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First of the Month, BILL PAYING DAY! Yea, OK it’s now the 8th, but I did START this post on the 1st. Too much Bizness in getting up Blog Posts and the usual Mangement Issues to have enough time to write it all on the 1st.

This is the day for most of us in the FSofA Money Economy where we either GOT IT or we DON’T. If you GOT IT, life is GOOD. Your CableTV stays on, your Iphone keeps working to Tweet on etc. If you DON’T GOT IT on the First of the Month, TSHTF for you. All the stuff you take for GRANTED starts dropping off the map. Your Phone stops working. The lights and A/C inside your McMansion stop working. The Banksters send you a Notice of Foreclosure (if you are lucky) and you begin to live in FEAR of the day the Gestapo will show up to evict you. Da Local Goobermint adds to your PANIC when they threaten to CONDEMN your McMansion because you have not Paid Da Bills!. Read more of William Hunter Duncan’s story on Off the Grid in Mineapolis to understand that one a bit better.

Overall, I progressed through these stages long ago, and through combination of LUCK and SMARTS they don’t worry me these days when the First of the Month hits too much. I am Blessed these days with enough money to pay da bills. Has not always been true though, and getting out from under all of it took quite a few Adjustments to my Lifestyle. The main one was to learn to live REALLY CHEAP, at least by FSofA standards.

Cheap as I do live though by such Standards, on the First of the Month it’s pretty remarkable to me the Quantity of Dollars I write Checks for. Rent on the Cabin, the Cell Phone/Internet bill, Electric Bill are direct Checks or Internet Payments I make each month. Every 6 months my Insurance Bill comes in for the Bugout Machines. Every 4 months I send a check to my Storage Unit in Springfield, MO, which holds the Flotsam & Jetsam of my Life in the Age of Oil. Photo Albums of RE the Kid, Wedding Pics from my Marriage, old Report Cards from School, ALL my Texbooks from College (I never sold any of them back to the Bookstore), empty Bottles of Grolsh Beer with the cool Resealable Tops I was going to Bottle Home Brew Beer in and the Jeep I left behind when I moved up to the Last Great Frontier also. Costs me $75/mo to keep all this JUNK in that Storage Unit, along with some decent Camping Gear also.

Anyhow, total all this stuff up, it probably is around $1200/mo give or take. This is BESIDES the money taken out of my Paychecks for Taxes and Med Insurance and does not include the Weekly Money spent filling the Gas Tank on my SUV Ford Explorer, which is the Main Vehicle I use while the Other Bugout Machines sit Idle in the Driveway with Full Tanks of GAS. It also of course does not include my weekly Food purchases, or the Beer or Cancer Sticks I Chain Smoke while writing either. Those suckers up here are going at around $8 a PACK now. I got it cut down to around 1/2 pack a day to keep this cost somewhat reasonable, but less than that I can’t write! When I was in College at Columbia, this Oral Fixation/Habit/Addiction/Slow Suicide only cost me $1 a Pack.
Anyhow, add in these ancillary costs, easy every month just to Live the RE Life of an Iconoclastic Collapse Writer on the Internet, I have to fork out about $2000/mo. Divide by 30 Days in the month, my Daily Living Cost is $66.66/day. The NUMBER OF THE BEAST! LOL.

Contrast that one against the typical Daily Expenditure of a 3rd Worlder, who has to try to Make Do on $2 a DAY! HTF can he even buy a Pack of Cancerettes, forget EATING!? If he HAD an SUV,how far could he DRIVE it on $2/day. 1/2 Gallon of Gas, maybe he gets 10 Miles out of this. If all you get is 10 miles out of the vehicle, you might as well Bicycle it. Even an out of shape person can Bicycle at 10mph.

Globally Speaking, my $66.66/day Cost of Living probably puts me in the Top 0.1% of the Population. In comparison to the REAL PIGMEN though, this doesn’t even cover 10 seconds of flight time for the GulfstreamV Private Jet. It doesn’t cover a THIMBLE FULL of Pinot Noir 1786. It doesn’t even cover a HAND JOB from a Ford Model! The COL for a real PIGMAN is SUBSTANTIAL!

No idea really what the AVERAGE COL should be for ALL Homo Sapiens, but I am certainly willing to knock my COL down to $10/day as long as the Iluminati knock their Daily expenses down to that also. Together, if Global Pigmen knockdown to $10/day and “Middle Class” J6P also knocks down to that, we might buy enough time to implement some of AB’s Pie in the Sky Renewable ideas.

Meanwhile though, this situation is just MASSIVE SKEWED, and it has to be corrected ACROSS THE BOARD.

My SOLUTION? MAX $10/Day Expenditure of Energy (that is the real cost in the end) for any Homo Sapiens on the Planet.
Hopefully, that buys enough time to avoid an ELE. I’ll sacrifice the Cancerettes AND the Sam Adams to achieve that Goal.


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