Over the Road-Part V

Off the Keyboard of RE

Discuss this article around the Kitchen Sink inside the Diner

Prior to my years spent behind the wheel of a Freightliner, I was a pretty Social sort of fellow. Big Partier in my College Years, did the Upper East Side Swinging Singles scene in my Wall Street Pigman years, even attended a few parties in the Hamptons. Hung out with Joffrey Ballet Dancers mostly at the time, even sniffed cocaine with Gelsey Kirkland a few times.

Numerous Girlfriends over the years, going back as far as the Second Grade really. My first real “Girlfriend” though was in the 4th grade, and I was Sequentially Monogamous after that time. LOL. IOW, each year I had a new girlfriend, Lynn in 4th Grade, Karen in 5th, Leslie in 6th, and my first real long term Commitment, Elizabeth in Junior High.

Stuyvesant was a problem, it only had become CoEd a couple of years before I enrolled there as a Sophomore, and there were about 3 guys for every Girl, and the Senior Boys snapped up every hot ticket that showed up as a Freshman, and I can assure you that in a school for Math and Science Nerds, the number of hot tickets showing up was exceedingly small at Stuyvesant. LOL. I did not have a Girlfriend in Stuy High itself until Senior Year, and that was just a brief fling right before Graduation.


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