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One of the real benefits of being a Regular Diner is the fact we have several Diners who are Newz Aggregators, Newz Hounds who regularly Surf the Web to find stories which do not usually turn up in the Google search engine or on MSM websites. Newzy Joe here put up a GREAT Selection of articles on various Water and Oil issues well worth reading to stay Up to Speed on how TEOTWAWKI is proceeding here.

Below here, the latest selection of Doom Articles from Newzy Joe.


Off the keyboard of Newzy Joe

When I was a bit younger …say 25 yrs old, give or take seven years…I wouldn’t think twice about seeking and and participating in an event like the one video’d above. In comparison, I made MANY trips to the monolith waterslides in Myrtle Beach SC – for two summers in the college days. But the activity above looks much more exciting to me.

Exxon OIL Co. Pouts and Takes “Slim Profits” Home
Pig Shit Water = Diarrhea Fertilizer = Polluted Drinking Water
Tajikistan: 27 billion barrels of OIL could be a geopolitical game-changer
SeaWater levels rising faster than previously thought
565,000 pounds of OILed material brought to the surface
Hydrofracking Study – Yeah, I fucking trust the EPA
Shell OIL Co. and Blood Money
“Land of 10,000 Lakes” Needs To Conserve Water
Hydrofracking in the Schoolyard

Newzy Joe is not the only Reporter inside the Diner, we also have Golden Oxen reporting on the Precious Metals stories, Agelbert reporting on Renewables and Ecological problems, and Surly reporting on OWS and Protest issues on a regular basis. In my Frosbite Falls Daily Rant, I also often will post Newz Stories from around the net which generally do not get much airplay on the MSM.

The Blog here is only the Front Page of the Diner. Much more to read about The End of the Age of Oil inside the Doomstead Diner.



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