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At least according to the Made for TV Movie “The Over the Hill Gang”, BRAZOS was the call made to all Texas Rangers when another one was IN TROUBLE. It was a Call to Arms, a call to all other Rangers to come to his AID in any way they could.

There is I believe some basis in reality to this, there was a Newspaper called the TEXAS RANGER AND BRAZOS GUARD published from 1849 to 1852 in Washington-on-the-Brazos in Texas.

The Texas Ranger and Brazos Guard, also known as the Lone Star and Texas Ranger and the Lone Star Ranger, was published weekly by Joseph Lancaster to promote navigation on the Brazos River. Lancaster, originally from England, moved to Texas in 1836 and served with the Texas Rangers.

Here on the Doomstead Diner there is a Diner IN TROUBLE, and I am putting out the BRAZOS call to all other Diners, whether you are a Mod Squader, a Member of the Commentariat in the Forum or just a Guest Reader. It is time for all the Diners to COME TOGETHER to help Diner William Hunter Duncan.

“WHD” as I refer to him on the Diner (I Acronym most Diners ScreenIDs as a convenient shorthand) is a relatively New Diner, not one of the Founding Fathers here from the Reverse Engineering Yahoo Group. His participation on the Diner is only maybe a couple of months long I think. In that short time though, WHD has brought much value to the Diner Forum, where we discuss the Issues of Industrial Civilization Collapse on a Daily Basis. WHD is Blogger in his own right, currently running 2 Blogs along with his own Website.

WHD and I ALSO recently had a Falling Out over a Misunderstanding which took place as a result of the kind of Visceral Debate which goes on inside the Diner Forum all the time. This nearly resulted in losing WHD as a Diner, but fortunately we were able to resolve this in Emails with each other afterward. The result of THAT was I learned a little more about WHD’s current situation and his state of mind, which is for GOOD REASON very STRESSED right now.

If you read the First Article of WHD’s I published on the Diner, “Born on the 4th of July”, you know that WHD is engaged in a BATTLE with the City of Minneapolis over the VERY REAL possibility his House could be CONDEMNED because WHD no longer has MONEY to pay for the Electricity, Gas and Water that you have to BUY for a House to be considered “livable”. The situation is not quite YET at the Final Stage, but it’s getting close. Good thing it is not yet at the Final Stage, because this does give WHD some time still to Formulate Plans before the Final Hammer comes down on his Off the Grid project. Additionally, it gives us Diners a bit of a Window of Opportunity here to HELP WHD execute a Plan of Action BEFORE the HAMMER comes down from the Eviction Gestapo.

In one of my emails to WHD I Outlined a Plan of Action:

You sound (for good reason) REALLY STRESSED OUT. Try to take a few deep breaths to begin with.

Next, develop some plans.

First I suggest you do ask Dad for some money to buy a month or two of time while you work on the rest of the plans.

Next, file for UE Bennies.

Next, talk to Surly and get in contact with Occupy Minneapolis. Occupy has LAWYERS who work Pro Bono on the Foreclosures etc. I think you could file a Lawsuit on the grounds that the City of Minneapolis is inhibiting your right to live off the grid. The law suit might not win, but again this buys more time. Anyhow, you want the card of a Lawyer to call when the Gestapo show up.

Also you can use the lawsuit to gain Publicity. Write an article yourself for the local Newz Rag, and call up the Local MSM TV Newz crew to walk around your Garden with a Camera.while you yabber about Sustainability.If you get on the Newz BEFORE the Gestapo come, then the minute they show up to Evict you, you call the reporter on Speed Dial who did the first story to get his ass in the Van with the Satellite Dish over to your House PRONTO. At the very least you can use the situation to make TPTB look like the Fascist Pigs they are.

Next, contact Ross. It might be time for us to speed up plans for buying a Doomstead Diner property in WI.

Now on less important misunderstandings.

I use the Bullwinkle Avatar on every post. I figure everybody KNOWS I am Mr. Know it All Bullwinkle. I also have been in a non-stop Napalm Contest with Ashvin. So it just never occurred to me you might think I was talking about you. I only figured it out AFTER you left all pissed off and you never signed back in to get the PM I sent you.

Finally, far as I know I published everything you sent to me or loaded onto WP. I’ll publish anything you write. (Well, almost. Don’t go Unabomber!)

Keep on Trucking Dude, and it’s OK to LOVE your House, but remember you can’t really own anything you can’t carry with you. Love YOURSELF most of all, and when you have to walk away, walk and don’t look back. Not time yet though, you still can fight it, you are not devoid of resources and you do have FRIENDS on the Diner.


No one of us can Save Everyone. You can only Save As Many As You Can. Frankly, not ALL are even WORTHY of SAVING. IMHO, Diner William Hunter Duncan is WORTHY. Together, Diners can buy TIME for WHD to EXECUTE THE PLAN. So I wrote to WHD and asked him if he was OK with my doing an Off the Grid in Minneapolis FUNDRAISER for him here on the Diner. He does have a DONATE button on his Website, so he is OK with taking Money for his work.. I do NOT have a Donate Button on the Diner right now, because frankly I don’t need the Money. WHD DOES need it, and he needs it NOW.

The case is made by other Bloggers on the Net who promote Generational Warfare that “Boomers” are an Uncaring and Selfish bunch. I do not think this is TRUE, and here I hope to PROVE it is NOT SO. WHD I believe would be categorized as “GenX” by folks who do this sort of arbitrary characterization of Generations. I am a BOOMER, about Dead Center of this characterization by “Generations”. I KNOW also many Diners are Boomers as well. Will you ACCEPT this characterization, or will you go in with me now to HELP a GenXer? If you do not, then I have no AMMUNITION against the Boomer Bashers. Go in with me, I SQUASH them like BUGS. Every Diner KNOWS I can do this with just a little Ammo. GIVE ME THE AMMO BOOMERS!

My Goal is to Raise $1000 to buy WHD some TIME to Execute the Plan. I will of course Contribute to this effort as well, but I won’t be first in the month or say how much either, because I do not want WHD or anybody else to know how much I chipped in. ONlY GIVE if you can AFFORD it, only GIVE as much as you can afford. 20 diners at $50 each does it, 100 Diners at $10 each does it, whatever the Combo is fine, but I think we CAN DO IT!

On WHD’s website there is a DONATE Button. I put out the Brazos Call NOW to all Diners to go there this month and make a Donation to keep the Off the Grid in Minneapolis DREAM of WHD ALIVE for another day, another week, for a while at least

We cannot fund this in perpetuity, in the end WHD will have to make a go of it if he is to stay there and not Walk Away from the House he Loves. For TODAY though, while the Internet is still functioning and the Diner still exists, we CAN respond. I urge all Diners to DONATE to the Off the Grid in Minneapolis Project of William Hunter Duncan.

Here’s the FULL “Over the Hill Gang”Movie Courtesy of YouTube!



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