Becoming Anonymous: Which Side are YOU on?

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In his article The Orkin Man: Which Side Are You On, my fellow Admin here on the Diner Surly detailed his POV on how the Battle Lines shape up, along with all the excesses that result when Humanity resorts to violence as a means to resolve its problems, which basically amount to the inability we have shown over the last few millenia to share the resources of Mother Earth in some equitable fashion. At least inside Western and Asian Ag societies through this period anyhow that has been the case. My rebuttal to that article came in Unforgiven.

Which Side are You On? is a Miner’s Folk song which comes from the early years of Coal Mining in the FSofA, and in his post Surly details the Battle of Blair Mountain, in which Striking Miners were violently squashed down by the FSofA Military. Same Military which later would squash down the Bonus Army during the Great Depression on the shores of the Potomac River around Washington.

Apache HelicopterOf course we are now set up for very much the same type of Confrontations again, and in those Mass Battles between J6P armed with Hunting Rifles and the Military armed to the TEETH with everything from LRAD to AR-15s to Apache Helicopter Gunships, getting into this sort of melee with TPTB is pretty much a LOSING PROPOSITION, on this topic Surly and I are in Full Agreement.

Now, there are numerous suggestions/ideas/philosophies discussed every day inside the Diner regarding how best to proceed given the vast Force Differential between TPTB and J6P. Among them are Peaceful Protest and Withdrawal of Consent as Alternatives to Massed Violent Confrontation, but something of a Middle Ground does exist here in the form of the Assymetric Warfare of Anonymous. Diner A.G. Gelbert and I recently had an exchange on this topic inside the Diner which I will include here below.

The Anon fight is quite different, it is much more an Individual fight, and these days it is not easy to remain Anon in any regard. We discussed these difficulties in the thread.

Besides this tangent though, another very important Moral Question was broached, which is the CHOICE we all have to make in one sense or another as to which side of this Battle we will line up on, besides HOW we might fight it. By ENLISTING in the Military rather than waiting to be Conscripted, you can have a better choice of Jobs which have higher survival percentage, and possibly lower Suicide Rates also, though that is not clear at the moment.

The choices that existed during the Vietnam Era are less possible these days. Likelihood would be now if you managed to cross the Hoser Border to the Great White North they would Conscript you up into THEIR Division of the Big Ass Military. Swimming the Rio Grande in a Reverse Wetbacking Escape Attempt doesn’t seem like a bright idea either, you would be Dodging Bullets in the ongoing “Drug War”, and as Peter has mentioned inside the diner, Gringos are likely to be Targets for this stuff pretty soon down there.

So the questions are many here. HOW to negotiate this Shitstorm, HOW best to make a fight if you choose to do so, WHICH side to Line Up with in the Battle for All the Marbles? Or perhaps you still do try to run away, RUN AWAY FAR, RUN AWAY FAST? To WHERE do you RUN then? If you have a Sailboat, do you point it towards Pitcairn Island and join the Inbred Descendants of Fletcher Christian and the rest of the Bounty Mutineers and improve their Genetic Diversity? This does not seem a fabulous alternatie either, even if you can pull it off.

If you decide to hit the Streets in Massed Peaceful Protest, linking Arms and singing “We Shall Overcome”, how long do you last out there when the Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and LRAD come out? If you go the route of the Miners from Blair Mountain and show up with your Hunting Rifles, how long do you last when the Apache Helicopter Gunships arrive to bring Death From Above? If you try to make the Fight Anon, how LONG can you stay Anon, and WHAT can you actually accomplish in such an Asymmetric battle?

If you decide SURVIVAL is your Imperative and you VOLUNTARILY join the Army of Darkness, HOW do you LIVE with yourself after that?

Morton’s Forks abound here, many CHOICES to be made, NONE of them very good, but perhaps some a bit better than others.

The discussion from inside the Diner looks at these questions in some detail, so let us review it here:

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Becoming Anonymous
« Reply #24 on: Today at 03:03:17 PM »

RE” Become Anonymous”
Impossible RE. It cannot be done anymore.
I tried to make an anonymous contribution with my pay pal account last month and it cannot be done.

