now that the Energy necessary to hold together such a complex system is diminishing in availabilility, this Consolidation Phase is coming to an end.

What will follow is anybody’s guess, but I GUARANTEE that it won’t be large Nation States, and the FSofA will pass into the Dustbin of History. Industrial Civilization will go the way of the Dinosaur also, and then it will be the job of whoever is left at the end of this Final Countdown to build a Better Tomorrow.



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