Militarization of Amerika

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Over on Brandon Smith’s Alt-Net blog, today he reported on Military Maneuvers being conducted on the streets of St. Louis, in St. Charles to be specific.

To most of us Collapse Observers, it’s no surprise that Martial Law is coming. However, I haven’t written an article to date specifically looking at the scenarios leading us into Martial Law, or how we will function under it. so it is time for another RE Thought Experiment.

To begin with, I’ve lived about 45 of my 55 years inside the borders of the FSofA. During that time I have seen few Military in uniform out on the Streets right up until the last 2 years or so.

When I was driving the Freightliner OTR, I passed a few Military Columns, but no more than I can count on my fingers and that is with nearly 7 years and 1M miles on the Interstate under my belt. In addition, said columns were just Humvees and Trucks quite normal to the Interstate, just painted Army Green or Camo.

I can NEVER remember seeing the big Armored Vehicles cruising around anywhere in this last 50 years, nor do I ever remember a Newz Report before the last couple of years carrying stories of Military Maneuvers in Civilian areas of the FSofA. Not even in the Vietnam Era do I remember such stories.

Now, why didn’t you ever see them? In order to deploy them overseas, they have to be moved. They also have to be moved from the factories where they are assembled to the Military Bases here in the FSofA where they are stored until deployed in the latest Imperial Adventure.

My best guess on this is the Factories (which are the few Factories still operating inside these borders) are very close to the Bases where the vehicles are first stored. Then upon deployment, they mostly get air shipped out, at least for a short hop to a coastal Naval Base.

By keeping the Military relatively invisible all these years inside our own borders, it kept alive very well the notion that we are a Peaceful People run by solid Civilian laws under a Democracy. Anybody on the other end of one of our deployments of this hardware knew otherwise of course.

Now however, the Military is coming out of the closet here and onto the city streets

From Brandon:

I have to say that this event, which is being labeled a “training exercise”, makes very little sense to me. U.S. Army troops all the way from Maryland running open exercises in armored personnel carriers on the busy streets of St. Louis? I know Maryland is a small state, but is there really not enough room at Ft. Detrick to accommodate a tank column and some troops? Are there not entire fake neighborhood and town complexes built with taxpayer dollars on military bases across the country meant to facilitate a realistic urban environment for troops to train in? And why travel hundreds of miles to Missouri? At the very least, this is a massive waste of funds.

First off, Brandon is right on the mark in terms of all the Military Bases where there are mock towns and cityscapes upon which to run such training exercises. The Military in fact has a Bigger Budget than even Hollywood for setting up these kind of things, and in fact cooperates with Hollywood in making War Glorification films like Blackhawk down and others of the genre. They can put the Blue Squad into SUVs playing Civilian drivers and the Red the Red Squad into the APCs and Tanks to train the drivers on maneuvering around the behemoths with teensy cars on the road. I DROVE a behemoth, 40 Tons worth of Tractor Trailer 70′ long, and I learned to do it in 2 weeks on the grounds of Schneider National in Green Bay, WI. Not to say I was all that great after 2 weeks, I couldn’t back the thing up worth a damn, but I did manage to stay out of trouble in those first few months out on the open road.

So one can safely assume the Military is NOT doing this because they need to train their drivers this way. They’ve been training said drivers for YEARS here and never needed to do this before, so why now? It is all Psychological Conditioning of course, because TPTB are well aware already that they will have to deploy the Military here to retain control as the Economic system spins down.

In reality, the local PTB have a full fledged Preview of what is coming down the pipe here going on over in MENA and now Eurotrashland as well. More and more in all these places the Tanks and APCs out on the streets are becoming an every day occurrence in the attempt to quell and control the unrest from those who are already off the Economic Cliff.

Besides the Heavy Equipment out on the Streets, the Soldiers in Uniform out in civilian areas is also becoming ever more apparent. I wrote about this in my RE’s Excellent Mexican Dental Adventure series. Flying down to the Lower 48 to then drive to the Mexican border around Yuma, there were an extraordinary number of Soldiers in Uniform travelling around on the commercial jets. Said Soldiers were also given First Class Boarding priviledges as well, allowed to Jump the Line of the normal civilians except for the 1%ers who fly First Class all the time. There were also numerous Signs for “Support our Troops” and announcements over the intercom in the airports carrying much the same message.

Again, as with the Maneuvers out on the streets, in all my years of Flying, I NEVER saw so many folks in Camo. If military personnel were flying commercial at the time, they were wearing Civvies, not Camo. They also have their own jets flying people and supplies all over the country all the time, and Military personnel can hop those jets instead of flying commercial. Why are they out there now in Uniform on Commercial airlines? Again, psychological conditioning getting people used to seeing these folks in all the Airports. They aren’t carrying AR-15s yet, but they will be no doubt.

The propaganda is endless, beginning with the “Support Our Troops” meme which goes back forever in time, even before those WWII Posters and Vietnam. This form of propaganda plays on Patriotism by linking your “Love of Country” with the efforts of “your” Soldiers who go out and risk their lives to defend your “Freedom”. In the vietnam Era this one got turned on its head for a while, and returning Vets were actually excoriated for their participation in the War, which of course they had little choice about since Conscription was in effect. The only way out of that was to forego your “Love of Country” and run cross border to Canada. Or else try to get Group W’ed out of the War Effort as Unfit for Service.