Definitely know the Pay Pal problem. When we did that BRAZOS Fundraiser for WHD, I tried to make an Anon Contribution by purchasing a Visa Gift Card for Cash at Safeway and using that to make the online contribution. No go, Pay Pal would not take that card number. In the end I snail mailed the card to WHD. Not anonymous to him, but at least Da Goobermint doesn’t have a record of my donation.
Cash FRNs remain pretty much the last Anon form of Money. If you have Gold for instance, if you sell it to a Gold dealer for some Cash, anything over I think $600 has to be individually reported to Da Goobermint.
Remaining truly Anon on the net can only be done by very accomplished Hackers using proxy servers, and they have to be at least as good as the Spooks who try to track them down.
Far as Travel goes, you can’t do Anon in a Car of course, they have to be registered. You can still get around Anon on a Bicycle and even some of the lower end Mopeds.
Obviously Air travel can’t be done Anon, and even though I haven’t done it I am pretty sure you have to show Identification to buy an Intercity Bus Ticket nowadays. I recently took a ride on the Alaska Railroad and you get your Ticket with your Name printed on it, not Transferrable. However, I didn’t have to show any ID for it, we bought the tickets in bulk and just provided a Manifest to the Railroad ticket office. Any names could have been on it. No idea what the situation is on Amtrak down in the Lower 48.
With all the gobs of Security Cameras in stores and on City streets now wired into the Net, and Gobs of storage space along with facial recognition software, in theory at least you probably could be watched 24/7 as long as you are outside your McMansion.
Inside, the Cameras are still sorta “voluntary” on your Computer or Tablet, but these probably can be hacked into and turned on without your knowledge anytime you have the computer switched on. Malware stored in the computer could do that even if you are not Online, then upload the recorded video whenever you sign on. Probably advisable if there is a camera front and back on the Laptop to tape a piece of cardboard over it.
To escape all of this, really you have to drop out of the industrial economy altogether and go rewilding in remote areas. The situation promises to get ever worse until the Grid and the Net Collapse.
There are a few things you can still do proactively. One is to do your own Data Encryption of your emails and so forth. 256 bit data encryption is very powerful, and as long as the software is clean without back doors it can’t be broken even by Supercomputers. You can check the software for backdoors also, at least a decent programmer can because it is not that complex, its just a mathematical algorithm based on Public and Private Keys and prime Numbers.
It would be interesting to see what would happen if I created a Forum on the Diner which was all Encrypted, and only Diners with the Keys could unencrypt it? Likely I suppose it would get the Diner shut down in no time.
Anyhow, I do agree with you, remaining TRULY Anon with respect to Da Goobermint is about impossible nowadays. However, you can still try to avoid becoming “Famous” like Julian Assange. Wikileaks got too Big releasing lots of embarrassing Documents, and Julian was the Face of Wiki. Julian hadda be taken out. Now he is a Battle for his LIFE, he has already lost the battle for his FREEDOM. He is already under a form of House Arrest in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
We Diners are small fry, a bunch of mostly Old Guys and some UE young ones who complain to each other daily about the loss of Freedom and the destruction of our Planet. We pose no Threat to TPTB at this point, and none of us are Famous. So we are allowed at this point to chat as we will, with probably some Spook checking us out every so often for a good laugh while checking the Site Stats. The Black Escalades don’t show up until you get Big like Wiki and Famous like Julian.
We got a long way to go before that happens, and the Grid and Net will likely fail before we do. Until then, Hard Harry here will WRITE HARD and…wait for it…



*Disclaimer: Like Christian Slater I haven’t aged well and don’t look too much like that anymore. However, here on the net or on Radio for that matter nobody can see what you look like, so you look like what the Mind’s Eye Pictures. That’s the Picture I hold in my head when I am not looking in the Mirror to get hammerred with the real picture of the Toll life has taken on me in the Age of Oil.

