Diner Milestones: 6 Month Anniversary Issue

Off the Keyboard of RE

Discuss this article around the Kitchen Sink of the Diner

My very first Milestone Post came way back in March when the Diner got to 5000 Page Views.

Site Stats now have passed 5000 Page Views! Booyah!

Our 6 Month Site Stats show the following:

Yearly Summary New Topics New Posts New Members Most Online Page views
2012 637 5955 326 46 571912
July 2012 113 1875 76 46 230917
June 2012 81 1102 109 37 146128
May 2012 187 1294 47 32 143593
April 2012 126 1098 71 26 35173
March 2012 83 440 9 9 11360
February 2012 47 146 14 6 4741

As you can see, in the month of July alone, we got 230,917 Page Hits in 31 Days, for an average this month of 7449 Page Hits PER DAY. We also have now exceeded 1/2 MILLION Page Hits total, and in July we had 4 days with 5-digit Page Views, aka over 10,000.

Membership of Diners has also increased exponentially from the original 14 to around 250 today. Of course many are Spammers and Bots, but numerous llving breathing THINKING Homo Sapiens who now contribute posting in the Commentariat as well. To get from 14 to 250 in Doubling Periods, 14, 28, 56, 112, 224, aka 5 periods of doubling. That is what you get in 6 months. EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!

I keep expecting the EG to stop, looked like it was stopping in June to more normal growth, but we bumped it again in July. I doubt it will continue into August, but that does not mean we cannot TRY to make it go one more Month.

So August is Membership Drive Month for Diner. I invite all Diners to go out this month and Recruit at least ONE New Diner each, to Double the Membership of Diners again. August 31st is my Birthday. This is the present I want this year. :icon_mrgreen:

My Thanks again to all the Founders from Reverse Engineering that made the Diner Launch such a RAGING SUCCESS! Special Thanks of course to Peter, our Admin Software Wizard who remains MIA at the moment. Special Thanks also to Surly, my fellow Blues Brother Admin here who also just launched the Diner Facepalmpage. Finally, Thanks to all the New Diners who have joined and put up with my Bombastic Gonzo approach to the Collapse of Industrial Civilization.

Go Diners! #1 For DOOM on the Net!
Save As Many As You Can!



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