As I watched the Video Brandon put up from the St. Louis affiliate of the MSM, another fact struck me which was that the Army Spokesman was Black. We all know the Military takes in the poor folks as Cannon Fodder, but this caused me to go Google up the latest stats on Racial Distribution in the Military.

The first one I came up with was from our friends at the Heritage Foundation, a well known Illuminati Think Tank and Propaganda organ. The Ph.D.s in charge of this study came to the conclusion that it is a MYTH that the military is over-represnted by the Brown Skinned folks. This seemed unlikely to me at first so I kept looking and found this chart of CASUALTIES in the Military since 1980

militarydemssince1983 militarydemssince1983.jpg

As you can see, roughly 25% of the casualties are from the major minority populations of the FSofA, and this jibes with population statistics for the country as a whole as well. So in fact if you believe all these Stats, the Heritage Foundation Ph.Ds are correct in their assessment that the current Military is not in fact over-represented by minorities.

So why is it my sense is that I see more Black Spokesmen appearing for the Military here, and what is the real dyamic involved?

The likelihood here is that in an All Volunteer Army where the Army is pretty Selective, they actually pull from more of the Middle Class than they do the Poor. They want folks who basically fit into the Social Norm and buy the Amerikan Dream. Of course no stats are available on how mnay 1%ers go to the Great Beyond in their Military Service, if they even do serve.

Moving into the future in a Conscription scenario, my suspicion is this dynamic changes substantially. In this case the Army needs as many Warm Bodies for Cannon Fodder as it can get its hands on, and the ones least able to Avoid conscription are the Poor and Minority groups.

Which brings us round to the reason I see more Black Spokesman for the Military. This is a propaganda effort softening up this group to accept Conscripition when it comes down the pipe.

Military on the Streets is an inevitable outcome of the Economic spin down for numerous reasons. A major reason is that despite the Militarization of the Gestapo with the RoboCop Riot Gear and their own smaller scale Armored Vehicles, most Big Shity Gestapo forces don’t have the Numbers or the Equipment to handle really large scale Civil Disturbances. Said Big Shities are also rapidly running out of Money to fund these Police Forces, though no doubt by now they are getting back door financing from FEMA. the only organization left still on the Big Gravy Train is the Big Ass Military, and the Centralization idea dictates that when TSHTF in earnest, FSofA Military force will be radically increased in size and percentage of the poulation to try to handle the ensuing problems.

The medium term result of all of this is that for a decent while here once this gets going, we will be living under the same type of Military Dictatorship/Totalitarian State that so much of the rest of the world has lived under for decades here now. the strategies for survival are similar as well, you try to Play Along and Keep Your Nose Clean and not draw the attention of the local Soldiers patrolling your streets. BAU is very difficult though, because there is always somebody setting off a Car Bomb somewhere and you never know where the latest Riot or flash Mob event will break out. Overall, this grinds down the economy in the neighborhood.

This has gone on for a long time in the 3rd World because of the ability to push endless Debt out and refund new Dictators all the time with their bunch of Thugs. Moving into the future here though as the spin down works its way into the Center of NATO and the BAM, they too will be unable to access working Credit to run their Oppression Machine. The Military will then begin to Fracture, much as the Roman Army did in the latter stages of the Roman Empire.

What is difficult to predict of course is how long the period of Militarized Fascism will last before it breaks down into competing factions, or exactly how much of the world will still be left standing after this period is over either. Because of course all this is not occurring in a Vaccum, it will result in Global Wars as well as Civil Violence. best guess for me stil remains around 5 years from the time it really gets going in earnest until the logistics fall apart, locally stationed Troops are not getting deliveries of Food and Fuel rations and most of the Big Hardware is all at the Bottom of Davey Jones Locker.

How do you SURVIVE this period of Extreme Militarized Fascism? Duck and cover baby. If you are of Conscription Age, your choices are either to toss your I-phone into the dumpster and disappear into the Wilderness or else to Volunteer before you get Press Ganged and hopefully get yourself into a fairly safe role as a Soldier of the Illuminati. I highly recommend Cryptography/Intelligence if you are a Math Wizard. I don’t think blowing your foot off with a shotgun will work this go round, that probably just gets you a ticket to the Human Waste Reprocessing Facility in San Antonio.

If you are an Old Fogey, hopefully you can do something Useful to the Illuminati on the Homefront if you also don’t make a run for the Last Bugout in the Mountains. Do the Rosie the Riveter thing perhaps or care for the next generation of Cannon Fodder or be a Farmer or Fisherman. Or just call it a day, consider yourself lucky to have lived as long a life as you did as a beneficiary of the Age of Oil, and take your Last Kayak Trip out to sea. Or finally, you can decide it is time to Go Postal, and take a few of the Bad Guys to the Great Beyond with you. Those are the choices in this Great Morton’s Fork, and all will be taken by somebody.

Best of Luck to each of you with your choice, and as always, I will…..wait for it….




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