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Re: Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum, Defying UK Threats
« Reply #25 on: Today at 03:22:24 PM »
RE, Back when I joined the nasty guard to avoid a bullet in Nam I was an Intelligence Operations Specialist. We mostly just prepared pilot briefings for mock bombing attacks and made mission flip charts showing where enemy radar, triple A and other hazards were. All of us had top secret clearances, of course. But the sign we had on our office door was one I will never forget and the DD might enjoy:
Air Force Intelligence The nature of our job is so secret that we do not know what we are doing
I kid you not! :icon_mrgreen://

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Which Side are You On?
« Reply #26 on: Today at 04:29:13 PM »

RE, Back when I joined the nasty guard to avoid a bullet in Nam I was an Intelligence Operations Specialist.

That is a remarkable Coinkidink AB. In many prior discussions (with Ross in particular), I have mentioned that one of the better Survival Techniques in a time of Fascism is to JOIN the Fascist Army VOLUNTARILY, and among the safest positions if you are good with Numbers is to get into the Intelligence Department. Logistics also is not too bad.
At least until the Full On War with the Chinese gets rolling and Carrier Groups start heading for Davey Jones Locker En Masse, the Navy is better than the Army. The LAST thing you want to get stuck with is as Grunt Infantry in the Army or the Marines.
A 4 year College Degree is a great help also, you go in as an Officer right off the bat. At least you used to, maybe not anymore though.
Of course, the problem with any of this is in the “Which Side are You On?” area. No matter what you do or how safe your paticular job is, once in there you are fighting as a Soldier of the Illuminati. That is a tough Moral Quandary Pill to swallow for most of us nowadays who grasp what is going on now.
Even us Old Fogeys may end up forced to make this choice. As the Young Grunts are sent off to the Killing Fields, Retired Auto Workers will be called in to man up to the Production Line for Tanks and APCs. Old Bloggers will be asked to Write Propaganda to help the War Effort. Write it and you get a Paycheck from Da Goobermint. Don’t write it, at best you Starve. Write AGAINST it, you get a One Way Ticket to the Human Waste Reprocessing Facility in San Antonio to be reformulated into MREs for the Troops as soon as they break your Anon and Track You Down.
In the end, just about all of us are likely to have to decide Which Side We Are On and whther to try to Fight it from the Outside or Survive it from the Inside. The Avoidance Tactic is likely to be quite difficult to undertake.

Offline agelbert

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Re: Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum, Defying UK Threats
« Reply #27 on: Today at 04:54:59 PM »
RE, If I had the same mindset I have now back then I would have run off to Canada (if my Army officer old man didn’t shoot me first!).
The other day Surly1 posted that DARPA plan to make a pack of humanoid robots. I made some gallows humor out of it but I subsequently read that suicides last month broke all the records in the US military. People just don’t want to do the empire thing at the grunt level any more. It’s getting to them so the reptiles on top are thinking of outsourcing humans to machines. As WHD said, it won’t work; robots are devilishly complex, break down easily in battle dusty situations and, last but not least, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander (see Iran and the super duper secret drone they got their dibs on). It seems the people on top fear us more every day. That fear is driving them nuts. Buying all that ammo? WTF!!?
CFS has left the building of the Gooberment.
I’ll dig up the military suicides article if you want to read it.

There are no single solutions that will work for every person in every place. Circumstances are different for different people, priorities differ, moral and ethical philosphies differ. All we really can do here is to identify the CHOICES that lay before us all as this spin down proceeds, and in fact gathers speed now. In terms of PREPARATION though, nothing is more IMPORTANT than preparing your MIND for what is to come here. More important than #10 Cans of Mountain House Food, more important than Solar PV Cells and Batteries, more important even than Guns & Ammo. Because if you have not considered it carefully, if you have not played it through in your head, chances are very good no matter how good your Physical Preps are, you will PANIC, and you will not Stay the Course you have thought through here

For this REASON, the Doomstead Diner is here on the Net. Psychological PREPARATION for the Greatest CHALLENGE to face Homo Sapiens since Toba went Ballistic 75,000 years ago. No time for DENIAL anymore. NOW is the time to GET READY, and GET TOUGH. Because when the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going.



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